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Sandisk takes on Nano

Written by Dave Horvath @ 21 Aug 2006 8:10 User comments (29)

Sandisk takes on Nano California based flash memory manufacturer Sandisk announced that it will release a new 4Gb mp3 player to rival the popular iPod Nano.
With the price for the new 4Gb player said to be coming in at just under $250, in addition, Sandisk is reducing the prices of all it's existing players before the holiday season by as much as 30%.

Sandisk spokesman Eric Bone was quoted in saying, "The most costly ingredient in a flash-based (music) player is the flash memory. Since we make the flash memory, we essentially remove the middleman and pass that savings directly to the consumer."

Sandisk hopes to increase its market share on the portable music player market from 30% to 35%. Recent look at the NASDAQ will show that Sandisk has raised stocks $.90 while Apple stock has fallen 2%.


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29 user comments

121.8.2006 8:18

If I didn't have a Pocket PC or PSP, I would buy that insteaf of a nano! But...nano's have the "style" advantage which is something strong.

221.8.2006 8:42

I'd buy the sandisk over nano any day - mainly cos I hate iPods lol but sandisk tech is usually good and I think it will do v well against Nano...

But...nano's have the "style" advantage which is something strong.
That's quite a shallow advantage if you ask me...

321.8.2006 9:00

my friend has 2gb one of those, they rock, it's basically ipod linux but it's from a diff company, it plays video, radio, records radio, music (duh), pics, and more, I'll probably get it cuz my nano broke twice in less than a year.

421.8.2006 9:02

I'll probably get it cuz my nano broke twice in less than a year.
Rest my case ;)

521.8.2006 9:03

screw ipod.. would never buy that. sandisk on the other hand

621.8.2006 9:54

Quote: I'll probably get it cuz my nano broke twice in less than a year. Rest my case ;)

721.8.2006 10:04

Thats one sexy player!

821.8.2006 10:30

@SOCOMII: lol ;)

921.8.2006 10:52

well, thank god I have my warranty, cuz my click wheel broke not to long ago

1021.8.2006 11:02

Cash it in for a sandisk lol "So why do you wish to return this product?" - Apple "So I can buy something worth it with my money!" - 21Q lmao

1121.8.2006 11:25

omg, lol. i should say that when i go to apple store, not payin 30 bucks to ship it when it 30 min away

1221.8.2006 11:27

Pay to ship something that doesnt work - I don't think so ;) lol

1321.8.2006 13:09

Hmm... I don't think choosing an MP3 over another because of style is inappropriate. We could all drive a 1980's Subaru or Honda, but some of us may choose to drive a newer or more "sexy" or "stylish" car because we can afford it. Does it mean that the more stylish car will always be more reliable? No - Otherwise Porsche and other "sexy" car manufactureres would never sell a thing! Just a thought.

1421.8.2006 14:20

S3A "...But...nano's have the "style" advantage which is something strong." No, it is not. It is something totally superficial and worthless. Or was that sarcasm?

1521.8.2006 14:26

style is something strong. style is was gave the ipod it's original advantage. now if there's something that can steal it away, i'm all for it :-)

1621.8.2006 14:29 This Sandisk player can be had for around $80 right now. Add a 2Gb SD card for $30 or $40. Do the math.

1721.8.2006 14:40

Yeah that looks alot like one of the early ipods. only with bigger buttons.

1821.8.2006 15:14

If style is not why Ipod is selling so well, then what is? There are so many competitors (good brands) that are offering much better deals and yet it's the ipod that gets bought. Explain that!

1921.8.2006 18:05

Sad I bought my wife a pink Ipod Nano 4gb knock off for $73.00 off ebay brand new and they throw in a 1 year warrenty....and it dosnt need Itune and it plays video... then for $202.00 I bought a 30gb Digital Cube I-Station I2 it dose everything its even a firewire drive ,plays video mp3 and it has a touch screen you can draw on with the paint program , but the best is it records fm radio to mp3 format.. so thease guys have to either do a whole lot more or lower that price...

2121.8.2006 18:20

wow amazing

2221.8.2006 18:26

I like sandisk i had a 1gig stick that got lost at work. they make great flash drives and would do a good job with this. You never know it may not have to with all that DRM crapp either.

2321.8.2006 21:24

I already have 2 sandisk players,i think i will sell both of them and get this one since it looks so appealing.....

2421.8.2006 21:26

Berge: Good point!!! I'll stick with my RCA Lyra. It's been a good MP3 player and got a good colseout price on it and never had a problem with it. And it's a 20 GB model and still works great!!! LOL to everyone else!!!

2521.8.2006 21:49

Lol i have a 40 GB Lyra that i will never let go....i got it when it was like 350 before the Ipods came out, and its about the size of a HD but it has never failed me...the only problem was its size which is why i had to buy my other 2 sandisks..

2623.8.2006 9:30

S3a it's real simple "marketing" once a couple of bone heads buy one and brag about it that's all everyone they know wants blindly buying themselves an iPod. Why do people STILL think MAC's are simple, which was true in the old days, when in fact they are not they are just like a IBM compatibles as far as problems, and in fact maybe worst. Kids are exposed to them from early on in school so that's all they learn and are comfortable with, it's a no brainer. Style always enters in though.

2723.8.2006 21:26

wonder what ipod is going to do to counter this

2824.8.2006 1:42

Nothing i think this is a little overpriced only 4 Gigs for $250 you can get the 30 Gig Ipod Video for cheaper than that if you look(Ebay)....i dont know how they r cutting out the middle man and still have something so expensive

2924.8.2006 5:59

here to all that want to see a" 4gb mp4 player " thats what you need to type in to find the right product. also this is a random listing but it had a buy it now price that was under $60.00 so have fun finding the one you want I bought one from a guy in California and like I said my wife loves it and she's carried it for 2 months now with out an issue...remmber this is ebay so watch out for shipping and the sellers feedback but hey I got mine again for the wife in pink.. long befor thease guys even thought of going to 4gb and hers will play windows media and DivX files.. so happy hunting but better deals are out their. here that sample listing I found not 5 mins ago...

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