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Samsung to join growing online music market

Written by Ben Reid @ 05 Sep 2006 15:51 User comments (9)

Samsung to join growing online music market South Korean-based firm Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced on Friday plans to introduce its own online music service to compete with Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store - currently at the summit of the online music market.
It plans to link up with with media provider MusicNet to launch a music subscription and download service later this year in the UK, Germany, and France. Samsung said it plans to later expand the service throughout Europe and Asia.

It also said the online music service will be compatible with its upcoming line of portable MP3 and media players, a concept similar not only to Apple's iPod + iTunes Music Store combination, but also to Microsoft's upcoming plans for it's Zune service, announced in July.

"Apple has shown that to do this, you have to control as many of the parts of the chain as possible," said Mike McGuire, an analyst at Gartner Inc. market research firm. "Microsoft is taking a page out of Apple's book, and now Samsung is, too."

There are no additional details regarding pricing or fees yet.


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9 user comments

15.9.2006 17:13

Much like myspace its a start but if they are not willing to battle Itunes with cheaper prices it will be a pointless endeavor...

25.9.2006 18:47

Another one joins the rat race. The Cheapest u can get is for free :)

36.9.2006 7:04

To be honest i don't see why so many are making online music stores, everyone knows about iTunes and iPods, they will be the first people everyone goes to. Unless its seriously cheaper it really is just another online music store.

46.9.2006 9:37

ofolion well 2 things can happen from others trying to get on the music online distro bandwagon,1 Itunes rules and they all die out leavening the cheap illicit stores and free downloads where you can find them. 2.the small stores fight itunes with lower price's thus removing Itunes footing and they all go into price wars that make online music cheap and easy (capitalism at its finest) and of coarse free downlaoding and theres a 3rd the RIAA control's all pricing thus we have 3 or 5 Itune like stores the cheap illicit ones and the free downloading,they will never get rid of free downloading they can however make it profitable to sell music CHEAP witch is like raising the dead with a half arsed half drunk necromancer the results will varier (from 1.demon king,2.normal undead,3.greater undead,4.Zombie,5.Zombie hand,6.Drunken insane zombie that dose booze not brains)

58.9.2006 10:03

Samsung makes some of the best TV's out there for the money I'd even put them up against Pioneer Elite (way too expensive) and Hitachi. But when it comes to most other stuff they aren't even in the ball park. Look at there MP3 players, if you have even heard or seen them, expensive and not as nice as the competition. I don't think they will have any effect on the music market unless they change there approach to this arena. When it comes right down to it why even pay to download music unless, you only like top 40 or typically one or two tunes on a CD/DVD, or you're just lazy. The cost and quality is horrible otherwise and when new better compression formats come out you digress every time you rip to a new format unlike if you own the CD/DVD. Besides the fact that you get more DRM bologney.

69.9.2006 22:47

Just what the world needs, more proprietry locked content. I don't think. And Samsung stuff is absolute rubbish. I have reached the stage now where I just won't knowingly buy anything made by or containing any Samsung hardware. Because not only is it fragile and unreliable, but you have to fight them (in one instance in my case, with the commencement of legal action) to get the ne'er do wells to actaully honour their guarantee. Apple iTunes is a site I have never even visited. Proprietry locked and tooooooo expensive by a long way. If they shut down I just won't buy any more music online.

710.9.2006 5:25

..@ Mr.Movies ..they do a nice dvd burner with Nero 6 OE, locally at 2k peso (about 30 euro), so far it burns any of the 9 peso, about 12 centimes discs i throw at it, and it phones home if it has problems.. ..the downside is that now any toasters after the first are my fault..

811.9.2006 8:15

justawr, Sorry to disagree but Samsung and Toshiba now are the same and I own 2 Samsung burners that are nothing but problems. I got them very cheap but even at that I was screwed. Windows doesn't see them correctly and there are compatibility issues, big time. It will be a very long time before I give them another shot. Unlike bertf I will still look at buying one of their LCD HDTV's, from what research I've done they are very good in that arena. I don't know what types of issues he had but I know they are difficult to deal with as is most customer service these days. I'm glad though that their burner works well for you they don't for me my first problem with them was trying to use them in USB/FireWire removable cases absolutely no luck there and they moderately work in my PC's. Toshiba use to be one of the best DVDROM’s but since they merged with Samsung forget it not worth the bother, too bad.

911.9.2006 9:47

..i'm on XP Pro,SP2, running an HP Pav T 9715fr, upgraded to 512 Ram, and all that in the Philippines, no worries*.. ..* well apart from my ISP, Smart, but machinery wise, no sweat, jammed it in, it works...

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