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Wii pre-orders to begin Friday

Written by Ben Reid @ 11 Oct 2006 15:14 User comments (18)

Wii pre-orders to begin Friday After selling out its first batch of PS3 pre-orders within moments of accepting them, video gaming retailer GameStop is reported to have confirmed today that it will begin taking pre-orders in North America for Nintendo's Wii console on Friday, October 13.
Although games for the console have been available for pre-order for a number of weeks, Friday will be the first time GameStop has opened up pre-orders on the hardware. In order to stake their claim to a console, gamers will need to pop into their local GameStop or EB Games store and ask to put down a set amount of money (between $25 and $50) on a Wii. The amount of money placed on a pre-order goes towards the final price of the product.

Nintendo is expected to ship some two million Wii units to the North American market by the end of the year, with around half of that shipment anticipated at launch, although some recent reports have suggested expectation-exceeding production of the console may yet see those numbers change.

Details have yet to emerge of the pre-order status of GameStop/EB stores outside North America, nor of other retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Toys 'R' Us.

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18 user comments

111.10.2006 16:52

Nice!! but im still not sure if ill get one.. im going to wate a little more.. so far my 360's prety good

211.10.2006 17:06

If it wasn't for PSU coming out in two weeks, I'd be getting ready to buy a Wii.

311.10.2006 17:59

my niece is getting one for xmas... might go pre-order it just to save any headache

411.10.2006 18:35

Is Walmart/Target/CircuitCity/BestBuy not taking PREORDERS for the PS3!!!!????

511.10.2006 19:03

^ That's not off-topic at all. PS3 all the way for me... the wii seems like a glorified virtual-reality game...deviation in design is nice sometimes, but the wii is looking more and more like a good console that will never sell because Nintendo decided to get rid of the controller.

611.10.2006 19:51

I thought the controller was still there as well as the remote thing and that you could even use a Gamecube controller if you wanted.

712.10.2006 7:38

Just in time for Friday the 13th :D. Hope their luck holds up.

812.10.2006 7:50

I'm getting one for my sister for X-Mas and possibly one for myself as well, the price is right and I enjoy Zelda and some of their other games.

912.10.2006 8:14

Just got the email from Gamestop 1. Limit 1 per household 2. $50.00 Deposit 3. First come first serve basis 4. Online reservation will be at a later date.

1012.10.2006 9:14

I'm getting one for my sister for X-Mas
ROTFL! I wish one of my siblings would get me a Wii! :)

1112.10.2006 12:25

me too!

1212.10.2006 13:46

lol yea im one of those lucky preorder people that deposited money for ps3 might as well for wii too give my kids a system to play instad of buying them another 360

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For a While i have escaped time but to return when they need you most to come back on a vendetta like a have thats just simply MAGIC!

1315.10.2006 6:46

you poor poor ps3 fans. go waste your money on a glorified, powerful yet oversimplified PC. meanwhile Nintendo will win this console war, with their highly unique controller design, and gameplay, with their long time running winners like zelda, metroid, etc. Gameplay is what the gamers are starting to care about. want the power of a pc? go buy a pc. want intuitive gameplay? buy a wii.

1415.10.2006 16:47

actually all systems are excelling in limits 360,ps3,wii and if you see it wii isnt actually in a console war with 360 or ps3 i love nintendo but i just had to post that for the facts

1516.10.2006 7:10

well i hear what you have to say.. but i don't believe that nintendo and sony are not in a console war right now. sure, they will both sell alot, but i think nintendo will come out ontop, especially for those fans sick of sony for many various reasons (falsifying information at e3 shows, etc) not only that but whats with the controller being the exact same design as ps1 (and, obviously, ps2) besides motion sensors, they kept the same dated, old design. anyway, aside from that, i DO believe there is a console war, and nintendo is going to win it. despite your belief that they're each going for different markets.. i don't believe it will be that way this time around. if you google it, go ahead, see what comes up more, the waiting of wii, or the waiting of ps3.

1617.10.2006 10:46

thats because sony didnt really post that much games up for ps3 the wii posted madden, zelda, metroid and many others but sony leaves suspensful and really that controller that the wii isnt really anticipated for every game it was only suppose to be on madden but the fans pushed it.Once again facts

1717.10.2006 12:28

LOL what does it matter what the controller was originally for?? because it was only for 'one game' in the (AGES AGO) initial design, that some how degrades its function and appeal in upcoming possibilities? the ps3 controller is a dated, piece of crap design; the only thing changed is the 'motion sensing'. oh yes, and no more rumble function. facts.

1821.10.2006 20:05

I preordered my nintendo wii bundle pack at toysrus/Canada on september 3.

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