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Apple offers red Nano to fight AIDS

Written by Dave Horvath @ 13 Oct 2006 8:49 User comments (34)

Apple offers red Nano to fight AIDS Apple released today an aluminum red iPod Nano in cooperation with Irish megalomaniac Bono in which every sale will see $10 go towards helping find a cure for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
The unit will sell for $199 and offer the same specifications as your typical Nano. With the 1.5" screen, 24 hour playtime on a full battery, 1,000 songs and 25,000 picture capabilities, iPod fanatics can enjoy all their Nano goodness while feeling like they're contributing to a good cause.

The announcement of the iPod Nano Red is a cross-brand campaign with the aforementioned Bono dubbed (PRODUCT) RED. In cooperation with this campaign, several other companies like Motorola are offering a red RAZR and The Gap is ponying up their own red lether jacket to help the cause.


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34 user comments

113.10.2006 8:53

Now why do I get the feeling this wasn't Steve Jobs' idea? It's good to see Apple making an effort, but I sense ulterior motives.

213.10.2006 9:30

as they say "all publicity is good publicity"

313.10.2006 10:16

$10? Make it half the price!

413.10.2006 10:42

10 dollars is a lot 10 times 1000000 ipods is a lot of money to fight aids good job apple

513.10.2006 10:47

I would think that Apple would be more generous...$10 for a $200 product dosen't seem like much. And, as far as I know, they gat about half of that cost in profit...although I could be wrong. If they only make $20 profit from a $200 iPod, then $10 donated dosen't seem that bad. And, of course, they won't tell us what the profit is. So we can't tell if they're being stingy or generous with a $10 donation.

Irish megalomaniac Bono
...I love the term "megalomaniac". Although the connotations don't seem right for a charity organization... I do not think Apple is one of the companies that will jump onto a thing like this purely for publicity--there could be a publicity element involved, but throughout recent history we have seen Apple abstain from the crooked business schemes that other companies have been doing. Think--these are the people who provided the competition for pirated music, obviously that wasn't soley for money and publicity either. Until proven otherwise, I believe that Apple has real, ethical motives for making this move.

613.10.2006 12:19

Thats kind of terrible rihgt I'm very good friends with black people and they would be highly offended by that statement.

713.10.2006 12:39

rihgt, read the PM I sent you, and keep your off-topic political opinions out of our news threads, thanks.

813.10.2006 12:59

I just might purchase one. I have an Apple U2 30gig edition, love it; but, also, love my minidisc as well.

913.10.2006 13:08

seems like a good idea

1013.10.2006 14:17

Selfish pigs, they charge you $200 and only donate $10 to three seperate causes. If they equally devide it up that would be ~$3.33 to each cause. I think they should have donated at LEAST $30 ($10 to each cause) because that might help a bit. This seems like a stunt just to get people attention off the better quality Creative products and Apple's #1 enemy, MicroSuck's, crapy Zune.

1113.10.2006 14:42

I like the idea but have they not made enough to give all the revenue to the aids people instead of $10 thats pathetic in my book :(

1213.10.2006 18:24

This is just another lame publicity stunt like $ony's buy a PS3 and cure cancer.

1313.10.2006 21:27

well i always have the latest ipod... so im gonna go from a video.. to a red nano... sweet =]

1414.10.2006 6:29

Well my 30 gig video just got stolen yesterday so maybe I will end up buying one of these.

1514.10.2006 9:21

Isnt yellow the color of the aids ribbon? 0_o

1614.10.2006 9:46

Red ribbon is for hiv/aids

1714.10.2006 9:48

AE27 the yellow is for soldiers..bah... I get things revered >< wel red should sell better than yellow anyway *L*

1814.10.2006 12:00

I think Apple can afford it and is using this to make people forget about admitted sweatshop conditions in poorer countries.

2014.10.2006 20:07

Everyones bickering about how apple only donates $10 thats $10 that was never being donated before. If it costs $120 to make a iPod nano then apple would be making $70 with $10 going to the "Bono Fund". Now its true $10 in itself is not a lot of money, but take into accound the popularity of the iPod. If 1 million of these are sold that would be 10 millian dollars. Didnt something like this happen before?... Anyone else remember the LiveSTRONG bracelets? You bought one for a $1 and that dollar went to fight cancer, sure it was only a $1 and a $1 all by itself wont do much good but look how many people bought LiveSTRONG bracelets!

2115.10.2006 2:17

Currently apple is only offering the ipod Nano Red from their website. I am stationed overseas.

2215.10.2006 2:20

BC2002#1 give it acouple months they will have the online soon.

2315.10.2006 2:32

ZIppyDSM I know and their are ways around the restrictions; but, I will wait. Military exchange will never carry this model.

2415.10.2006 2:33

BC2002#1 need friends back home to get it and send it to you ^^

2515.10.2006 3:54

Who would want an iPod that has AIDS??

2615.10.2006 6:41

Thank you PeaInAPod you fianly got accross the point that everyone else was to stupid to realize.

2715.10.2006 9:53

It should be the cost of the IPOD that is donated to fight the cause of AIDS if they would like to help something like that they should go full boar! Charity work is always needed, to fight a cause such as the cure and reduction of the AIDS impact on the world's population. All this inadtion to some sort of a "Aid the Victums Campaign."

2815.10.2006 15:46

this is sad.there are cures to these problems.why do we give money to fund all of these places just to line their pockects.i herd by the time you are 50 the phama conpanys wants to have you on at least 5 medicines.what does that tell you.also where i live they are building phamacys every where.

2915.10.2006 16:06

davidl1l corporate greed is everyone and so is the lack of oversight. its how the world works and no one seems to understand that if things keep going theres going to be less stable nations and the Corporations that are undermining current governments will be the only huge powers left making this a world of "Corporate Governments"......

3017.10.2006 9:11

Good point vashwolf that is what I would have added as well. But it is always good to give to causes like Aids and Cancer, it is poor to use it as a marketing ploy though which happens all the time these days. I get a lot of soliciting from handicaps and disabled Vets but I’m not buying just because of their plight, which doesn’t mean I won’t contribute to a fund though. ZIppyDSM – Extremely well stated, good going… Is the Red for Red Cross?

3117.10.2006 11:20

Mr-Movies Really?? Sometimes my brain dose work :P I think Apple could afford 20-40 per red Ipod 10 seems cheap to me,and remeber they have to sell a few thousand of them to make a diffrance ,at 10$ it would have been better to just SELL all ipods for a set ammount of time with the 10 going to the AIDS, fund.

3218.10.2006 18:21

Do any of you post-ers use a spell- or grammar-checker before posting a comment?

3318.10.2006 18:40

This is a good Idea. but not a generous one. They should give a larger donation and incorporate something with an inclusion of I-Tunes along with it. Or have U-2 or Bono right a new song that is really good and make it only availible through I-Tunes and give a larger donation to the AIDS fund.

3418.10.2006 18:48

timrocha My spell checker got tired of fixing all my errors and revolted :P

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