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Gamers will get a voice in US politics

Written by Dave Horvath @ 13 Oct 2006 10:07 User comments (50)

Gamers will get a voice in US politics A non-profit organization has spawned from the darkness to rise up and give a voice to an often overlooked demographic. The gaming industry has been the brunt of many uninformed attacks by aging politicians who cant appreciate the artistic benefits of current video games. With most recent attacks on games like Rockstar's Bully and the infamous "Hot Coffee" incident in Grand Theft Auto, the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) has come forth to help the industry shine in the face of policital smite.
The ECA states "Gamers represent nearly fifty percent of the US population and spend $10 billion annually on gaming, yet as a group are continually overlooked by both politicians and the mainstream press." With this their mission is to represent gamers in a realm that is often scrutinized unjustly.

Membership to the ECA is $20 annually and promises not just political lobbying. In addition, members will receive niceties such as discounts on game subscriptions, rentals, educational purchases and insider access to industry news and events.


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50 user comments

113.10.2006 11:03

Not half bad... Guess it comes in good now, since there was a news report about a lawyer in Florida who supposedly wants to sideline the game "Bully." Hope all the support helps those who can play games and not act like a bunch of @ss in trying to imitate what they play.

213.10.2006 11:12

When I read the title of this news post, I instantly thought, as you probably did as well, "BS!". This article, if somewhat short, does contain some interesting points. Their definition of "gamer" does need some clarification- do a casual gamer who has a playstation I and a couple of games from 1996 qualify along with a hardcore gamer with every console, over 100 games, and noteworthy skill online? For the purposes of discussion, I assume that they mean the average gamer, nicely placed between these two extremes. I think it is absolutely true that the gaming population is underrepresented in politics, even in topics/cases that concern them greatly. If 50% of the population are truly "hardcore gamers", wouldn't it make sense that they would be represented as a group that makes up almost the majority of the population? It is obvious that gamers are being underrepresented in the press,with only one channel and an occational review artice dedicated to video games. Compare this to the internet and you'll see a big defieciency--gaming and gaming-related sites are second in population only to pornography. Why such a huge difference? Because the "gamer" information available on the internet is viewed, ina gross majority, by gamers. Newspapers and television, however, are viewed, if we can trust the statistic, by people who are only 50% gamers. The other 50%--who have presumably never played, studied, researched, bought, or been interested in games--are seeing this same information in their news/TV. This group of people, because they refuse to do research or attempt to understand the other 50%, can be labeled "ignorant". The gaming population, however, totally understands the other 50% (which we can refer to as the non-gamer population or perhaps the ignorant population). The problem with the ignorant population is that they are not used to seeing "gamer" information/articles in their media, since "gamer culture" has only developed recently. Many of the gamers, even, consider game-related media to be unusual, because they are used to video games as being something that is done primaraly alone, and not discussed causally among others. It is this "singularity", perhaps, that causes "gamer news" to seem unusual--people are not used to video games being discussed in depth publically, on the news, in the paper, etc. simply because it has not happened in the past. Years ago, when "gamers" represented only 10 or 20% of the population, no one would expect to see public media for gamers, because they represented a very small minority. Now, as the times have changed, the media has failed to change with them--they're still living happily in 1988, where video games are a cult concept and not recognized as a large force in the population. How long will it take for them to realize that gamers represent a real and very large segment of the population to whom they cater? Mabye, once the "Gamer" statistic is at 90% (which shouldn't take long), the little lightbulb will finally go on in their heads. Meanwhile, they're losing billions by not marketing to the population's real distribution.

313.10.2006 16:10

More info here

this war on games is stupid wasting huge amount of tax payer money to find out the same 3 bills they have passed 10 times are unconstitutional...its time we fought back against the horde of mindless politicians and preacher that are unhappy that their sheeple can think for themselfs..

I am so disgusted with US politics Rep,Dem,Ind are all off my list ,reps are to busy gathering money for them selfs and using god to keep the populace in place,dems are mindless elitists that know nothing of the real world,and indies are wolfs in sheep's clothing.....its time we get a 3rd party going to hopefully fix the 2 hydra system....picking the lesser of evils will always bring you back to picking a lesser evil,damn the 2 party system its been corrupted throughly.

(BTW mods don't mind civil discussions over politics here :P,but if you really want to stifle political discussions here say so and I will keep in line)

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413.10.2006 21:19

ZIppyDSM , just post about the topic and don't bash the politicians. per this from the man

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513.10.2006 22:22

aabbccdd hard not to bash them :P plus politics leads to them and I am picking on AL of them not just a select few *L* but if a mod asks I can tone it down and edit my post ^^

614.10.2006 1:06

can't see anyone joining tbh! your average person who plays a ps2 a few nights a week isnt going to join, nor is someone who plays pc games every day...

714.10.2006 1:23

yeah i am a PC gamer

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814.10.2006 9:20

Germany and Austriala ban some games outright and yes PC games are games and thus they well be "dealt with" the same as console games... meaning you cant even import them,the US is headed to a "restricted for your protection" type of mentality with age old laws being gnawd away at or tossed out like Habeus Corpus (Youtube has some great Kieth Olbermann and Jon Stewart clips,they removed it for enimes of the state and made it broad enough so even news outlets cant oversight the government),is fking scary what these guys are doing and doing with mindless glee,things will only get worse or stay the same until they get worse,at least try and worry alittle guys! :P

I should add to my sig
If your going to be a sheeple be a black sheeple LOL

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914.10.2006 9:33

thank god someone's doing something like this. i, for one, don't like being told what i can or can't read, watch, or play; that type of censorship reminds me of fascist nazi germany, and any government that even tries to do that should be brought down like a spy plane over the pentagon, in my humble ol' opinion. and just to raise a question: if political discussions are now banned (unfortunately, as it should only be political bashing that is, also IMHO, not a true, civil discussion), then why would this be posted in the news? it inspires one to defy the rules and delve into the political spectrum.

1014.10.2006 9:41

Auslander Since the mods didn't post a warning as the first post I think its they are going to let civil discussion slide for now if the thread devolves they will of corase take action,with that said is political discussion baned from the safety value? I understand why AD has a distaste for political convos theres no place for it here and it devolves into "console wars" ;_;

1114.10.2006 9:53

oh, there wasn't a distaste until a member raised a real stink. the member had no idea how to hold a real debate or discussion...but i'm getting off-topic.

i hope this group gets a real foothold. companies should have all the freedom of creativity in the world when it comes to games; let the populace decide what they like with their wallets.

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1214.10.2006 9:57

Auslander heh well the console forums almost bought it,to much trouble to run a forum area and the forum area might die. Ya I will sign up once I ahve the money 100$ dailup is killing me right now...

1314.10.2006 12:15

HEY!!!! Auslander don't be bashing me man ,like its hard to figure out who your talking about . i DON'T need your shit, my dads dieing in the hospital so don't attack me and edit your post!!!! reported!

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1414.10.2006 12:19

i will not edit my post. i have broken no rules, nor have i tried to stray from the topic; i have tried to drive back to the topic at hand--you have a problem with me, go straight to a mod or pm me. you pointed yourself out, not i.

has anyone joined this group? i'm considering it after my next paycheck.

*edit* on second thought, i will edit my post...there is one letter that creates a grammatical error. an "s" needs to be a "d."

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1514.10.2006 12:22

attacking other members is breaking the rules but i see you don't care which is cool shows what kind of person you really are!!!!

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1614.10.2006 12:24

don't start with me; i haven't attacked any members, only listed the facts. you are the one that started name calling, you are the one that couldn't handle others' views, and you are the one that started a flame war.

as far as i know, you are the only "veteran" of AD that holds me in anything but high regard; that would seem to show that you are the one with the distorted perspective, not i.

trying to get back on topic, has this lobbying organization had any effect yet? they seem to be new, but can we expect any immediate results?

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1714.10.2006 12:59

holds me in anything but high regard

hummm you think highly of yourself huh buddy

now go get your buddies and gang up on me as you guys always do lol

and BTW i don't PM members like you ever !!

1814.10.2006 13:11

if you didn't give everyone all the ammo in the world to use against you, as well as good reason to, i don't see why anyone would ever gang up on you. but you do give those to everyone.

you believe in majority rule, right? then how come when the majority is against you, you don't quiet down?

continuing to try to stay on topic, does anyone feel this group can manage power? uniting such a diversity of masses (as seen on this thread alone) can be an incredible challenge. can gamers be organized to function as a unit?

1914.10.2006 13:36

aabbccdd Hate to say it but try and look at this thread comeing from a fresh perspective and you will see the only one flaming here is you,please calm down Auslander No need to ignite better of to ignore if you can I would like both of you to calm down and edit your posts before a mod comes along and lays some smack down on all of us I don't mean to step out of place and all and I apologize to the mods if I am but cal downland edit your posts and I will edit mine,no need to get all huffy on personal issues with each other 0-0 Now if you don't mind doom is coming and I need to get comfy *sits in waits for the hand of god to come* Mmm holy hand grenades are good to..

2014.10.2006 13:38

i'm sorry, zippy, but i do not back down when i feel i am right. it's not that i mind being wrong, i just do not feel that i am. continually, i have been trying to get this discussion back on topic, yet it seems i am not allowed to. however, i will obey a mod. as stated, i do not feel i am out of line. but if a mod says i am, i will obey. that's how authority works, whether one is in a democracy or not. again, anyone have anything to add to the real topic?

2114.10.2006 14:23

Why do you have to make yourself sound like everyone likes you so much? You're not a king, but you sure think highly of yourself. You keep bashing aabbccdd, and although I may not agree with him, I think you are dragging this out too much. I'm starting to feel that politics shouldn't be discussed on this forum, and you know how much I love to argue my opinion, but I must respect the opinions of others too. You keep retorting and then going back to topic. You are no better than him (not saying you are lowly aabbccdd) so don't try to put yourself higher than him.

ONE by ONE we can fight to end global AIDS and poverty.

2214.10.2006 14:23

sorry for double-posting, dial-up made me do it

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ONE by ONE we can fight to end global AIDS and poverty.

2314.10.2006 14:28

honestly, where have i bashed him? if you search through the forums, you'll find everything i've said to be factual.

i retort and go back to the topic because i'm trying to get this back *on* topic. i won't give someone a free shot at me, same as i wouldn't take a free shot at anyone.

all i'm doing is pointing out weak arguments. people have the same right to point out weak arguments on my side.

2414.10.2006 14:29

hey ZIppyDSM i think if you read closer you will see that (Auslander) posted the comment about me first!!

and thank you DrawingLS my feelings also!!

2514.10.2006 14:31

and if you look, aabbccdd, you'll see i never named you, i simply stated why we couldn't talk about politics anymore. it was an attempt to explain things without starting a flame war. you brought yourself in like that.

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2614.10.2006 14:34

like i can't figure out who the comment was directed towards lol

and it was dRD that made the descion NOT to do politics in here NOT me!! like i have that kind of power lol

2714.10.2006 14:38

laughter? that's a good thing, lol. i feel a bit more relaxed now. ^.^

all i'm saying is that if everyone had made valid arguments instead of deteriorating into a flame war, we'd still be able to discuss politics. but people weren't tolerant enough of others views to allow them to be expressed civilly. dRD was forced to make the decision to preserve the peace, much the way politicans have to pass laws banning guns because of related crimes. but, as the saying goes, when guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.

2814.10.2006 14:49

enough said Auslander lets just get back on topic and everythings cool

2914.10.2006 14:51

in that case, (and seeing your online) do you think these guys can pull it off? my heart is with them, but my head isn't...the odds are stacked against them, as money is not on their side.

3014.10.2006 15:05

lets hope so but its an up hill battle for the little guys we can hope they can pull it off

3114.10.2006 15:07

i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

3214.10.2006 18:36

aabbccdd, auslander did not name you at all til you opened your mouth saying it was you but will leave this thread alone as long as no political bashing, understood everybody?!!

3314.10.2006 22:29

Yeah, aabbccdd obviously has no idea what he's talking about with all his right wing bull crap. That's why whenever someone makes a point against him(which happens often), he gets defensive and makes personal attacks. He's just like Bill Oreilly.

3414.10.2006 22:39

hey, it's over; let's leave the hatchet buried on this thread, eh? you can't force your views on others; you have to win them over with the good effects of your actions. the sooner we all learn that, the better.

3514.10.2006 22:47

Da boss has spoken! And no I am not a gungan..even tho my brain is as drowned as it can get,and it dosent have gills(SW:ep1 joke). Bah I cant find the ECA website I guess they dont have it up yet..

3616.10.2006 14:57

ECA website:

I hope they can make a difference and that they will not just be ignored.

3716.10.2006 15:09

YES ^^

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

Check out my crappy creations

3817.10.2006 8:56

Ban keyboards, that will put an end to the flaming... As for making a difference, not a chance. It might open an eyeball for the newer politicians coming into office but nothing will change. These lawmakers sit in their chairs coming up with crap on how to protect the fragile youth (and adults) of today. They know whats best for you and you family. I need more info but, 20 bucks for discounts, I'm in.

3917.10.2006 20:39

It's about d*mn time. A PAC (political action committee) for gamers. Now all we need is 2PAC to take out this Jack Thompson guy & we'll be alright :o @aabbccdd: d00d that is a phat SIG. who did that? Adriana never looked so good.

4017.10.2006 23:15

xhardc0re , rav fix me up with this one . i really like it too!!!

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4118.10.2006 5:49

I sure would like to think so,,,because the Gaming community could really use a good strong voice. Me personally: I think all these Politicians really have their heads buried either in the sand or up someone’s Fart Hole :) It really does make me angry, of all the things they have to say about games being to violent who are they kidding or trying to. Like the kids now days don't hear on TV and radio and the printed press about what and how so many people have lost their lives in the godforsaken war, like that is not to Violent? How about all the day to day Violence in today’s streets with drugs and gangs and Illegal guns on the street and so on. Ah hell, I could on and on with this, it just plain ole Flames me that of all the things they could be putting resources to, they choose Games. Any how, has anyone seen the EGM Issue this month, Mr. Arnold (T3) is in it and they also have another web site that everyone can check out, I’m not sure how long this site has been up, but I just saw it in EGM and thought I would also let everyone here know of it that is if everyone does now already know.

4218.10.2006 14:33

JaiQwan they pick games because society picks the easiest rout to appear to fix itself. as they have picked comics,movies,theater and rock music before it

4320.10.2006 23:23

damn WTH goes into you two aabbccdd & Auslander? Just chill, i'm being respectful here. I think the ESA is behind the ECA. No large group just comes together like that. It's all good though. Because i don't want the govt. censoring games or deciding what should be allowed on the shelf & what should not. Parents need to be more educated, and more concerned, about what their children play. I know my parents made sure I came home before 11PM, not hang out in certain places, etc. when I was in middle school. Even when i was being rebelious, they reminded me that they were looking out for me. Not trying to control me. Some parents have a tough time getting through to their kids. They fail at parenting; having the govt. do it for them is a very bad idea. So I'm all for making sure we have the right to play what we want. Mature gamers 18+ should be able to play GTA, Playboy, Mortal Kombat or whatever. As always, censorship of any kind is always bad. It is society that might set the social rules, but is the individual that decides if he/she wishes to follow them. Forcing others to not have access to things because of others in society is foolish & unconstitutional. Whenever possible, parents should be educated on games, what the ratings mean...and keep the damn govt. out of our lives!

4420.10.2006 23:32

xhardc0re da boss already made them behave *L* Censorship is bad and wrong as bad and wrong as my grammar,the whole reason to have a independent board rate games and fine devs when they lie about whats in them is so the goverment dosent have to ban free thought LOL

4520.10.2006 23:50

xhardc0re , me and Auslander are fine we worked it out via PMs before the mods even stepped in so we are cool

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4620.10.2006 23:56

aabbccdd you guys just have to like each other I mean you both have the sexiest Sigs on the site! :3

4721.10.2006 0:01

Adriana def. looks good in mine thanks to rav009

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4821.10.2006 0:47

@ZIppyDSM: i'm ashamed the ESRB didn't come down hard on GTA: SA. If they would have been really harsh, it wouldn't have given Jack Thompson (aka Mr. Opportunist) the chance to jump in on the debate. Now we have to deal with this public arse calling for a ban on games & censorship.

4921.10.2006 1:32

xhardc0re they did fine T2 and rockstar and they both have lost millions over it and well you see the whole hot coffe thing is over a MOD anyway you look at it you need a external program to drag the hot coffe thing out of the game besides the anti game climate was going to go into a ice age sooner or later so meh...*L*

5021.10.2006 1:48

this is our enemy, Jack Thompson:

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