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Creative ditches Zen FM recording

Written by Ben Reid @ 17 Oct 2006 16:57 User comments (14)

Creative ditches Zen FM recording Creative is reported to have succumbed to recording industry pressure by releasing a Firmware update for a couple of its players which disables the FM recording feature.
The firmware modification affects the company's Zen MicroPhoto and Zen Vision:M players. In the release notes, Creative gives no reasoning for the changes, simply noting, "this firmware removes your player's FM recording feature."

In the past, the music industry has argued that recording audio from the radio harms music sales. More recently, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) dealt a lawsuit to XM Satellite Radio, alleging XM was guilty of "massive wholesale infringement" which was "fundamentally unfair to songwriters and labels."
The update does provide Zen users with some decent enhancements, such as support for Audible Type 4 tracks, the addition of a volume restriction feature, and enhancements to the user interface and usability. However, many consumers may be discouraged from updating in order to spare the FM recording feature.


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14 user comments

117.10.2006 17:07

this is sad and sick,what are they going to do next sue people for taping,or god forbid tape it and then make a MP3 out of it? All hail the new Mafiaa rulers of forever!

218.10.2006 5:13

isnt it illeagle to sell you something with a feature then cause that feature to be disabled by software manipulation what they should have done was cause a recall and wrote it off their taxes with replacements... this will spin off more legal issues if they the music industry has this much controll then why wasnt it stopped in production....? if I had one with this info in advance then I wouldnt upgrade the bios to disable it but the real issue was can they now that they sold it stop it... alot of players can do that very same thing so are the fun police coming for us all?

318.10.2006 7:38

all i have to say is "wow" and "wtf". looks like some Zen users are going to be introduced to the buggy world of homebrew firmware

418.10.2006 8:58

Get a grip, RIAA. Nobody wants your stinkin' music anyways!

518.10.2006 11:28

well its more then just a tape it and go feature... see I have an I-station which isnt from or sold in the usa . what it alows me to do is very kewl not only can I tape off the fm radio reciever built in but when I hook up the wireless headphones I can record anything plugged into my sterio. but then when I ride in my car it has a fm transmiter on my aftermarket 12 cd changer in the trunk that it picks up and if you have a fm transmiter your freinds can alow you to down load their collection across the fm band....lolso thats why they dont want anyone to figure this stuff out well its to late... spread the word....

618.10.2006 19:16

the RIAA brought Visa to its knees n wonder why Creative dosent want to fight a demonic version of Goliath 0_o

719.10.2006 2:10

Another case of old wiine in new bottles ! Or to Qoute the Rock band The Who " Meet the New Boss -Same as the Old Boss " The RIAA -has been Recycling things for years ! Old lame music ,Old lame ideas , Old lame Lawyers ! They had the argument years ago that Taping Music ! Such as from FM radio /tape to tape or from Vinyl ( oooH ! Vinyl -That dates me don't it) was a copyright infringment - The old were loosing billions agrument... Never paying attention to studies which showed that people who tape recordeed music actually bought more music than non tapers did ! NO what they looked @ was how much blank tape/cassettes et;al was sold per year or the revenue generated thereby and decided that evey square millimeter of recordable tape sold in the united states was actaully only being used to Illegally ( Not ) record music ! never taking in too consideration that much of the media sold eg: Cheap generic cassettes are barely suitable for recording speech ! They lost the battle then -with the fair use act - you are allowed to make copies /tapes of your records /tapes /cd's ect... for personal use as well as Videotaping television shows ect... Yes hollywood had the same Idea with the betamax case!It ( VCR'S ) was going to destroy the The Theatre bussiness ( MOVIE THEATERS) and the Movie Bussiness (HOLLYWOOD!!!) What raelly happened ? Videotape Movies Became a New revenue Stream for them -Money , MOney,Money -Cha-Ching ! Then the Record companies tried to push a concept of resale royalties - If I bought a Beatles CD at WAlMart and did'nt like it and sold it to you They felt they should get a cut of that deal too ad infinitum every time that Cd changed hands ! A virtual Guarantee of perputual income ! Who do they think they are Politicians? That one did'nt work Then the whole DAT Tape thing never really happened Why ? Well The Money grubbing Music industry ( RIAA ect...) Fought the introduction of Dat Recorders to the USA Until they could force the Consumer electronics manufacturers to include a Chip in each Consumer grade dat machine to prevent you from making serial copies ie: a Copy of a Copy , You could make a digital copy of say a CD onto a dat tape but not make a digital to digital copy of that tape !Though you could make as many copies as you wanted through the dat tape decks analog inputs albeit with some apparent quality loss ! needless to say Dat never really took off here in the Consumer realm ! Ironically you could by a Professional quality ( More expensive ) Dat recorder without the chip ! The whole Concept was ludacris anyhow ! Who's going to spend $20.00 or whatever to buy a Dat Blank to Copy a CD that they could buy for $ 10.00 to $15.00 at wlamart DUH! Then DVD Recorders & Burners Got Popular and the Whole we're losing money Rant's began anew They sorta one this one kinda ! You have the right to make backup copies of your movies /games /software ect.. under the fair use provision - However Under The DMCA -Digital Millenium Copyrights ACT ! If you have Decode /Decrypt the movie /game or software ... to do so You are Breaking the law . And most not all but Most entertainment software From DVD's to the rapidly becoming archaic VHS movies are encoded /encrypted with some form of Copy protection ! The Entertainment Bizz - Music & movie industry only gaurantee of profitability should be by putting out a quality product ! and an affordable one as well ! Instead they pander too the lowest common denominator ! Crappy music , crappy movies , reality shows !That are as real as Wrestling ,TV preachers & Ms. Cleo ! The Sad truth is the Music bussiness is not about Music -It's about Bussiness ! They don't have lawyers they are lawyers! And Justice is no longer just & the law is in love with itself ! It's about Product /units /Numbers they really don't care about artistry or music as long as the Moneys right they could just as well be selling Muffins or M-16's They need a new bussiness model to evolve ! "Remeber The DoDO !!!!!"

819.10.2006 4:27

BIGTOXY69 YIKES and here I thought I was long winded and have poor sentence structure...mmmm but at least you make a more clear point than I do 90% of the time 0-o LOL

919.10.2006 6:57

I'm so sick and tired of them crying and whining. I wished everyone just stop buying CD for a year as a protest. Don't they realize, that without the consumer they are not anything. What is next, paying for radio stations???

1019.10.2006 7:05

Junito We already are corporations have took over most of it leading to ad money going right to them..its sad really radio is dead...

1119.10.2006 9:45

This is kinda old news now but what is new is that Creative has pulled down the 1.50 firmware update and supposedly if you unload on them they will provide you with an older firmware. Clicking on old firmware updates direct you to the more friendlier RIAA update.

1219.10.2006 9:54

It also pisses my off that as a CZVM user one of the things we had asked/hoped for was timed recording. I would love to record Tom Liekys automatically vs manually at midnight.

Everytime I think about this I get pissed. I'm turning my recording on right now!

Big middle finger to you RIAA.

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1319.10.2006 10:26

FM radio is free, letting us listen to the songs for free and RIAA just wants to rip us off if we want to listen to the free songs when we want to listen to them. plenty of tv shows can be bought on DVD but you dont see the tv stations suing tivo for letting you record the shows (but tivo doesn't let you record the audio only channels). the RIAA is nothing but greedy SOBs that dont want ys to do anything music related unless they get money out of it

1419.10.2006 17:24

mark5hs Yes and no the corporations have took our choices away by grabbing all the stations they can so by chooseig not to listen to the radio is about the only choice half of us have the other half are in danger of losing their small locally MANED stations to corporation robotic DJs....

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