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MTV inks music video deal in China

Written by Ben Reid @ 19 Oct 2006 4:10 User comments (4)

MTV inks music video deal in China MTV, along with sister network Nickelodeon, has signed an agreement with Baidu - China's largest search engine - to distribute music videos via the Internet in China. The the service will initially offer around 15,000 videos and MTV shows like "Pimp My Ride". Some videos offered will be free whilst others will charge a small fee.
The move will boost MTV's presence in a fast-growing Chinese media market where regulation and censorship has Limited its exposure, while allowing Baidu to develop an entertainment sector to its service.

"Expanding the reach of our brands and content through Internet and mobile is integral to our China strategy, and China is critical to our global digital strategy," said Bill Roedy, vice chairman of MTV Networks, speaking at a news conference.

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4 user comments

120.10.2006 9:22

What the hell? Can't people just move to Hong Kong if they want decent life out of PRC's direct authority?

221.10.2006 16:34

As long as MTV videos are free of free thought,politics,and humanity China will not have to sensor them...oh...wait....DOH! nlitement I doubt 2 or 3 billion people can just up and move from a dictatorship...besides china owns HK now adays its just they have yet to screw it over.

322.10.2006 6:04

Quote: nlitement "I doubt 2 or 3 billion people can just up and move from a dictatorship" Oh yes indeedy! that would be slightly different from the freedom and democracy as brought to Iraq by the enlightened West - freedom to watch unrestricted MTV but 2.5 of the population dies! Terrific! 'Course if they move west to avoid the violence as refugees, they magically become scrounging workshy asylum seekers

422.10.2006 12:02

gettojoe lets not forget to lie and cheat in order to get us there only to twiddle there thumbs and stick their finger in their nose while all hell broke lose. I cant wait till they pull a Star Wars EP 3 where some great dark figure will take control of the US becuse its in the US bests interest..they are setting that up little by little Death of Habeas Corpus

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