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Sony hints at the first wave of network pricing

Written by Dave Horvath @ 09 Nov 2006 3:36 User comments (8)

Sony hints at the first wave of network pricing This morning in Japan, just 2 days before the launch of the Sony PS3, Japanese consumers were treated with an official release of one network download price point for content on Sony's network.
The content is a game called Blast Factor, an answer to the game Geometry Wars, and is set to be priced at 840 yen or approximately $7.00. Taking up about 95 megabytes on the hard drive, it looks like Sony's offerings for digital downloads may carry a bit more payload than those that can be had on the Xbox Live servers.

No pricing information has been released for any other titles as of yet nor for anything outside of Japan.


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8 user comments

19.11.2006 4:55

95mb for that game? Something tells me they have some DRM attached to their files, so they can prevent i11egal copying & sharing. Hmmmm...

29.11.2006 7:22

no, if you've read around in many different interviews, you'd notice sony is aiming to push they ps3 even with their downloadables. that means they ask developers to make most of their games 3d and not 2d, so as they can accually fit to the system. of course there will be 2d games and classics, but asleast they are striving for cheap and maybe beautiful downloadable.

39.11.2006 10:26

I don't do downlaodables.....itsa pointless endevour to jack up corporate gaming...

49.11.2006 15:15

well this sucks because of 2 major issues one if the games are digitally signed and the console crashes or the hard drive fails then you lose the downloads from which you just downloaded and on the new console you will have to download thwm again and pay for them again because i severly doupt that sony will let any one download them again after paying for them like you can with the xbox 360 but even worse if the console is already having pricing it wont be long before they charge for the online service or for just connectingg to the online service the reason the xbox 360 has such great downloadables is because you as the gamer are paying 50.00 a year for service which means good game downloads that make microsoft tons of money and unless the ps3 can offer hd compatible games with a file size of only 40 gigs most of the xbox 360 titles on xbox live for the arcade are this then people will not bother downloading anything

59.11.2006 15:44

Why DRM an arcade clone? They never actually said that the games would be signed or otherwise protected- I don't think they will waste the time and space to DRM a $7 game, especially a downloadable one. And why make an arcade clone 95mb? I don't need to spend 8 hours downloading a game that I wont even play for that long... then again, if it turns out to be really good, mabye. Seriously, $7 and 8 hours for a fancy new version of asteroids dosen't appeal to me.

69.11.2006 15:51

In all its cute but not worth my time neither is streaming video,pointless and takes from gaming... graphics was the problem from 98 to 06 and now from 06 to 010 it will be downloadable content to distract us from whole real gaming...its all rather sad.....

79.11.2006 16:38

"I don't do downlaodables.....itsa pointless endevour to jack up corporate gaming..." DING! DING! DING! DING! DING!

810.11.2006 7:26

@tabletpc: It will be just like cellphones are in the U.S. You can download a ringtone, but if your phone gets screwed up & the memory is erased, you have to redownload (and repay) for the ringtone. Same for wallpapers. Not every company is like this, some will save your stuff to an account. You have xx days to retrieve it, if your phone gets screwed up.

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