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Apple to teach the iPod how to fly

Written by Dave Horvath @ 14 Nov 2006 8:20 User comments (10)

Apple to teach the iPod how to fly Currently, digital music tycoon Apple is working out the details for a deal with six major airline companies to allow it's very own iPod on major flights.
Now anyone who's taken to the air knows the familiar mantra, "Please turn off all portable electronic devices as they may interfere with flight operations", but that may change. Companies such as Continental, Delta, United, Air France, Air Emirates, and KLM have all agreed to begin installing iPod ports into the seats for passengers to plug into. Additionally, it is said that they are working on a way to stream video media from your iPod directly into the screens situated on the seat backs of the seat in front of you. I, personally cant wait to see reports on the first time someone loads up hardcore porn for all to see.

No details have been released yet as to which class of seating will receive the blessing from Apple, but one can guess where they'll start first. Installations of said ports are scheduled to begin by the middle of next year. Apple's partner in this venture is none other than Matsushita, the corporate headstone behind brands like Panasonic.

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10 user comments

114.11.2006 9:05

Thats pretty nifty, unfortunately though, the one who will get it first are the business people that are rich and sit in the front. They won't use this technology, although their kids might, and if its like anything else this won't get put in the back of the plane for us Average Joes to use because the airlines will do a study and say "Its not being used enough in the rich part of the plane so we are not going to spend the money to put it in the rest of the plane where it would actually be used." Oh well, if something magically happens and it does get put in the whole plane that will make my next trip a little more enjoyable. Peace, Pop Smith P.S. I wonder if this will cause the iPod to shut off its screen and conserve some battery as the video is being played with a external screen.

214.11.2006 10:12

It's about time the airlines realize the small percentage chance of any radio waves other than their own's interference with the operations of the flight.

314.11.2006 11:17

i have never had a problem listening to my iriver on a plane.

414.11.2006 14:03

uh.... i dont get it. they only tell you to turn that crap off when you take off. after that they give you the go ahead to wip out your laptops, ipods, cd players, lazer tag vests, dildos, whatever. i have been using electronic devises on plains since i was old enought o operate them. so insted of just listening to my ipod ill be able to plug it into the armrest then plug my headphones into the armrest THEN listen to my ipod? doesnt make sence. the video screens make sence but they should just have tvs with rca jacks so you can use ANYTHING, be it portable dvd player, ps3, or ipod video. its even a well known fact that cell phones dont interfere with flight radio waves they jsut say you can tuse them cause they want you to pay 2 bucks a minute to use their phones.

514.11.2006 17:18

If someone cant wait to use their freakin ipod on a plane, then they have serious issues. Why not put a dvd jack, with inputs for a ps2 or an xbox 360 too??? Its a plane ride, just sleep like everyone else does. And the title "Apple to teach the iPod how to fly"???? Are you kidding?? lol!!

614.11.2006 17:25

i agree with everything georgeluv said. i have had the same experiance that its only during take off and landing or whenever the fasten seatbelt sign is on. Im sure there will be a converter, just like there is so you can use your home headphones in those two wierd headphone jacks on airplanes so you dont have to buy the 5$ cheap-o airplane headphones

714.11.2006 17:41

after reading the actual news article, it seems that the connectors are more to power up your ipod, and not to allow you to play it while others cant. (we all know the kind of batter life ipods have;) ) And also for the video feature Seems Davedough has misinterpreted the article

814.11.2006 17:53

Seems SOCOMII has read the wrong article

915.11.2006 16:31

Londor i dont see where it says anything about ipods being allowed on planes while other electronics arent

1018.11.2006 16:06

ok, so they are going to put ports in the armrests to charge the ipod and transfer the music/video to the scree in front of you and the music to (their?) headphone jack? I have flown long trips before, and anyone going from hawaii to japan (12-14 hours) can say, you can't sleep the whole time. Whenever I did one of those trips, there was nothing said about not using an ipod in flight, just during takeoff/landing. the only problem with using one on a flight like that, as stated above, is the batteries won't last. so if they were to put in charging ports, i say great, but they couldnt just do that without people complaining (about trying to watch a movie on such a tiny screen in flight), so they go on to say they will allow you to watch the movie on the seat in front of them. as far as the headphone part, that I don't get, just use the port on the ipod. sounds like they just want people to help pay for the cost of implementing all the changes they will have to do.

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