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Initial PS3 units plagued by software glitch

Written by Dave Horvath @ 14 Nov 2006 5:17 User comments (40)

Initial PS3 units plagued by software glitch It appears that the all mighty Sony is yet again hit with pains associated with their hardware launch. For the many people far and wide that can remember back in the days of the PS2 launch, where as little as a few months after purchasing the vaulted unit, were treated with the infamous "Disc Read Error" (myself included... twice); it seems that launch bugs have taken another bite.
Although not on such a grand scale of incapacitation of the disc read error, the new PS3 appears to be suffering from a software glitch that is not allowing it to live up to one of the claims made by Sony during it's many early showings. 100% backwards compatibility. It seems that due to this glitch, almost 200 individual games including the likes of Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy suffer from no audio or graphic glitches when loaded in a PS3. Lists can be found on the Internet outlining at least 192 confirmed games that do not work for the new unit. Although Sony has refused to admit to an exact number, they did reply that they will be issuing an update patch in the very near future to fix this problem.

Sony claims the patch will make its system backwards compatible as it once claimed, but it makes you wonder what happened to the research and development groups during OS testing.


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40 user comments

114.11.2006 6:53

It seems like the PS3 was rushed out...then again the 360 had the same problems...I wonder if th Wii will also have this? Goes to show that the insane cost of the console does not prevent flaws from occuring!

214.11.2006 7:02

Maybe Sony left this glitch in intentionally? This way they can get all users to upgrade their PS3's, with the latest "compatibility"-firmware, as well as sony's latest DRM-firmware. Seems very unlikely that a glitch of this magnitude could slip on Sony's newest flagship.

314.11.2006 7:35

Goes to show that the insane cost of the console does not prevent flaws from occuring!
Actually it just brings more flaws since the device is more complicated. And imo this whole thing doesn't affect ps3 sales at all. Those who buy it now will definitely not play ps2 games on it. Or would you buy a 600$ console to play old games that can be played on a console that costs one fifth of the ps3.

414.11.2006 7:49

What an unprofessional new item. The "disc read error" might be a glitch, while a non-compatible implementation of the PS2 legacy mode is something different. It is said that the PS3 should be PS2 compatible on the hardware level, so this appears to be a driver/API etc. issue. Microsoft X360 has received 3 (or more?) software updates since launch. With 360 there were only few dozen Xbox1 titles that WERE compatible, as it is an emulator based solution and MS had to work on them day by day. But be a Xbox fanboy if you like, Davedough...

514.11.2006 8:32

cd-rw.dork - I have read Davedough's blurb twice over and still I see no mention of Xbox or anything that defames Sony other than the facts. So why would you flame a guy for simply stating some news and giving the facts? Xbox fanboy you call him and yet he mentions nothing of it, sounds like you have the insecurity ass-ociated with being a Sony "fanboy" having a hard time with some of the bad press as of late. Chill out a little, Nov 17th you can go pick up your Foreman Grill/PS3 and the world you live in will be right.

614.11.2006 9:32

If you wish to call my work unprofessional, that's fine, it's your opinion in which you're entitled. However, you know nothing about me and where my loyalties lie. As was already pointed out in my article, I've made no biased opinions as to how I feel about Sony other than a subtle remark regarding the disc read errors. I've been victim to it twice. So, lets break that down. I paid the $300 at launch of the PS2. It died. I paid an additional $300 six months later. It died. I'm currently on my third Playstation 2 console that when purchased, had seen a slight price decline to $250. I'd say if nothing else, I'm a Sony fanboy. I've by far paid my dues. If you'd like, I could take a picture with my Sony digital Camera of me playing my Sony Playstation 2 on my Sony WEGA television and upload it for your amusement. Although, please dont give me the perverted details of what you do with all that Sony fanfare. I cant say I'm sorry for offending you, because truthfully I find nothing in what I said offensive. I'm just spreading the word of what the rest of the Internet community is buzzing about over Sony's newest console.

714.11.2006 10:00

the 360 was never anything like BWC they haphazardly threw together sht and hoped it work and they are still working on it now...kinda.. Sony has shown its no better than MS,now I will give them credit if there are no other bugs and "glitches" but this feels the same old same old rush rush rush.....

814.11.2006 10:11

It is interesting to see this occur, because it goes to show that emulation of an old system is truly easier said than done. As you go beyond raw emulation, and on to improving graphics over the original; things get more and more complicated. It's nice to see that M$ isn't the only one having difficulties, although M$' difficulties are honestly more rooted in a legal dispute with NVidia than anything. M$ had a direct emulation solution that would have been flawless, but NVidia would not legally allow them to run it, becuase the 360 switched to an ATI based graphics core. So, it really frustrated a lot of users when M$ couldn't supply 100% backwards compatibility. I found it even more frustrating to learn it was because of a beaureacratic decision by NVidia that made gamers suffer. Sometimes it seems like petty little things are all that prevents gamers from fully enjoying the things they would like to. Go figure.

914.11.2006 10:26

MS should went threw with it and settled in court,give Nvier roltiyes or something it would have saved time and money...

because if they did have BWC in it me and alot of people that were on the fence about the 360 would have gotten one.

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1014.11.2006 10:36

it is still early in its luanch, but this is unfortunate. when i first read the title the only words my eyes saw were "ps3, plague, glitch" and i was like oh boy, but then after i read it over i was already aware of this problem. i guess i could say it is one hell of a step up from the disc read errors lol. sad, but hopefully this is one of the few problems that plague the system. i mean if i had to choose, i'd rather have this setback then be staring the red lights of death square in the face...lets see if they can get things fully functional by xmas or so. i was actually looking forward to playing some of the ps2 blockbusters that i never bought, as they are now extremely cheap in price. this is something that i hope they fix asap, but not really something that has me too worried... "It is interesting to see this occur, because it goes to show that emulation of an old system is truly easier said than done. As you go beyond raw emulation, and on to improving graphics over the original; things get more and more complicated." i would have to agree

1114.11.2006 11:07

Okay people just because a system has a problem dont mean they rushed it.First Gen system alway has some kind of flaw but if this the only thing they found then am not worried about picking up my system Friday.See MS didn't have plans for having the 360 backwards compatibility,but due to pressure they adjust and still working on making all there games backwards compatibility.Sony just fixing something that they promise to deliver.I would be more concern if Sony or Microsoft didnt do anything to fix these issue so give them some slack.I bet Wii will have some kind of flaw also.

1214.11.2006 12:17

dunno.. the wii is nothing new technologically, so i think the flaws will be low, as far as system failure.

1314.11.2006 12:26

I told you guys, just wait. Systems that always launch on release date are not always 100% perfect.

1414.11.2006 17:06

...didn't they say initial units would ship with ps2 chip sets guaranteeing backwards compatibility? guess not? "...and this little piggy went wii wii wii, all the way home " :o

1514.11.2006 18:00

I have no idea how Sony managed to stuff BWC up, it has full PS2 hardware built into it all it needs to do is detect the game as PS2 then shutdown all unneeded parts and just run the PS2 components (more complicated than that, but still).

The fact that its only a software issue is good, if it were hardware related then callbacks would be needed. This is nowhere near as bad as anything else that could have happened but knowing all the Sony haters this will be blasted way out of proportion into some huge problem that is a reason not to buy one.

And just for the record i dont see anything Davedough said as fanboy, he is merely reporting a news article.

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1615.11.2006 0:39

this is what happens when you recycle sony recycled the operating system off of the japanese psx ps2 dvd burner combo that was released only in japan due to wide scale bugs in it so hearing that you cannot play over 200 titles already is garbage i should be able to use the console as i see fit and if these games don't work then why is sony advertising there console as 100% backwards compatible and what about the people that donot have internet access how are they suppose to fix there console huh sony bad move they should have had a bunch of hackers build a emulator for the ps3 so that the ps2 and ps1 games work better but no sony had to use there ps2 chipset on the ps3 to play games all i have to say is horaay for nintendo wii because nintendo took 3 years devloping the nintendo wii where sony took 2 years really shows now doesn't it

1715.11.2006 4:32

It took them 3 years for that piece of crap? Did you really look into it? the Wii looks like a kids toy it's getting bad reviews. people are saying it looks like a pumped up gamecube. And I also want to say atleast people will be able to play there PS3 Like they said the problem can be fixed. (Give it a little while they will find more bugs) unlike the over heating xbox 360 people could not play at release.

1815.11.2006 7:13

Not surprising, these kinds of things always happen. As long as the problem is taken care of 2 or 3 years from now, when the price of the machine is down to what it's actually worth (to me), then it's alright.

1915.11.2006 10:21

what are you a idoit?! the WII is a pumped up game cube!!
0_o *L*

couldn't help...its no more a 1.5 than the 360 is so please don't go there unless your willing to go there *L*

The wii has quality and innovation the others are more of the same from the quality lacking 99-05 period....Sony and MS are to busy getting movies to run on a game system and are missing the whole point of gaming....its the game STUPID! ><

*BTW I mean no harm or foul in my words I am being silly,if I offend I shall edit ASAP*

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2015.11.2006 12:40

I have yet to read a bad review on the wii.

2115.11.2006 15:07

im buying PS3 to play PS3 games i still have my PS2 console if i want to play PS2 games

2215.11.2006 19:00

Am I the only one to see how poorly the PS3 (low/high end versions) is put together and priced? I am thinking if they made HDMI as a removable port and sold it for 150-200 Made console have nice streamlined (in style) upgrades that you just pop in for 50ish a pop then finished it off for 80 for the 60GB HD,this of coarse would up the price to 100-300 more but bear with me Core system :$250 20GB HD Wireless pad X1 BlueTooth USB X 4 Multi Component A/V cables Ethernet Power Cord Premium system:$655 60GB HD Wireless pad X2 Memcard X1 Multi Flash Reader BlueTooth USB X 4 HDMI port Multi Component A/V cables Plus HDMI cables Ethernet Wi/fi Power Cord Parts breakdown 60GB HD 75 HDMI port 150 HDMI cables 30 Controller 50 Multi Flash Reader 50 Wi/fi 50 If they approached the PS3 like this with a coherent and easy upgrade plan they could have really beaten the crap out of MS and the Nin but their shear arrogance will be their downfall ,but I don't see many giving a damn about anything other than getting a PS3....ah the mindless casual gamer horde...oh how they have destroyed gaming... Its a shame Sony has took the cheap way out and is going to rely on its "good name" alone to push system and games sales.... Who wouldn't want a PS3 at a core price of 250-300? to me 350 is pushing it...

2318.11.2006 21:56

I tend to wait a while before buying new consoles, let them sort the problems out and let the price drop a lot, Also there are not enough games released yet, I have waited that long that I am buying my first PSP as I have read that one of my fav games is coming out on PSP "Cannon Foder" and there is a good range of games availble.

2419.11.2006 5:26

I dont see why people have to be jonny on the spot when a new system comes out.Why would you want to camp in front of a store for days to buy a over priced big toy.I have all the systems thrugh the years but I have bought them down the road after the big launch at much cheaper prices.I have avoided glitchs and problems like I see others have and headaces also.I also have advoided the high price wound that some seem to enjoy to pay over and over for a new toy/toys.I am not picking or insulting anyone that does so please dont take it wrong.I am just supprized people let themselves get caught up in this drama and high price gotta have it or they cant stand to just wait.I cant believe people on ebay are paying 3000.00 or more for a game system as I wont.I have an xbox 360 and I payed alot less and have alot of games that I enjoy at a price that makes me happy.Like I said I am not attacking your choice but just cant understand it.Gl with it all.

2519.11.2006 6:03

"I dont see why people have to be jonny on the spot when a new system comes out.Why would you want to camp in front of a store for days to buy a over priced big toy." rrmk37, Someone has to do it ;-) Other wise, nobody would buy the system. The "Jonny-on-the-spotters" spend an exorbitant amount of money, expose the glitches, whine and complain about the glitches and get Sony to fix them. Then we get to sit back and wait until the glitches are resolved and the price drops :-) I don't question the "Jonny-on-the-spot" buyers. I embrace them. They save me so much money. And they also provide me with entertainment :-) But hey, if you can afford to pay that much money, more power to you! If I had some more disposable income, I would definitely get a PS3. Wii for me. Might get one today. Can't wait to try Zelda!

2620.11.2006 16:31

LOL @ Sony for software glitch and MS for hardware probs (RROD, overheating).....makes you wonder who should be doing what!!!

2720.11.2006 16:40

the PS3 troubles have been minor so far,I hate sony for other reasons still and dont think the PS3 is worth 600$ 250-400 is reasonable 600 not so much.

2821.11.2006 21:19

Great read below. Long but worth the time. There are a lot of problems that are starting to surface with the ps3. Just like all new console releases, they usually get fixed quickly. 360 overheating, fixed with the 2nd shipment. PS2 read errors. fixed a few months later, etc... Hopefully they get this worked out before I pick one up sometime next year. If not, I'm sticking with the 360.. A Weekend Full of Quality Time With PlayStation 3 By SETH SCHIESEL Howard Stringer, you have a problem. Your company's new video game system just isn't that great. Ever since Mr. Stringer took the helm last year at Sony, the struggling if still formidable electronics giant, the world has been hearing about how the coming PlayStation 3 would save the company, or at least revitalize it. Even after Microsoft took the lead in the video-game wars a year ago with its innovative and powerful Xbox 360, Sony blithely insisted that the PS3 would leapfrog all competition to deliver an unsurpassed level of fun. Put bluntly, Sony has failed to deliver on that promise. Measured in megaflops, gigabytes and other technical benchmarks, the PlayStation 3 is certainly the world's most powerful game console. It falls far short, however, of providing the world's most engaging overall entertainment experience. There is a big difference, and Sony seems to have confused one for the other. The PS3, which was introduced in North America on Friday with a hefty $599 price tag for the top version, certainly delivers gorgeous graphics. But they are not discernibly prettier than the Xbox 360's. More important, the whole PlayStation 3 system is surprisingly clunky to use and simply does not provide many basic functions that users have come to expect, especially online. I have spent more than 30 hours using the PlayStation 3 over the last week or so and may have played more different games on the system - 13 - than probably anyone outside of Sony itself. Sony did not activate the PS3's online service until just before the Friday debut. Over the weekend a clear sense of disappointment with the PlayStation 3 emerged from many gamers. "What's weird is that the PS3 was originally supposed to come out in the spring, and here it came out in the fall, and it still doesn't feel finished," Christopher Grant, managing editor of Joystiq, one of the world's biggest video-game blogs, said on the telephone Saturday night. "It's really not the all-star showing they should have had at launch. Sony is playing catch-up in a lot of ways now, not just in terms of sales but in terms of the basic functionality and usability of the system." Sadly for Sony, the best way to explain how the PlayStation 3 falls short is to explain how different it is to use than its main competition, Xbox 360. When I reviewed the 360 last year, I wrote: "Twelve minutes after opening the box, I had created my nickname, was in a game of Quake 4 and thought, 'This can't be this easy.' " I never felt that way using the PlayStation 3. With the PS3, 12 minutes after opening the box I realized that Sony inexplicably does not include cables to connect the machine to a high-definition television. Keep in mind that one of Sony's main selling points has been that the PS3 plays Blu-ray high-definition movie discs. But high-definiton cables? Sold separately. The Xbox 360, by contrast, ships with one cable that can connect to either a standard or high-definition set. Then, before you are even using the PS3, you have to connect the "wireless" controller to the base unit with a USB cable so they can recognize each other. If you bring your PS3 controller to a friend's house, you'll have to plug back in again. The 360's wireless controllers are always just that, wireless. If there is one thing one would expect Sony to get perfect, though, it would be music. Wrong. Sure, you can plug in your digital music player and the PS3 will play the tunes. But as soon as you go into a game, the music stops. By contrast, one of the things I've always enjoyed most on the Xbox 360 is being able to listen to my own music while playing Pebble Beach or driving my virtual Ferrari. Doesn't seem too complicated, but the PS3 can't do it. In that sense it often feels as if the PlayStation 3 can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. In the PS3's online store (which feels like a slow Web page) you can access movie trailers and trial versions of new games, but when you actually download the 600-megabyte files, you'll be stuck watching a progress bar crawl across the screen for 20 or 40 minutes. Astonishingly, you can't download in the background while you go do something that's more fun (like play a game). On the Xbox 360, not only are files downloaded seamlessly in the background, but you can also shut off the machine, turn it on later, and the download will resume automatically. The PS3's whole online experience feels tacked-on and unpolished. On the Xbox 360 each user has a single unified friends list, so you can track your friends and communicate with them easily, no matter what game you are in. On the PlayStation 3 most games have their own separate friends list and some have no friends function at all. There is a master list as well, but in order to communicate with anyone on it, you have to quit the game you are playing. There are some high points. The multi-player battles in Resistance: Fall of Man are excellent. The arcade-style action in the downloadable Blast Factor is suitably frantic. But the list of the PS3's disappointments remains, from its undersupported voice chat to its maddening cellphone-like text messaging system. (In frustration I ended up plugging in a USB keyboard.) Overall, Sony seems to have put a lot of effort into cramming as much silicon horsepower under the hood as possible but to have forgotten that all the transistors in the world can't make someone smile. And so it is a bit of a shock to realize that on the video game front Microsoft and Sony are moving in exactly the opposite directions one might expect given their roots. Microsoft, the prototypical PC company, has made the Xbox 360 into a powerful but intuitive, welcoming, people-friendly system. Sony's PlayStation 3, on the other hand, often feels like a brawny but somewhat recalcitrant specialized computer. (Sony is even telling users to wait for future software patches to fix some of the PS3's deficiencies.) The thing is, if people want to use a computer, they'll use a computer. Through the decades of the Walkman and the Trinitron television, Sony was renowned as the global master of easy-to-use, seamlessly powerful consumer electronics. But recently Sony seems to have lost its way, first in digital music players, in which it ceded the ergonomic high ground to Apple's iPod, and now in home-game consoles. For now Sony's technologists seem to have won out over the people who study fun. As a practical matter, given the limited quantities Sony has been able to manufacture, the PlayStation 3 will surely remain sold out throughout the holiday season. If you can't find one, don't fret. Sony still has a lot of work to do. As Mr. Grant of Joystiq put it: "Maybe in six months it'll be finished. Maybe by next fall I'll be able to do all the cool stuff. I'm still kind of waiting."

2921.11.2006 23:44

ggo70 The PS3 has a bunch of little misstepd and the 360 hardware has not been fixed YET the 2nd revision hits the shelfs in feb. I wont go into alot of detail but basically the PS3 and 360 both have screwed up the 360 is a hop pog of stuff with a bleak future the PS3 might have the power to handle next gen gaming but has alot of small annoying issues to deal with,neither are worth the more than 300. the wii is about the only one to have anything great and even its held down by weak hardware....around and around we go... I have a nice little rant here

3022.11.2006 5:15

After a year of Xbox 360 use, 6 days of PS3 use, and 4 days of Wii use, here's my take: Xbox 360: expensive, overheats (MS did me some justice and extended the warranty by about 6 months -- the replacement 360 doesn't seem to run as hot), outstanding online activities (gaming, arcade, etc.). Finally got 1080p. I bought the HD-DVD add-on... OK, it plays HD-DVDs, which look great, but no surprise there. Many compelling games. PS3: extremely expensive, 1080p on my TV out of the box (sweet!), took FOREVER to download the initial software updates (via ethernet cable, not WiFi), I was finally able to download the stinkin' COD3 updates needed to play online. When I did get COD3 online... my thoughts were "smooth, just like XBL". The Playstation Store is fairly lackluster. I've tried for several days to download the MotorStorm demo... no luck... "download error"... when I restart the download, it starts at 0%. I can't figure out the web browser, but it would be worthless to me anyway. I haven't tried out BR-DVD (I've already seen "Talladega Nights"). So far, the motion controls are a joke.. not very well utilized or implemented. Very few compelling games. Wii: cheap!, only 480i, but still looks great on upconverting TV. I'm disappointed that several channels are not online yet... Weather, News, Internet Browser. Photo Channel is fun to play with if you have an SD card camera (which I do). Online store is disappointing also... very few games to purchase... I bought Super Mario 64, which downloaded quickly (I'm sure the game is rather small in size) and played well. The Wii gameplay is crazy fun! Along with Wii Sports that is bundled with the console, I have Trauma Center, Super Monkey Ball, Tony Hawk, Red Steel, and Excite Truck. Driving is a challenge, but all the other motion-related activities work very well. This is a blast to use! My ranking: #1 - Wii (good to see Nintendo back in form after the GameCube disaster) #2 - Xbox 360 (a better console than the Xbox, nearly #1, but still #2) #3 - PS3 (distant third -- this rating might improve with more compelling games and a better online experience) Final Thoughts: Unless you buy all three, there will likely be some games you won't be able to play. If you can't afford all three, you're gonna have to choose based on your favorite. If you can afford it, get an Xbox 360 + Wii or PS3 + Wii. You Mileage May Vary!

3122.11.2006 7:52

sheri1983 nice ^^ BTW I wouldn't call the GC a disaster,it seems like it but the GC fought the Xbox almost non the end the 6 gen of gaming went PS2 on top Xbox for the graphic natzis/inmature gamrs(17+ games) and GC kinda came out 3rd,beuse of all the dicking around sony and MS are doing I think the WII will do better....altho the 360 has had time to get itself together and as bad as sony is the PS3 dosent seem to have tooken any huge mis steps...

3222.11.2006 9:49

What is amusing is the fact that if the 360 had near as many faults out of the box as the PS3 people would be lighting up Microsoft like crazy. In most peoples posts they will rationalize all the faults the PS3 has and make some excuse or try to convince themselves these problems will be fixed and everything will be fine. Instead of looking at the hard facts and questioning Sony and holding them responsible for putting out a seemingly unfinished product, at a premium finished price. There are compromises associated with each system and with those compromises brings opinions to justify why one person chooses to go with "their" system so as not to look the fool. Fact is each one is pretty damn cool in it's own right and the gap to which one is better is getting smaller and smaller.

3322.11.2006 10:09

psyantist I see faults in everything GC Nin didn't try hard enough to bring games to the system. PS2 sony screwed up alot but the huge libary of games balanced its sux factor. PS3 the sux factor is high mostly due to lack of games and price time will "fix" this but will not fix Sony's image. Xbox limited games costly online service. currently worth getting but it lacks a good cheat device... 360 A hog pog of mismatched stuff,if they had full BWC out of the box that alone would have offset the crappy hardware but because MS decided to save money by not getting sued by ninvidia they have crap BWC,iffy hardware and a meger list of games in all curently worth 200 for the console with HD its far from the 400 they want. WII he wii is nice the wii is stable the wii is innovative.....the wii is weak,however I feel people would ignore it since its kid friendly or Nintendo even if it had 360 like graphics one more thing it might be worth 100 more if it had 360 like graphics and nintendo looked at it and thought cheaper console more sales more sales more money...the WII is a must buy,I cant wait till someone makes a WII mote to GC adapter and you can play all the old games with the wii mote :3 I swear nin never thinks ahead! I'd be happy to shell out 40 more for this device....

3422.11.2006 12:34

zippy, you just proved my point. Your reasons for faulting the systems is pedestrian at best, yet you again rationalize out the PS3 saying they will fix it in time. People can find fault with every and any system made or to be made, bring their prejudices to each argument and ultimately end up in the same spot they started from. Having to deal with what each company offers. I would have to argue the fact that there are two companies who are willing to change gaming for the better. With inovation comes challenges that will no doubt have "growing pains". I can look past a few inefficiencies if the end result is a fresh new way to play. Obviously Nintendo has chosen this innovative approach and not just with the Wii. They started with the Virtua Boy, moved to DS and now have the Wii. They are also the main reason gaming is what it is today. Microsoft has brought online gaming into the forefront and looks to champion that cause. They are the driving force for both Nintendo and Sony, showing both companies there is a need and place for the online community. Imagine the gaming scene without the Xbox and Xbox Live, would there be any push for an online community? I would argue no, after all Sony offered zero with the PS2. Leaving online play up to the developers. Nintendo...they are just now diving in. What has Sony brought to the gaming community other than a more sophistacted PSone? Nothing really, they have basically improved on an old model and relied on past success to drive future sales. I say Sony should more have to answer for than either Nintendo or Microsoft, after all they are the industry leader and have not brought the gamer anything new to the arena of gameplay since they started. Even though all systems are basically just a technological improvement of the Granddaddy of them all .... the Atari 2600, I would offer my gaming dollar to the company(s) who try to further the gaming experience rather than polish their trophies. Just my opinion....

3522.11.2006 13:09

psyantist *L* ture MS did bring online gameing to the for front but at a price 50-60 a year,limit pay options ect,ect In all they could have done better still the Xbox lacked games and games are the core of any system the PS2 had the most games and some of the better ones and they have dominated with a handful of good to great games and bunch of filler. GC was a staggering attempt to go next gen,if they put more effort into it they would have sent the Xbox into 3rd place but since they did not it and the Xbox fought for 2nd palce. the Xbox only did 2 things right online gaming and get MS's foot into the consoles other than that it has not done much,only the online bit has MS been innovative about the other 2 systems didnt do more for gamedom. In this 7th generation of gameing Nintendo is about the only one to try soemthign new the others are doing more of the same Sony tho doing it on roids it system is a monster but really dosent offer much in gameplay innovation the motion sensing is a joke all I see it doing is adding to the frustration of "rehashed" gameplay MS and Sony love so much... in the end the the PS3 wil be king the 360 will be queen in the US and the WII could bring nintendo ack to being number 1 or soemthign like it only if the horde of gamers who flock to graphics figure out that both the other systems "sux" they then will see the WII in a new light.... I wonder if all 3 systems could run almsot neck and neck world wide..that would make things interesting....

3622.11.2006 13:17

Everyone has their viewpoint. The GameCube was a disaster. I've owned three (one broke on its on, I broke (dissected) another, and one still works), but still a disaster, nonetheless. If it weren't for Animal Crossing and Metroid, I would probably pitch it. XBL is expensive? What is it... like $60 a year??? It's excellent in content and performance, therefore worth every cent. The marketplace is superb. Playstation Online is very weak on contents and performance... very slow and limited store. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the graphics on the Wii... perfectly acceptable. I was finally able to download the Motor Storm demo for the PS3... the graphics are absolutely stunning... but the game is still a bit boring and predictable. Obviously the game developers spent much more time on graphics than they did on gameplay. It's a neat game, but far from a blockbuster. The Wii is weak??? No, it's not! It's not weak, it's wiik! Wiik means it has just enough horsepower to get the job done, ergo the low price. I've been reading reviews of Madden 07, and the Wii seems to be the one to get. Graphics are blas... gameplay is the new next-gen!

3722.11.2006 13:33

sheri1983 rephraze I fear the WII is to weak and the gaming horde will overlook it,the WII is the best balanced out of the lot well worth every penny. I dont like live much but it is better than the PS2s meger online setup,however the PS3 is a setup its still new so the web setup has not been finished I'll hold judgment of the PS3 online until feb or march,but even so lack of games and price are still my main issues with it. I have a Silver USED GC been working great for a year,no slowdown or oddiests I get with the Xbox or PS2. In all the GC was weak but since it was able to be "even" with the Xbox meh.

3822.11.2006 16:47

ZIppyDSM: "I fear the WII is to weak and the gaming horde will overlook it,the WII is the best balanced out of the lot well worth every penny." That's the beauty of it. Half the people will buy a 360, the half a PS3... then they'll ALL buy a Wii! Oops! Starting to sound like a Nintendo fanboy...errr...girl! I've had some friends with young kids around and they seem to love the Wii.... almost as much as the adults do! The little kids get run off by the adults, who in turn get run off bt the teens.

3923.11.2006 4:45

sheri1983 the horror *L* Ture if anyhtign nnendo has that 2nd console thing down pat r should have it for the WII most will have a main console then a WII.

4025.11.2006 8:30

Improper BWC is par for the course actually. I've yet to see it ever work correctly on day one. Give Sony a break people. "I wont go into alot of detail but basically the PS3 and 360 both have screwed up the 360 is a hop pog of stuff with a bleak future" Good Zippy, don't...because if you did your content would look as vapid and aimless as your comments do. The phrase you're looking for is HODGE PODGE (not hog pog, as in your other rant or hop pog as you murder it here) and frankly neither console can be so shamelessly labelled as a lot of R&D and ESPECIALLY MACINTOSH PowerPC history has gone into both platforms. Do yourself a favour and look into their respective Dev Kits as both are Apple Mac G5 driven (or WERE actually, when the last e3 rolled around anyway), the same is true for both of their respective CPUs too. No the XBOX 360 is no Hodge Podge but compared to the PS3 it does lack a certain edge when it comes to non-viable and unfathomed standards such as a High Density DVD solution. LOL I think Blu-ray sounds great on paper, yet to see it's value in reality you'd really have to have a DAMNED EXPENSIVE display device OH YEAH and you'd have to BUY YOUR WHOLE MOVIE COLLECTION AGAIN. But you go right ahead and do so if you think it's a good thing to spend more money on in the future - I'm going to enjoy games and content I can play with right now.

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