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Universal calls iPod users thieves

Written by Dave Horvath @ 14 Nov 2006 5:04 User comments (44)

Universal calls iPod users thieves Chairman and CEO of Universal Media Group, Doug Morris, released comments about now rival iPod stating "These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it, so it's time to get paid for it."
Of course this statement comes after UMG just penned a deal with bedfellow Microsoft agreeing to share profits for every new Zune sold on the market. UMG wants to have this deal give off a trickle effect where money from the media devices can filter their way down to the artists themselves to ensure that everyone gets their "fair share". This profit sharing comes in addition to the money they're already going to receive for license fees.

Microsoft is currently working with additional music companies in hopes to ink similar deals, hoping to make profit sharing a regular occurance and get more people on board with the Zune. UMG is set to receive around $1 per Zune sold and has graciously stated that half of the proceeds will filter back to the respective artists.


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44 user comments

114.11.2006 6:17

iTunes sold over 1 billion tracks - that's a billion more than were sold before that when music sharing was booming - so shut the hell up Morris. I don't see any legitimate reason personally why any record company should get a cut of a sale of a consumer electronics device (unless it comes pre-loaded with content). Here's a couple of things to remember... 1. The big four record labels and all big indie labels account for nowhere near the the amount of music available in the world. You don't own "music" - you can't just claim a cut if a device plays music. 2. Continuing from number 1: Don't believe me? Check out all the unsigned stuff on MySpace - a lot offer MP3 downloads for free that people can put on iPods. 3. And finally... If you want money from companies for possible piracy, then you must accept you are giving consumers a pass to pirate as much as they want. Don't be surprised when the judge finds that this advanced payment is viewed as accepting such an act. 4. Stop being greedy (sorry, had to put this one in here too...)

214.11.2006 6:22

we need to nip this in the bud now with a small tax on all digital recording devices and black CD/DVD and flash drives a 1% tax from it should create enough money to give a "penitence" to the mafaa and the feds can make sure they ONLY longer harsh people that sell large amounts of copies ,after selling 100G worth of stuff 1-2 year probation and fines should be wrought....this attack

314.11.2006 6:56

Bad idea. That would effectively only bring in some extra profits for the music/movie companies while they would still hunt down those who infringe copywrights. I suppose it could work if the legal implementation was done right, but Im still sceptical. A similar scheme is in place in Finland and the pirate hunt hasnt been affected either way.

414.11.2006 7:36

HA HA HA This is just tooooooo funny I just have a question to make if its ilegal to download music and burn it in a cdr then why do they allow people develope products that allows to download "Stolen Music", "Stolen Movies", "Stolen Videos"?,"Stolen Video Games", I just thinks they should go after those guys in the first place and not the consumer, cause they enable the consumers with the right tools to hack and copy material!!!!!

514.11.2006 7:39

Ghostdog hats the point is it not,to make it illict for the mafaa to sue anything that has not SOLD 1G+ worth of music and video copies. meaning shareign and free and fair use, mabye tact small fines for thos that freely distrusting stuff all I am saying it the gov should step in and make fair use fair use,backing up,shearing,archiving all of it is fair use,now shearing can be tricky but thats what the tax is for to give them a steady flow of money and limit who they can freely sue.

614.11.2006 7:45

<UMG is set to receive around $1 per Zune sold and has graciously stated that half of the proceeds will filter back to the respective artists> yeh, 50 cents goeto the artist,but then universal takes their 90% cut of whatever the artist makes cause they are under contract,so the artist is actualy getting 5%. still alot, but saying they get 50% is misleading.

714.11.2006 8:07

This is only about greed, the more money we give them the greedier they get. Hollyweird is the worst too.

814.11.2006 8:14

hahaha hey I have an idea why dont we burn music cds, movies, and games and sell them for 4-10 dollars a piece and send %50 percent of our proceeds to the respective artist.

914.11.2006 8:38

The mafaa is not a trade group its a trade federalization,planning to enslave countless planets if not stopped.

1014.11.2006 10:26

Um... what am I missing. UMG is getting $1 per Zune. And the "respective" artists get some of that. Which "respective" artists are those, since the Zune wasn't written, composed, played or song by any of the "respective" artists. Who is getting paid... and why? Shoot... throw me some money for doing absolutely nothing while you're at it.

1114.11.2006 12:14

there are tons of ways to get free music downloads legally idiot: 1. like they said myspace 2. Internet Radio Recordings 3. Free Music Tuesdays on iTunes 3. I buy songs off of iTunes regularly rip from CD's, and use p2p programs like Frostwire and Bittorrent when i'm out of money and don't have any money in my iTunes account, and even when i download music illegally once i get money i will then either buy the songs i stole off itunes or just buy the damn CD, i'm sure 95% of iPod owners do exactly what i do come sue my RIAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1214.11.2006 12:27

The best way to get music for free is to buy CD's from eBay, rip, burn and sell off again.. (-- that's theory, never actually tried it.. :)

Morris is rich as fork.. like I care what he says.. he should try getting up at 5am for work and getting home at 7pm. When he actually does something for his money, then I'll listen..

"These devices are just repositories for stolen music
Well, some people are tired of being ass-raped by these record companies. An album on BT is free, of extremely high quality (contrary to RIAA claims, they are well encoded, better than iTunes store). On the other hand, you could make the effort of going to the music store and paying 14.99 for the album, and be no better off except feeling sick that you've just lined fat-cats' pockets and gained nothing. I got tired of spening my hard-earned on CD's then typing the same albums into isohunt and learning that they were readily available.

I'm not a thief.. I'd never steal anything in "real life", however, it makes no sense to buy what is freely available.
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1314.11.2006 13:09

I swear to God there is a special place in Hell for you f*ckers!

1414.11.2006 13:09

RIAA and people like them, that is.

1514.11.2006 15:55

I agree with you Lethal B

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1614.11.2006 16:13

This is really getting scary now. Corporations are now placing taxes in their products, that we don't even get to vote on. They are greasing each others wheels and operating above the government. Do you really think microsoft eats that dollar they pay universal per player? They've built in a tax to make us eat it. Guilt by association. If you buy a portable music device, your a pirate. I wouldn't buy a zune if it was the only player on the market.

1714.11.2006 16:40

Hollywood (the media corporations) is run by money hungry b*tches and b@stards! A billion dollars isn't enough for them. They have to squeeze hard working people of every penny possible. And they can get away with it too because they have the politicians in their pockets. They would sell their mothers to make a buck. All for the almighty dollar. The big media corporations have more power then the U.S. Constitution and that is a scary thing. Hell is a special repository that awaits them all.

1814.11.2006 20:01

Idiot suit. Let them cut their own throats. Open source will kill the software suits, useless technology will kill everyone's desire to buy music and video, which will kill the Universal suits.

1914.11.2006 23:04

"UMG is set to receive around $1 per Zune sold and has graciously stated that half of the proceeds will filter back to the respective artists." Hahah! omfg that is having me LOLzz. The media companies are now trying to pit the artists against the 'illegal file downloaders'. These artists' music (some of these artists = suckage) is not being sold so the companies are blaming it all on p1racy. When will the intelligent artists wake up, realize they can start their own file sharing site, and sell their music directly to the public for $5/CD? They could sell their music, gain a larger share of profit, and retain creative control that is stronger than their diluted contracts with UMG & other RIAA companies. The artists are getting screwed. Not by file downloaders, but by corporate America/RIAA/MPAA interests. Wake up, make a change, and never look back...

2015.11.2006 1:42

I predominantly use my iPod to listen to Old Time Radio that has been in the public domain for ages. Why are the big record labels entitled to any of my money? I find it offensive to be labelled a thief.

2115.11.2006 3:20

God...someone get this dude a baby bottle. You know...since he said something like that, I am definitely going to get an ipod now. Hell, if he is going to call people with ipods "thieves," so be it then. If everyone in the world had an ipod what would he be saying now. Also, it is SO convienient that he says this NOW...instead of when the ipod was FIRST introduced. I tell ya...this being greedy thing is going to backfire so bad one of these days. This phrase says it all though:

I'm not a thief.. I'd never steal anything in "real life", however, it makes no sense to buy what is freely available.

2215.11.2006 6:47

Can we sue him for slander? What proof does he have that iPod owners are theives?

2315.11.2006 12:06

Lethal: TECHNICALLY speaking once you have resold the CD or the DVD you are no longer legally entitled to a backup of that music. What you have suggested is nothing different than stealing the music of P2P except getting it in a better format/higher quality. While it is true that the resold CD/DVD may sell for less than you bought it for makes it seem like you still are paying something, therefore entitled to something, this is not the case. Under this argument it would be ok to rent CD/DVD and rip them since I am in fact paying something for the rental. Renting something does not imply ownership anymore than selling something implies continuing ownership. But in terms of the *BEST* way to get music, which does not imply the *BEST LEGAL WAY* to get music... I agree that ripping the CD is certainly the method of choice! :-)

2418.11.2006 11:25

Careful now.....The RIAA and the MPAA will next want a percentage of the used CDs and the DVDs that you resell, then the car companies will want a piece of the used car market, the clothing industry will want a piece of the 'Value Village' used clothes market...... I wonder who will want a piece of the antique markets....??

2518.11.2006 11:34

Fair use in the US gives you the right to lend a person a original copy,to archive the data of all of the originals you have DRM breaks the law by preventing that but becuse fair use has no lobbiests it will fade away. Get ready for them RFID anal probes boys and girls things are going to hell.

2618.11.2006 13:02

I own about 1,000 records. Do I have the right to download digitized music from CDs of these records, or will the RIAA gestapo come after me?

2718.11.2006 13:10

dave817 currently in the US you do have hat right along with putting your VHS collection on DVD,the media mafaa will cry foul but they are the ones breaking the fair use laws as much as the pirates that sell copies of copyies.

2818.11.2006 17:22

For years I have purchased the same music over and over. Records to tapes to CD's I now use MP3 format, so should I have to pay for the same song a 4th time? I think not, I feel that if have purchased the music in another format, that its ok to download a copy. I have lost so much music, because my main collection started out on Records and tapes many of thes songs I can not find. Same goes for my VHS to Laser Disc to DVD collection, I refuse to purchase the same movie 3 times. God Bless Technology Call me a the IRATE PIRATE if you wish, but at least I have a few bucks in my pocket now to buy Lunch!!!

2918.11.2006 23:43

heres a laugh for u all.a guy in germany was arrested for ripping music and sharing it with his friend on there ipods but the police had to let him go when he proved that he own all 30 ipods that were involed.what he and his mates did was they gave him the money and he went and purchased 30 ipod of his creit card.loaded the ipods with music and gave them to his who had payed him for them.Couldnt stop laughing about .

3019.11.2006 2:43

I don't buy any main stream music because it's all hype....I have a IPOD full of music that I either rip from my cd, downloaded it from ITUNES or that I just jacked of a file sharing program..I buy more underground music from mom pops stores I gt tired of buying music from these mainstream artist to find out that they only have two songs that are good on a 16 track selection..........

3119.11.2006 16:44

Now that the Democrats are back in power, Fair Use is a goner. Schumer probably has getting rid of it at the top of his list.

3219.11.2006 17:35

mspurloc and the republicains weren't needling away at it? *L* please both of them are to busy bumping each other out of the way for the anal drilling the corperations have in store for them...ony they get paid for it we dont.....

3319.11.2006 18:32

and the republicains weren't needling away at it? *L* please both of them are to busy bumping each other out of the way for the anal drilling the corperations have in store for them...ony they get paid for it we dont..... --Maybe liberal Arlen Specter is getting some of that RIAA/MPAA gravy, but it's mostly the Democrats. The Republicans supposedly get all of their graft from the gun manufacturers, oil and Big Tobacco, remember? :-)

3419.11.2006 19:26

mspurloc DOH! no wonder politicains are calling the ERSB/games the devil and should be baned its a hollywood plot to force out the new media! 0_o LOL

3519.11.2006 21:04

Something else just occurred to me. You know, for a company that got caught ripping off Star Wars with the original Battlestar Galactica, and that lost the subsequent lawsuit, they've got a hell of a nerve calling people thieves!

3619.11.2006 23:19

heres there email address send them a big you.

3720.11.2006 2:06

I blame our politicians. They are the ones making the laws. I hope you all voted last week and voted against the incumbant unless they were OK. If you don't make the effort, we will get what we deserve.

3820.11.2006 8:26

Does he really think people will want to pay for mp3s if they are avalaible on the internet for free and what makes his device so unique that people will/might not use the so-called "stolen" music on it???

3920.11.2006 11:55

Corporate Mogul Doug Morris, the RIAA and all of the rest of the Coporate Whores want to destroy all Fair Use rights that have been won, on a case by case basis over the last thirty plus years. ZIppy DSM has a lot of it right. But he misses the point, the Repugican Scum are the driving force of most of this Bull Sh*t. things generally got better for the people after the Repugicans got thrown out of power in 1932 through about 1980. Corporations generally favor those Rat Bastard Republicans over the Dems. The Dems generally try to work in favor of the common people against the whims of the Corporatoctracy. The Democrats brought us the forty hour work week, expanded public education, established the minimum wage, gave us the right to organize, started social security, the list goes on and on. The Republicans want to destroy all of this and re-enslave the people with debt, just to line their pockets with your money. I just hope there IS a special hell for those Frakin Arseholes. Rip, copy, share & download my brothers and sisters! Frak Them

4021.11.2006 0:39

well i see his comments has angered alot of people, but be sure these assholes have ruled the world because of their greed and governments are their legal extension to rob people, the only thieves i know is them. democrat or otherwise, they are both shit, the only difference is democrates are like dried shit, they dont stink, but still a shit, were the republicans are a stinky shit that makes your life hard to bare. dont get frustrated, be smart, and just keep doing what you do, these assholes need reactions in order to make laws, the more you react the more laws they'll impose on you, because then they know they are winning the war. peace to all humans

4121.11.2006 1:29

Am I to believe that this guy does not own an Ipod, or that ANYONE in his family does not own an MP3 player? I find it hard to believe that there is no one close to him that is not a "Theif".

4221.11.2006 2:50

rayals you do not understand the rat bastards of the world. He might even own one himself, but he probably does not like music. When these rats speak, that is for other people. They are above their own stupid laws. I am sure a democrat will screw you just as fast as a republican. Jobs are fairly tight in the US even for college graduates. Last year both houses upped the quota for foreign graduates to stay in the US after graduation another 100 K last year. This equates to taking 100 K of jobs away from their constituents. In the senate only 2 senators voted against the bill. They all ALL scum of the earth. However, I was very happy we voted the Republicans out of office. Did you see how fast the White House reacted? Politicians are like real nasty dogs who cower if you are beating them but will bit you as soon as you turn their back. nevillem2, social security was destroyed from 1946 through about 1965. The US loaned money all over the world in the Marshal plan that we did not expect to have it paid back and never was. That was our SS money! The US is starting to 'die' for all the stupid laws. We have a huge trade deficit but still give China 'Most favored nation' status.

4321.11.2006 7:04

Mez the US goverment dose things ass backwards instead of raising the poor into the middle class they want to raise the worlds poor first making the US into a 2nd world boggles the mind...

4411.9.2007 18:37

Originally posted by mspurloc:
Idiot suit. Let them cut their own throats. Open source will kill the software suits, useless technology will kill everyone's desire to buy music and video, which will kill the Universal suits.
They make so much money on concerts and radio rights,other stuff they should have stopped it when they could now it's imposible 50% of the internet bandwith is used by p2p sharing programas that means that nobody buys music anymore or videos so get real people. Al the studiso should get together make a fair price per song and that's it cuz the more you charge the more you lose, if every songs was like 10 cents everybody would buy it, u say 1usd not much for you here at south america that;s a lost do you think anybody buys something?? nobody + imagine myself trying to fill up my 4gb psp i would have to spend like 100 or 200 on songs not gonna happen, now put put yourself on africa then on china , . as i say get together make something big where everyone buys close up p2p and torrent( if they ever can), piracy is so big you can't deal with it anymore maybe you could a long time ago but not anymore

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