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Sony releases firmware update 1.3 for PS3

Written by Dave Horvath @ 06 Dec 2006 8:07 User comments (28)

Sony releases firmware update 1.3 for PS3 If you were one of the lucky few to actually obtain a PS3 and are not hording it on the likes of Ebay, you can treat yourself to the latest firmware update from Sony; version 1.3.
Sony released the update to add different features that would come in handy. These features include the ability to backup your SD cards, USB flash drives or memory sticks directly on the PS3 hard drive. Another welcomed addition is the inclusion of HDD formatting. If you happen to put something on the PS3 that makes it do crazy things, you can bring it back to factory defaults like nothing ever happened. Of course, just like any reformatting option, it'd completely erase anything extra that you placed on the drive.

What you will not see in this update is the promised fix to the 1080i resolution bug that has affected the launch devices. Earlier, Sony had released a statement saying that they would fix the bug in the firmware that did not allow it to properly display 1080i resolution, but instead bump it down to 480p. Instead of fixing this issue, they merely changed the heirarchy of display preferences so that 1080i was near the bottom of the list. Sony has since retracted its statement in that they will fix the problem. Future updates will tell whether or not they will address this problem.


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28 user comments

16.12.2006 9:02

good job not fixing that bug sony, the 200 dollar xbox360 is looking better every day.

26.12.2006 9:33


36.12.2006 10:07

1080i sucks anyway, interlaced crap with mad flicker especially in games. 720p is the best unless your TV can do 1080p. You definitely want a Progressive screen mode for gaming, and anything else for that matter.

46.12.2006 13:12

$200 xbox 360?

56.12.2006 13:23

I'm no sony lover by any means but doesn't the thing display 720p on devices that support it? And if so, doesn't MOST modern devices that support 1080i also support 720p? If so then isn't it really only being displayed in 480p on those few devices that support 1080i and 480p but not 720p? I really don't know about the ps3 just a rambling thought... :-)

66.12.2006 15:20

That's the thing...most TVs are too small to truly support 1080i, so most of them do 720p...but suprisingly a lot of them just have 480p and 1080i, so the better resolution is unsupported. The PS3 does high def via HDMI as far as I know, but due to the crap with HDCP (copy protections), all the people jumping on the HDMI/DVI bandwagon will find themselves out of luck. Component video is the way to go for HD, up to 1080p and beyond.

76.12.2006 16:43

you can fidn a 360 or 200 it might not work....*rolls eyes* the HDVD add on is 200 as well. ------------- HDCP High def copy protection protecting you from viewing movies ...wait a min...

86.12.2006 16:55

Its going to be so great to play MGS4 on the 360! I am so glad I got the 360 instead of the PS3. Im going to get the ps3 when it gets cheaper, by then there will be many used games to play. I am no fan of Microsoft, but I think they win this round... Blueray is still classified in development, too many bugs

96.12.2006 17:01

mrtoast2 oh stow it already its not been confirmed,while they might have deals to make games don't mean flagship games get ported so easily. the PS3 is still in dev,hell the way their screwing around with the 360 its still in dev >>

106.12.2006 19:01

HDCP is imposed by the MPAA, but it is a part of the HDMI spec. If the output of the PS3 is HDCP (which I believe it is) then you will need a HDCP compliant HDTV to view HDMI output. Newer HDTVs are compliant, any TVs much greater than 1 year old probably are not.

116.12.2006 19:05

ZippyG HDCP wont be started for another 2-3 years right? tis not that big a deal unless you want to watch movies in high def. but still theres going to be a good bit of people wondering WTF...

126.12.2006 19:19

There was a deal at Micro Center for a $100 rebate off the 360. It was for either basic or premium, so you can get the premium for $300. That is probably what themind was talking about. As for the PS3, this is like the 4th update since Nov 1 isn't it?? I remember v1.02, v.1.10, v.1.20, and now v.1.30. Still they haven't fixed the bug? Well at least they added a color correction filter whatever that does... Maybe by the end of the year they will have the ps2 backward compatibility problem and the 1080i bugs fixed. I was very mad that this system is made in China though. For $600 I was expecting it to be made in Japan... Also, the case is plastic. I always thought it would be aluminum or something. At least there are no overheating problems so far. There were lots of rumors of this, but I think they were started by Best Buy in order to help them sell their 2 year service plan...

136.12.2006 19:23

HDCP was originally implemented with the DVI spec, which is the basis for HDMI. A quick mass-market example of a HDCP device is the HD set top box from Comcast. It has a DVI connector on the back, but you need a TV that supports HDCP in order to be able to use that. I do not know how the PS3 is set up - whether HDCP is "always on" or only active for movie playback...but if it is always on, HDMI will not be useable on TVs without HDCP. Don't you love how they made it nice and simple for everyone? :) I personally promote and encourage the use of component video for all HD video connections, because as long as a decent cable is used you will always get better results - and no copy protection.

147.12.2006 2:59

Very interesting about this HDCP discussion... so you're saying ZippyG that component does not support copy protection as HDMI does? Wouldn't the hardware handle the copy protection and not the device displaying the video? I don't really see where the advantage is... Are you saying that future set tops will be managing copy protection aswell as players? I'm going to see if I can find the standard for HDCP...

157.12.2006 9:09

HDCP "handshakes" to verify if the two connected devices are compliant or not. As I said, I have a plasma TV with a DVI input, but I cannot connect my Comcast HD box to my TV via DVI because my TV does not support HDCP, so the box refused to send the signal. In order for me to view video via the HDCP protected output, whatever is connected to the other end has to have a "key". The HDCP keys are assigned to manufacturers who pay big bucks for licensing HDMI/DVI + purchase the key. Not just any company can buy a key, they have to be "approved" by the licensing committee. Component video, on the other hand, is an analog signal. Macrovision was the biggest attempt at copy protection, but that pales in comparison to HDCP. You can basically plug component video into your computer and record high-def content as you see fit. You cannot do the same with HDCP protected DVI/HDMI.

167.12.2006 11:31

If you don't know HDCP protects the signal line and makes sure the high def signal on Moives that have HDCP are being sent to a HD TV they want to handicap High def recording,HDCP starts in 2-4 years if you are a moive buff this is bad news if you dont have the right TV.

177.12.2006 13:13

Until recently, TVs are able to truly produced a 1080i or 1080p but they are expensive. Around the $4000cdn for a 42" LCD. The resolution for that TV is 1920 x 1080p. I own a PS3 and a 42" LG LCD TV but the resolution is only at 1366 x 720p. Which means that unless you get a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the PS3 can't properly display the 1080 setting. The setting I have set up is at 720p using hdmi cables with surround sound through the digital optical output. The PS3's graphics beats the xbox 360 any day. I don't think the PS3 is expensive for the top of line version priced at $659CDN. Remember when PS2 was out for a bit. I think it was priced at 499.00CDN which didn't come internet ready or a HDD. I think that was priced at $100CDN. So by the time you add the two together. Guess what, it is almost the same price as the PS3. As for the constant updates with PS3, at least they are able to do that, compared to the Xbox 360. If Microsoft ever release something like that, it would probably have a million viruses by now and security patches will be constantly be updated.

187.12.2006 13:23

If you don't know HDCP protects the signal line and makes sure the high def signal on Moives that have HDCP are being sent to a HD TV they want to handicap High def recording,HDCP starts in 2-4 years if you are a moive buff this is bad news if you dont have the right TV.
HDCP is a type of encryption, like SSL is on the web. It's already here, not 2-4 years away. Did you hear about how Sony's new HDCP protected Blu-ray players will not work with Sony's own TVs because most of the TV's do not support HDCP.

197.12.2006 13:30

well what I mean by HERE is when most movies will be using it.

207.12.2006 20:51

Yeah but it's not a function of the movie, it's part of the HDMI or DVI chipset...that means there's a way to hack it if you can extract a valid key from a HDCP compliant device, make a "passthru" box that fools a HDCP player. Know what I mean?

217.12.2006 21:04

ZippyG ture to counter that they are working on a key system that blacklists the "bad" keys. not as effective as windows WGA but newer pressed movies will have key updates its a advanced game o tag. In the end a waste of money on their part they would be better off reducing prices and getting more parts of the manufacturing industry in line. hassling the consumer is not the way to go... all this will lead to is people asking why their new movies will not play in high def on their 3 years old equipment and start people to buy 100$ keybox in order to not have to get a new 1000-5000 TV. its....foolish at best....however I wonder if china will even make the dman things every 2-4 years it seems china and other places make less and less gooey gray area gadgets...

228.12.2006 13:37

I'd love for the RIAA, Copyright legislators, the EFF and consumers to sit down with the EFF and work out a solution. I think I understand both parties because I do create content and I also consume content (don't like that word consume). That is what they think of us. Consume "rs". Anyway, fair use is supposed to mediate between extreme copyrightism and extreme piratism. I tend to move more favorably that most people will pay than not and that freedom is more beneficial than control. The obvious perspective from the RIAA is we are all untrustworthy thieves. That only, like everyone with any sort of common sense knows, will only aggravate and drive people to any alternative, be it piracy or protest.

238.12.2006 13:39

Oops.. That should say "...sit down and work out a solution".

248.12.2006 13:49

dorkydork I have always said a tax and regulation of it would work it would better setup to stop kid porn and highly questionable matrail such as bomb making and such while on the other hand let all CP/IP be shared on the net however you cant make money off (liek all off or any site trying to sell stuff the media mafia can go after them but file traders and the community's are free) the trade off is a 1-3% tax on new digi devices,black media new computers and the net I would be happy to pay 5-15 more a month to make shearing free. and in all this is the only balance I can see that could work altho the corperations could gather together and force ISP and device makers to pay the IP/CP holders a 1-2% but the corperate horde rarely has 1 leader much less one that can bring them together and balance the peoples need and the corperations needs.

258.12.2006 14:39

well i heard about how the RIAA was trying to tax all portable audio and video players because of the potential to piracy. that is absurd. if that ever happened i'd join the RIAA and get my fugging money back. :) i can see bender doing something like this, walking into the corporation with a "Bender Studio's - Member of the RIAA" badge on, "DOWN WITH THOSE PIRATES! SUE THEM ALL I SAY! psst when do we get our paycheck?" then walk out listening to music on an ipod.

268.12.2006 14:45

dorkydork if they would balance it and say we want a cut from the hardware people in order to less strict on shearers that would be great but unfortunately they want to bully consumers,people and force the hardware industry to give them money as well...they want everything ....

2711.12.2006 7:36

It will definitely be a LONG while before I purchase a PS3! $600 is way to much to spend on a gaming system. I held out on buying the Xbox 360 until this past week. I bought the PREMIUM system at Micro Center with the $100 rebate. The same week Kmart had the wireless controllers for $29.99 and had Gears of War for $40 shipped! So this past week I got a PREMIUM system + EXTRA wireless controller + Gears of War for around $370. Beats paying $600 for a PS3 (assuming you were among the 'lucky' few to get one). Maybe in 2 years or so I'll pick up a PS3, but for now my money is with Microsoft! --RickWJ324

2811.12.2006 7:47

RickWJ324 in 2 years it will be down 50-100 bucks......unless SOny finds thier head....

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