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Apple says no to sex

Written by Dave Horvath @ 12 Dec 2006 4:13 User comments (23)

Apple says no to sex It seems to be common place anymore for one company to scream copyright infringement over another because of the most minute details in their own intellectual properties. Almost daily we hear about a lawsuit being issued because someone came increasingly close to a successful product strategy. However, I'm not too sure the judges were prepared when they heard the case over Apple's newest gripe.
There's a British company by the name of LoveHoney who has caused quite a bit of stir within Apple's ranks over their flagship product, the iPod. While ingenius accessories for the famed iPod are nothing out of the ordinary, LoveHoney had successfully created some time ago the iBuzz. The whole point of the iBuzz is so that a couple or even a solo artist can pleasure themselves all the while keeping beat with the tempo of whatever is playing on the iPod.

One would think that this possibly morally objective accessory would be Apple's biggest gripe, however that doesn't seem to be the case. Apple is more upset by the fact that on LoveHoney's website, they portrayed a silouette of a woman in the midst of said pleasure in true iPod form. The famous neon colored backgrounds with a shadowed person carrying an iPod in perfect clarity has been a symbol of iPod since it came into the mainstream. Apple is suing LoveHoney, not for what the portrayal was, but merely for the fact that they used their advertisement scheme as their own.

Apple's legal representatives Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP stated that their intellectual property "may have been copied or substantially copied from those in which our client own the copyright, without our client's consent...", which leads one to wonder if Apple, themselves have silouetted pictures of women in the throes of passion.

Interestingly enough for Apple, this isn't the first time they've gone after a product that was sexually explicit. Last month, Apple formally objected to the release of a Japanese masturbatory aid dubbed the gPod, stating that the name was too close to their own proprietary property.

Source: The Register

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23 user comments

112.12.2006 4:30

Haha, funniest thing I've read in a while. Apple needs to stop whining at everyone, that said, they do have the right to distant themselves from uhm.. the LoveHoney? Lol. -Mike

212.12.2006 8:53

I was wondering if anyone would ever take my advice and stick the iPod where the sun don't shine.

312.12.2006 9:51

Well, I for one will take you up on that! :)

412.12.2006 11:18

oooh... that "LoveHoney" is not a bad website... in fact, its quite good. )

512.12.2006 12:06

Apple..take a chll pill and realx...sueing everyone for "talking" about you will get you nowhere...

613.12.2006 5:17

this take apple to the next level of advertizing think of the posibilitys...." I love my ipod" or " keep it coming" or last but not least "I beat to my own drum"...sorry but you know its about time some of thease people chill and let those who want to have safe sex do it them selves.really with all those ipod add ons like the sock and those rubber covers(which look like condoms) for your ipod,why is anyone suprized?

713.12.2006 9:41

whatz the love honey website?

813.12.2006 12:12

its a site that sells... umm... adult toys n sh*t.

913.12.2006 13:54

I seriously didn't see this coming, but it's kind of a cool idea... I guess. Hahaha, I can see it now: "Girl, you HAVE to use this new song I have with your iBuzz!"

1014.12.2006 19:46

Ever notice that the only innovation Apple is doing is filing lawsuits as fast as the RIAA? Pathetic.

1115.12.2006 2:36

no whatz the address to the site...

1215.12.2006 7:49

its called google...

1316.12.2006 10:37

Ever since Apple brought out their iTunes and iPod products my techie friend Keith reckoned they were a bunch of wankers. Now it seems they wish to be the only wankers. Surely the original copyright for this activity is owned not by Apple or LoveHoney but by Onan? I think they should be told.

1416.12.2006 14:11

I know that Apple's iPod creates a lot of buzz, but this is taking it to a new level!

1517.12.2006 6:11

There's a British company by the name of LoveHoney who has caused quite a bit of stir within Apple's ranks over their flagship product, the iPod.
It took me a while to figure out what this meant. From the sentence above, it would seem that LoveHoney was the company with the flagship product, the iPod.

1617.12.2006 6:16

Ibuzz is a add on to the Ipod ,and yes its a vibrator add on. I am sorry but Apple has no case...and if they do anyone that makes a 3rd party accessory will have to be "approved" thus making it not a 3rd party accessory.

1717.12.2006 12:37

@ toddvj -- thats 'coz you cant understand english. @ ZIppyDSM -- didn't you read it? they are doing it 'coz of the way they advertised it... with the silhouette and the brightly coloured background and white iPod. type in "iBuzz" or "LoveHoney" into google images and you will see

1817.12.2006 18:40

thecraigc its an accessory to the Ipod of coarse tis going to match is theme,

1918.12.2006 6:45

i know... but they are suing (however you spell it) lovehoney 'cos they copied their advertising style... its not very hard to understand

2018.12.2006 6:58

thecraigc I finaliy figured that bit out *L*

2118.12.2006 12:52

Apple says no to sex....???? Where are all the little Apples going to come from...????

2222.12.2006 7:11 forgot what makes the world go around again. Other than money. {-----SEX-------}

2322.12.2006 8:07

well... maybe steve jobbs is really religious

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