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Zune failed to make top 10 list

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2007 2:33 User comments (6)

Zune failed to make top 10 list Microsoft's Zune player did take a decent portion of the HDD-based MP3 player sales at large retail stores but failed to make the Top 10 list according to market researcher Current Analysis. Among the top 10 list were 8 different iPod models and 2 SanDisk models. The firm tracks figures at Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Staples and RadioShack in its research.
The Zune did capture 12% of the HDD-based player market according to the firm, but it is important to point out that it doesn't track figures from some retail outlets like Wal-Mart or Apple's own stores. "Microsoft did well for a newcomer, but it was competing in a segment that accounted for only one-fifth of all holiday sales," Current Analysis Research Director Samir Bhavnani said.

He applauded Apple's persistence in the market. "It has retained its top spot without having to turn on a subscription-based download service as a new product offering." he said. He also revealed that he does not expect Microsoft to sit back and not attempt to bring the Zune further into the market.

"Looking forward to 2007, I expect to see Microsoft offer a flash-based competitor to SanDisk and the iPod Nano/Shuffle in addition to a less bulky (hard-drive-based) player," Bhavnani said.


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6 user comments

15.1.2007 3:09

The Zune only came out in the last few months of 2006. It may make the list next year. It is too soon to tell what kind of effect it will have on the market. I don't think it will overtake Ipods market Share, but it will gain more users in the new year.

25.1.2007 11:09

Has anyone seen the zune in person. My little cousin got one for christmas, the thing is huge. His dad was like look how big the screen is, I said who cares, my ipod is the perfect size i can barely notice it in my pocket. That zune makes my old nextel look small

36.1.2007 8:31

zune failed to make top 10 list
am i suppose to be suprised?

46.1.2007 23:45

Haters?:P.....Nah, The Zune is bigger but with I-POD's video feature and portable DVD players being extremely popular in O6. Microsoft ZUNE, has taken advantage of this demand and made their MP3 player larger. The ZUNE has several features that I-POD doesn't have i.e. 3in wide screen, WI-FI, FM Radio, and wireless transmission of songs. The housing of these additional and new features may justify the difference in size to the common MP3. The ZUNE online software is easier to use with no restrictions to uploading copywritten music. It's also sold out at every retailer I've visited (at least 10) since Christmas 06? Believe me Mac knows the ZUNE is on it's heals and as the ZUNE's features improve the I-POD will need to follow suite to stay ahead. The ZUNE is being down played for now but soon many will change their MP3 choice of tunes to ZUNE.:P

57.1.2007 7:56

3in wide screen, WI-FI, FM Radio

1.I don't watch movies on my ipod. If you read the survey not many people watch movies on ipod.
2.Why do i need wifi to share my music with someone eles? You do know that Both of ppl need to have wifi on in order to share songs.
3.Who listen to FM radio when you have thousands of music in your hand in best quilty?

It doesn't matter anyway cause new ipods will be out within a week.

67.1.2007 20:33

@rihgt682, Have you viewed the picture you get with the ZUNE, along with great sound.:P I admit I was not impressed with I-PODS video feature as the screen is really too little to enjoy video media at length, but ZUNE made an improvement on this idea and the half inch makes a world of difference. Try holding the two side by side and consider your paying the same price with the added features it's pretty obvious, ZUNE hands down. I uploaded music to my sisters 30 GIG video I-POD today and had to endure dragging each song from my ripped folder created in I-TUNES? ZUNE's software is far more user friendly and less time consuming. I am able to drag the entire album to my device and the sync will follow automaticly.

I am loyalist myself so I could understand any I-POD owner sticking up for their investment but ZUNE flat out gives you more for the money. I watched today as a young man at Best Buy who never really took a good look at a ZUNE, compare them side by side and turn to the salesman and request the ZUNE easily over the 30 GIG I-POD. It's not like they came out at the same time and there's some sort of consumer tug of war. Microsofts ZUNE is a new and improved MP3 and I-POD currently is holding on to it's throne due to it's popularity and the fading fact that I-POD has been somewhat synonymous with the acronym or word MP3. But once the buying public becomes educated on this Microsoft competitor. I-POD will stay at the drawing board..for now it's checkmate and I-POD will need to catch-up. ZUNE in my opinion makes a better device.:P

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