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Apple officially announces iPhone

Written by Dave Horvath @ 09 Jan 2007 8:27 User comments (42)

Apple officially announces iPhone Currently at MacWord Expo, CEO of Apple Steve Jobs is giving his press announcement to thousands of enthusiastic Macaphiles. One announcement that made everyone stand and cheer is the official announcement of the Apple iPhone.
Details are extremely sketchy right now as they are literally talking about all the details as this report gets edited. From what we can tell so far, it has a fully integrated "next-gen" touchpad display that requires no stylus and claims to be the most accurate yet, named Multitouch. Additionally, the iPhone appears to run its own version of Mac OS X as the onboard software, giving it a rather robust choice of options in a phone. Animated desktops and menu screens, launchable applications, music playback, iPod integration, calendar and many more very useful items. There also appears to be integration of iPhoto where you can expand or minimize photos on the screen simply by pinching them in your fingers. Additionally, Steve Jobs showcased integration with Google maps to give different views of major cities as well as directions. One could surmise that this also gives the iPhone Internet access as seems to be standard fare with cellular phones these days.

Measuring only 11/16" thick and carrying a 3.5" high resolution display screen, the Apple iPhone appears to be right in between the size of a flip phone and a smartphone.

Furthermore, the device has two batteries, one for the phone functions and one that will be used for music playback, so using the audio player wont harm phone's battery life.

Now without further ado. The pictures.

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42 user comments

19.1.2007 9:07

wow sounds cool. I wonder if it would play music as well, like an Ipod

29.1.2007 9:15

yeah, I think that's the whole point of it, to integrate music with your phone, hope they do better than previous attempts, I think the problem with all in one phones is usually battery life. If it works well, I could see buying one of these if the price is right.

39.1.2007 10:00

I'd like one, but battery life and what wireless service they support is going to be pretty key.

49.1.2007 10:10

It will be exclusive to Cingular. And they are not going to be cheap $499.99 for the 4 gig and 599.99 for the 8 gig. The 1 thing I don't like that its complete touch screen. Crack the screen and your screwed.

59.1.2007 10:36

i want one of those BAD BOYS!

69.1.2007 11:17

apples charges too much for sweatshop made products.

79.1.2007 11:22

Sounds great. Maybe ill get one. to teach me how to use the Mac OSX in an easy way over a phone. If i can master that i can understand the mac pc.

89.1.2007 12:25

Yeah the price and the two year Cingular contract is gonna be bad for Apple.

99.1.2007 12:50

That phone looks amazing, makes me wish I hadn;t just got a 30gb iPod Video for Xmas so I could still get my hands on one of those.

109.1.2007 13:28

And the signal strength,(remember that?) i bet is crap.

119.1.2007 13:48

It will give time for Apple to hype it since it wont be available until June.

129.1.2007 14:44

I am getting to the point where I don't really care about bells and whistles anymore. I just want something that works.

139.1.2007 17:45

an 80gb ipod and nice cell phone with contract equal about the same price, this iphone is way too small.

149.1.2007 17:47

Internet over wifi could be a bit faster, looks pretty cool though after watching the keynote. I feel like its an early announcement for a release in June, especially for Apple. They usually announce something almost right before it's released. Uncharacteristic...

159.1.2007 17:48


169.1.2007 17:58

Yeah, I'm defiantly not buying this crap. I am sick of shilling out my hard earned money ( high school = flat broke) just to keep up with the latest and greatest apple craze.

179.1.2007 19:34

you gotta admit that it's the sweest phone. 2 biggest mistakes 1.the price is killing it. Most people just want to have phone that works 2.It's ok to work with cingular cause you can unlock it. but 2 years contract is killing it. I'm not going to buy this. I'm fine with my 30gb ipod video.

189.1.2007 21:49

No matter how much advantage Apple will achive, there shall be some same disadvantages. For example,DVD-to-ipod-Video-Converter edited by ddp enrich the resource of movies, which make it possible for you to convert DVD to ipod videos. I consider this much useful to consumers.

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199.1.2007 22:48

This will flop! just look at the size of it...

2010.1.2007 5:06

Beautiful...but too fragial looking. Crafty

2110.1.2007 6:32

isnt it 499 and 599 at retail price? im sure with a 2 year contract they will lower the price a few hundred dollars.

2210.1.2007 7:04

my birthday is comin up so i might get one. but the 2 year contract thing would be nice.

2310.1.2007 7:23

499 and 599 at retail price? im sure with a 2 year contract they will lower the price a few hundred dollars.

no, they already said the prices are for 2yr contract.

Relaseing this phone in korea and japan in 2008 is a huge mistake. They already have mp3,10mp camera,who knows what!?!

2410.1.2007 8:02

in america, we get all the old models from other more advanced countries (in the phone depot) because we get sold last years phones for the normal prices and told they are new, while asia and europe get all the pwnage phones. alteast america doesnt get the shaft in video games like europe does.

But they all do sort of the same thing, and that is rearrange what you thought was real, and they remind you of the beauty of very simple things. You forget, because youre so busy going from a to z, that theres 24 letters in between... You turn on... tune in... and you drop out...

PS3 Username: Anubis66

2510.1.2007 8:06

the look is nice and the fact that you can download straight from the net to it is very kewl but and this becomes the sad point other companies have already mixed mp3 players and cameras with their phones so why should I buy something that will be for cinglar only when I have a contract with another that offers blackjack and or razers as an option how about beter reception or something that rocks my world... I run a tiger platform ibook so the bluetooth intergration will work nicely but its still not worth the cost how about they offer more stuff for less money I mean really you can get a razer for under 75.00 and only be locked to a one year contract and add music to a sim stick on it. me Im glad I bought an Istation (by digital cube) and it plays all the stuff I want mp3s and I can play my dvds on it once converted to DivX so come on apple inc. do better dont fall into microsofts trap and price your self out of the game ....

2610.1.2007 9:04

This might be a decent phone and Cingular is not a bad provider. The phone has two batteries, one for your music and one for the actual phone. That will help the battery life. However, with how flashy the phone looks and all the animation that I assume is done (such as when you slide the bar to unlock the phone) I too wonder how long the battery life will last on this. Signal shouldn't be too bad, a RAZR, like most other phones out, has an integrated antenna that doesn't need to be exposed and gives great reception. I want to test one and take them up on the following claims: No stylus - Ok, this is do able but your screen is gonna get pretty nasty, pretty fast due fingerprints, bodily produced oils on your fingers, dirt, dust and various other particles you can't see that are in the air and on you from touching anything. Far more accurate: Not sure, but newer tech like what this uses is already pretty accurate. What is the "Far more accurate" claim comparing its accuracy to? Ignores unwanted touches: This, again, is do able but I would like to see it in action. maybe it is pressure sensitive? Peace

2710.1.2007 11:32

I really want one but DAMN they gonna scratch liek a bitch!! hehe Alex

2810.1.2007 14:45

why are you worried about the screen? If your phone is the flip phone than it's the same.

2910.1.2007 17:24

Looks like Apple will be changing the name of this before it is actually released; Cisco owns the trademark "iphone" and has for years. Apple, the "friendly" company, whose executive have been taking back-dated options, are now into stealing trademarked names. Kind of ironic given they sell their DRM product lol.

3010.1.2007 19:22

thekingo7 is right man, every time something new and exciting comes out, you get it and a month or less later, something new and 10 time better comes out

3111.1.2007 8:25

it looks amazing just amazing. I might just leave sprint for this one.

3211.1.2007 8:57

I'll stick with my ipod for awhile. They might have to change their name. ha ha

3312.1.2007 15:55

Did Apple purchase the trademark from Cisco? Cisco is marketing a voip handset called the iPhone and has owned the trademark since 1996.

3412.1.2007 18:53

Defective-By-Design=DRM=Apple Products, especially iTunes.

Among the various gripes about price, carrier exclusivity, a non-removable battery, lack of 3G support, and the inability to download or sync wirelessly, to name a few, it is the iPhone's closed system that may be the device's most controversial feature or flaw, depending on your perspective.

The iPhone Is Beautiful, But It's Also Slow
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3512.1.2007 20:01

Parents get ready every kid will want one of these, actualy i could be swayed to one as well:)

3613.1.2007 0:45

Call me old fashioned; but I want my digital photos from a digital camera, MP3's from an MP3 player, and a phone to call/text, three dif devices. One breaks down, two continue to work, I only have to replace one. All three cost less than this all in one iPhone, and I get the right MP3 player, no DRM! ATM, I don't even go out enough to warrent getting an MP3 player, I just use the desktop. I use my digital camera to create artwork, and don't have a cell phone either. The latter is a waste of time considering there's NO reception in this town.

3713.1.2007 11:10

This phone is amazing! Finally a smart phone that is actually Smart. I don't see how people say the price is a problem. I work retail for Cingular and the Palm Treo's sell for just as much new and when the Razr first came out, they sold for $499 just becuase they are thin? Those phones are P.O.S'....I should buy stock in apple, recently everything they come out with is successful. I know what I'm doing with my tax return!!

3815.1.2007 21:59

I'm wondering if the Mac OS X is on use in this smart phone?! Looks pretty like Mac interface.

3916.1.2007 0:28

It is, it runs it's own version of MAC OSX. You cann go to apple's website and watch the quick time movie presentation. It answers a lot of quesions and you can see the phone in acion.

4016.1.2007 4:05

Once again, Apple is rotten to the core. First, the corporation acts in an illegal manner and announces a trademarked name and product that they have no clearance to use, the very same day the break off 6 years' worth of discussions with CISCO to obtain the proper, legal clearance to use the trademarked name. Then, in an ironic turn of events, Apple gets a taste of its own medicine when developers supply the GUI "skins" for other competing cell phone technologies like Palm OS and Microsoft's Pocket PC, which allow the users to imitate the appearance, but not the function, of their respective devices. So what does Apple do? In a boneheaded jackass move, Apple threatens, sues, bullies and tries its best to manipulate web sites, web hosts, web masters, members of the press and media for even reporting on this event, and of course, the developers of the skins themselves. Absolutely shockingly ridiculous, and Apple should be ashamed of themselves. In essence, they are telling the entire world, "We can do whatever we want to do at any given moment in time, to whomever we want, but we won't allow anyone else to do the same thing to us, ever!" Here are the newslinks describing Apple's illegal. immoral and bullish behavior: Shame, shame on you Apple. This is going to cause SERIOUS blowback and affect your bottom line sales, as well as irreparable damage to your image. Unlike the "friendly" image you tout in your crappy lying commercials, you have injected your high level of contempt for the common user into the everyday vernacular. Is THIS really what you want people to remember you by? Is this the image you are attempting to build upon? First you steal what does NOT belong to you, then you whine about a non-theft of you "images" et al? Grow up, Apple. Your "Big Brother" scare tactics will not work, and you will not get away with stealing THIS time. The entire WORLD is watching you. DO THE RIGHT THING!

4116.1.2007 6:06

thanx IMG. Apple has become much like m$, common tactics and demands.

4230.1.2007 14:12

every kid will want one of these hell i want one of theses.

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