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Sony goes big with Bravia

Written by Dave Horvath @ 09 Jan 2007 7:21 User comments (13)

Sony goes big with Bravia Do you ever find yourself wondering how you plan on decorating an entire wall in your house with one single monstrous object? Have you ever wondered what you'd do with all that left over money just accumulating in a trust fund with nothing to spend it on? Do you only feel comfortable watching your favorite program if you're seated 35 feet away from the screen? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Sony has got a solution for you.
Sony has just announced the release of its biggest Bravia HDTV to date. The KD-70XBR3 70" LCD flat panel television is the newest to roll off the Sony floor. Advertised as one of the first HDTVs to impliment the xvYCC, the newest color standard capable of transmitting 1.8 times more colors than standard RGB, dubbed x.v.Color by Sony, by way of HDMI 1.3. Some of the features include 120Hz "MotionFlow" anti-blurring technology, coupled with 10-bit video processing and Triluminos LED backlight. This set features 7000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with DRC-MFv2.5. (Digital Reality Creation Multifunction v2.5 is a standard developed to ensure that picture will not degrade depending on what resolution it is set at, as well as dynamically convert standard definition pictures into high definition.)

Set to ship in February for a scant $33,000, expect to see these fly off the shelves. If you're one of the select few that aren't put off by the price tag, Sony will even allow you to preorder one right now through the Sony Store.


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13 user comments

19.1.2007 07:59

Sign me up......... Yeah friggin right....

29.1.2007 08:28

I love Sony,not 33,000 dollars worth.Plus how is it that there 46LCDXBR3 sale for just over 3,000 dollars.But this set is so much more no thxs.

39.1.2007 11:16

I love Sony, but for that price i can buy a car. or a few other TV's :)

49.1.2007 11:29

Many athletes sure will be thrilled with this big screen. They will replay all their great moments daily.

59.1.2007 11:31

Good Gravy thats expensive. Cant afford that one. Ill just have to drool over it for now.

69.1.2007 13:29

How big is it?

79.1.2007 14:37

This article enver told us how big it is. I assume 70in. Isn't that the whole point of this article is size and to leave it out is...

89.1.2007 17:17

This article enver told us how big it is. I assume 70in. Isn't that the whole point of this article is size and to leave it out is...
Ooops... guess I forgot that. Fixed.

910.1.2007 01:55

Sharp unveil a 108 inch LCD cmon this is going overboard.

1010.1.2007 05:40

I walk around looking for a new TV, better than my Hitachi Ultravision 51" Rear projection from 2001/2002 with no luck. Sure mine might be big and I can't hang it on a wall, but the quality of these other TV's is garbage. Maybe it's the stores not showing the true performances of these TV's But come on instead of pushing out bigger, work on the quality of the TV.

1110.1.2007 11:29

Just give it a couple of years and the the price will drop due to newer technology, It always does.

1212.1.2007 21:19

33,000 was that pesos..,surely this will be 2000 usd in feburary 2009?! It must be really amazing!Unreachable for the working man with the Blues(reds and greens for that matter)Maybe they meant Yen?

1312.1.2007 21:24

One more thing..,will this end when holograms equal reality?

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