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Wii approaches 1 million sales in Japan

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Jan 2007 7:16 User comments (3)

Wii approaches 1 million sales in Japan According to Japanese magazine publisher Enterbrain, Nintendo's Wii console is close to 1 million units sold (or has reached it by now) in the territory. According to Enterbrain's survey, which covered 3500 stores, the Wii managed to sell a strong 989,118 units between console launch on December 2nd and January 7th. The company compared the figures against those for the PS3, which has suffered from stock shortages.
An estimated 466,716 PS3 units have been sold in Japan since the PS3 launched on November 11th. Enterbrain had no statistics for the Xbox 360's performance in the territory, but Microsoft has struggled to secure a firm foothold in Japan (however, stats from Media Create shows that the release of the platform exclusive Blue Dragon boosted the console's sales).

The Xbox 360 has managed to move over 10.4 million consoles since its early launch, but with the production of PS3 units picking up, and Nintendo managing to keep up demand for the Wii, the freedom that Microsoft felt during 2006 has quickly turned to tough competition.


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3 user comments

19.1.2007 11:12

I think the Wii has past its test and has gone wat over peoples expectation. Well done. @Dela

The Xbox 360 has managed to move over 10.4 million consoles sicne its early launch,
Spelling mistake their just FYI :)

29.1.2007 11:38

yeah great to see it doing so well. its good to have a good choice of consoles out there and for nintendo to take a chance with the wii

39.1.2007 13:17

@borhan9, thanks, ill fix it when i can, editing isn't working right now.

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