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Vote for Royseven in Meteor 'Hope For 2007' award - not news

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Jan 2007 7:14 User comments (16)

Vote for Royseven in Meteor 'Hope For 2007' award - not news Hi Guys! gave me (Dela) permission to ask for you to participate in voting for an Irish "hope for 2007" award. The award is given out at an annual award show in Ireland. It recognizes several new talented acts and lets the public decide which one should get the "hope" award for the next year. Acts that are given this award, will generally go on to do very well.
This year the nominees are The Blizzards, Delorentos, Electric Penguins, The Immediate, Luan Parle and Royseven. Royseven is a band I like a lot both because their debut album is incredible and because the guys themselves are really a great bunch. They have been pushing themselves hard to promote their work; if they get this award, they most definitely deserve it.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE - You can vote for any of the bands here, I am asking that you check Royseven out and give them your vote before Friday at 6pm (GMT) when voting finishes. Obviously I don't expect that you vote "blindly", so here's some music samples I could dig up on the net.

UPDATE: It's past 6pm so I guess voting is closed, if it still accepts votes, go ahead and vote, you never know ;-)

Above: Happy Ever Afters live on Irish TV show

Above: You Can't Hide That live at Vicar Street

Above: Aberdeen Live In Germany (very short and cam goes sideways)

Above: This one is quite poor quality but I put it in because I was there for this one and am in that very dark video somewhere, great fun ;-)

There are plenty more videos on YouTube ->

There is also music on their own web pages that you can click to listen to.
On the flash site click the headphones and then you can switch between Happy Ever Afters and Crash on the laptop
Happy Ever Afters, Crash and Older on MySpace
New music video for Crash is on this page (scroll down and to the left)


I've posted a lot of material to this site and constantly get feedback with people saying thanks. Well if you gave been helped out by any of my content, and want to say thanks, then send a couple of votes towards Royseven from you, your family and friends, only takes a couple of clicks and seconds of your time. ;-)

Voting closes on Friday so VOTE NOW PLEASE!

Thanks in Advance Guys ;-)

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16 user comments

110.1.2007 13:54

Just remonding that the headline clearly states this is not news and AfterDawn is just doing me a favour letting me post it in this section, it will msot likely be deleted when voting closes, so lets not have "why does this fit here" or "this is news?" comments, thanks :-)

210.1.2007 13:57

*Voted* :) -Mike

310.1.2007 14:02

voted ^^

410.1.2007 14:08


510.1.2007 14:20

thanks guys :-) btw, if youtube vids fail to load, just hit f5 to reload the page usually helps.

610.1.2007 17:20

Dela, I remember when you let me sample these mp3s. Definitely got my vote. I hope these guys win the award, I feel they deserve it. **Voted from multiple PCs.. is that wrong? =)

710.1.2007 22:05

Voted Blindly and :) Will vote every day... Lp

811.1.2007 4:56

Happy to cast my vote for Royseven! Definitely a band we like here at aD. =) Note that the voting closes tomorrow, so act fast and make a difference!

911.1.2007 15:28

Voted as well :). Hope they win even though I've never heard them but i trust you.

1012.1.2007 2:52

i've voted

1112.1.2007 4:47

OK, its 2:45pm GMT, the voting closes at 6pm GMT so if you haven't gotten a chance to vote yet, please consider checking out the music and thinking about it within the next 4 hours, I will be very greatful :-) BTW, if you found this post on the forums and have no idea what we're talking about then go to Cheers to everyone who voted so far and for getting such a positive reaction :-)

1212.1.2007 7:01

Voted for Royseven Hope they do well

1312.1.2007 7:21

only about 40 mins left now so if u have already voted, check ur buddies lists and see if there's anyone who'd be interested in helping out :-) If you haven't voted... then vote god dammit, it mtakes only a matter of clicks like clicking any of the 4 youtube vids and 2 clicks to vote.... simple.

1412.1.2007 8:13

They made it to the finals:

The Blizzards, Delorentos, Electric Penguins, The Immediate, Luan Parle and RoySeven have been nominated for the RT 2fm Hope for 2007 Meteor Award by record companies and RT 2FM, however the overall winner will be decided by RT 2fm listeners.

1512.1.2007 8:20

that page hasnt been updated mate, these votes were the decision ;-)

1612.1.2007 16:47

dammit! we should have got this kind of coverage for bill when the voting was going on for him on the contest!

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