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Lionsgate offers HD movies to Xbox 360 users

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Jan 2007 6:40 User comments (7)

Lionsgate offers HD movies to Xbox 360 users Microsoft Corp. has further strengthened its content offerings through the Xbox Live Video Marketplace by signing a deal with Lionsgate. The movie studio which offers titles such as Blair Witch Project, Crank, Saw III and Hard Candy will offer content in high definition through the service. Existing partners such as MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. have all benefited greatly from the service since launch.
"This partnership is great for Lionsgate. The Xbox gamer is the same moviegoer who wants to watch Saw III or Crank," commented Jon Ferro, executive vice president for Lionsgate. "That is why we are so thrilled to bring Lionsgate films to Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Bringing our content to this audience makes perfect sense and reflects our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of content distribution to new media platforms,"

One of the most appealing benefits from the Xbox Live service is it delivers content through the Internet, but unlike other services, the downloads are ready for display on any TV set immediately with no preparation or "in between" device necessary. "Bringing our content to the coveted gaming audience on the Xbox 360 has been a huge success and has exceeded our expectations," said Andrew Mellet, VP of video on demand for Warner Bros.

"In fact, Xbox 360 has become one of the top distributors of our content direct to consumers' TV sets over the internet," he added.


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7 user comments

19.1.2007 8:25

I wonder how long its going to take to download that..Just curious.

29.1.2007 9:12

Originally posted by BobbyBlu:
I wonder how long its going to take to download that..Just curious.
I've heard 20-30 minutes, but I'm sure it depends on your local ISP as well. I haven't actually tried this myself but may rent one soon, if I do I'll post the download time, if it is 20-30 minutes, that would be fine with me since that's about how long it takes to get to the store and back anyways.

39.1.2007 9:31

If its HD content and it take 20-30 thats real good i might add X-BOX store but im about to get my system flash so im scared of a

49.1.2007 9:52

Lionsgate are supposed to be a Blu-ray supporting studio and as everyone knows Microsoft (and the XBox 360) are HD-DVD supporting. It was rumoured for some time that Lionsgate was going to announce neutrality in the high def 'format war' at CES this week, that didn't happen (yet) but it remains to be seen if this is a tentative step towards Microsoft and HD-DVD?

59.1.2007 10:18

does it cost money to download these movies and what are the size of the files

69.1.2007 10:54

Of course their going to have a good download system. It's made by Microsoft.

79.1.2007 15:31

I have downloaded HD movies already on my XBOX with roadrunner and it averages around an hour to an hour and a half. Cost 5$ for HD. Regular definition is only 4$ and takes 15 to 20 minutes. The download time is no big deal because of course you can watch tv, play a video game or do whatever while it downloads. If you play online though it pauses the download obviously untill you get offline. Very user friendly.

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