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HD DVD rips available for illegal download

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Jan 2007 18:42 User comments (36)

HD DVD rips available for illegal download As many of you may have already noticed, rips of HD DVD movies have started to appear on several BitTorrent trackers and on Usenet. Not to be confused with the constant flow of available HD movies, these rips come right from the HD DVD retail discs after the AACS has been stripped away by a recent hack, and are not captures from HDTV broadcasts.
The "EVO" files which hold the content can reportedly be played back with software like CyberLink's PowerDVD Ultra. The entire rips could be up to 30GB in size (the max storage a dual layer HD DVD disc provides), so widescale downloading will probably not occur for some time yet.

Among the titles available for download are the hits Batman Begins and Superman Returns, both showing high quality VC-1 video in 1080p.

Usenet + Several BitTorrent Trackers

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36 user comments

116.1.2007 20:14

LOL right on! There is always a way to get passed the security, how many years has this been going on so far?! haha

216.1.2007 21:59

haha yeah exactly there is no way they can stop this wide spread of torrents and yes its wrong that wat they do but if they drop prices then people wont have to do wat they do

316.1.2007 22:10

They should have put more R&D into the capacity of these discs. Just think, if they were three-hundred gigs, then nobody would download them at all. With 30 gigs, it takes me just 12 hours to get.

417.1.2007 2:46

Blu-ray next!

517.1.2007 5:22

see its the vishus cycle you make them bigger so no one will want to download it then you add the securitiy software which will keep an hounest man from copying them . well the issue isnt weather the company (hollywood) wants to make it better or just that they want to make it more dificult to copy . hey I pay my fair share but when all they put out is a remake of an old film or the unrated version or even my favorit part 2,3,4, its time we ask why do we put up with this crap from a media that hasnt grabbed the intrest of many for years its sad to say that hbo and even scifi has created beter movies then whats coming out of hollywood. and they are the ones who will make the dissition of what player wins . dont laugh because the fact that HD-DVD has been cracked tells me more companies might lean toward the blue-ray player if no one cracks it for now.... and then it'll be longer for the blank media and the burners to become cost effective to own for us legal users who only want to back up our librarys, just in case our kids get ahold of our dvds.... hey hollywood want some advice replace scratched dvds for free and we might stop backing up our origonanls.hell I even might stop using "pledge this" as a coffee coaster because its scratched.( well maybe not it really wasnt that good of a movie....)

617.1.2007 7:59

right on!!!

717.1.2007 9:08

MMm couldnt someone make a compressor that packs a film into a non loss format that can be distro'd for half the size and then unpacked then burned? its a thought anyway. so have BR movies made it to the net yet?

817.1.2007 15:15 TV can't show 1080p. I got only 1080i.

917.1.2007 16:18

so have BR movies made it to the net yet
- Patience zippy, they're coming. There are growing rumours it's been done but nothings appeared just yet.

1017.1.2007 22:08

BD and HD DVD use the same encryption. HD DVD is probably more popular and that is why there is more focus on that. Both were capable of being ripped months ago. As for compressing them lossless, that is very doubtful. VC-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 part 10 are all lossy formats and those are not handled well by lossless compression methods. Maybe it is possible in the future to have a compressed version with similar quality. I read that VC-1 and MPEG-4 can both give excellent results at under 10mbps.

1117.1.2007 23:23

from what ive read BD movies can be dumped by the PS3 just as games can, maybe even use a Linux Bit torrent client to upload to a protection doesnt seem to be that working. @jaguargod BD and HD-DVD have the same protection, but BD has an extra layer of protection thats yet to be broken. It was in a diff article at AD.

1217.1.2007 23:36

No. BD does not have an extra layer of security that has been used on any discs to date, or is even ready for use in the near future. BD has two extra levels of security beyond AASC. One is what is called a Water Mark. But that has zero application here. What Water Marking does, is it would prevent the mass replication of illegal discs, say in the middle east or china, where that kind of thing runs rampant. The other added protection that BD has is something called BD+. But there are two problems with that. First and foremost, it doesn't exist right now. It has not been finalized, so no discs currently employ it, and even if a studio wanted to use it on their disks, they couldn't, and there is no word that it will be ready for use in the near future. Second, BD+ decrypts AACS in order to operate and verify that everything is legit with the disc and player, so in a very real way, all it does is open up another means of access to the decrypted keys for the potential hacker. So in reality, BD is no more secure the HD-DVD. The only reason you see HD-DVD rips on the web and not BD rips at this point in time is because a HD-DVD computer drive is $200, while a BD computer drive is $750. But most likely the player keys for the XP HD-DVD/BD software players will be revoked, and the only thing all this will result in is that you will have to upgrade to Vista if you want to play either of the HD optical movie formats on your PC.

1318.1.2007 1:15

Balaam and someone will make a decrypt program in order to run BD/HD on vista or XP instead of using MS only offerings. Bascily no matter what they do it will be cracked because people like climbing mountains and or sticking it to the "man".

1418.1.2007 2:02

The only reason you're able to play BD/HD-DVD on your PC right now is because the software player makers were granted player keys by AACS. And the only reason the HD-DVD rips were done so fast is because the hackers took advantage of a memory exploit that is possible in XP, but won't be possible in Vista. So most likely when AACS founders finish their investigation, they will revoke the player keys for the XP playback software, meaning that people running XP OS will no longer be able to play HD-DVD/BDs, which further means that they won't be able to take advantage of the memory exploit.

See, AASC hasn't been cracked at all. It's just that the current software solution in XP allows for hackers to round about get the title keys. Granted, AASC, and any CP scheme, is up against impossible odds, and most likely sometime in the future it will in fact be cracked. But that hypothetical future crack will bear no resemblance to what has happened so far.

The only point I'm trying it make is that AASC was obviously to lenient in giving out keys to these XP based software players, because in the XP environment it's apparent that it's impossible to secure the playback of these formats. Vista will be a whole different beast. And while I'd put money on it happening there too eventually, I bet it won't be anywhere as easy as it was in XP.

1518.1.2007 2:22

ture,however someone soemwhere will make a simple program that will defeat he multi million dollar CP they have placed on the disc,just because its soemthign to do.
I can see key generating codes to fake it and other things as well its just going to be broken sometime then 3rd parties will start garbing code and making their own to sell 3rd party software,no one can stop it its just a matter of time.

Judging how MS builds a OS
Vista will show to have lots of holes where thos hole will be and how fast they will patch them its anyone guess add to it if MS is really hollywoods bitch they will start black listing programs and disabling programs that circumvent copy protections however I don't see them brown nosing with hollywood that badly I see vister as more a attempt to passify the media mafia more than anything else.

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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1618.1.2007 5:04

4 Things You have to Consider. 1. Do you really want to spend loads of money on HD-DVD Blank Media right now? 2. Fussing on what Brand of HD-DVD Media to work well. 3. Do You really want to spend $800 on an HD-DVD Internal Burner. 4. Do I really want to Rip a 20gig File, then spend another 2 hrs burning it in 4x mode? My only suggestion that would be worth it, would be to Rip the HD-DVD from an Internal HD-DVD Recorder/Reader. Then do a "Burn Movie" Only to DVD, that would still preserve a 720/1080pi Format.

1718.1.2007 7:19

Do you really want to spend loads of money on HD-DVD Blank Media right now?
- Well it is a new product so it's bound to be at a premium to begin with but surely not over the longer term as it is related so closely to existing DVD technology.

Is it really so much more expensive (and disproportionately so) compared to DVD9?
I don't think so, I was buying quality 8.5gb Verbatim DVD9s at just over 3 a disc.

HD-DVD is closely related to our current DVD technology (which, even though there are a few similarities - they both use 'blue lasers' for instance - is unlike Blu-ray, which is a wholly new technology) so prices do not have to be heavily subsidised (as is claimed to be the case for Blu-ray media).

A quick scan around produced this -

UK price 6.99 per 15gb disc here

US price Verbatim 15gb discs @ $9.50 here

.....Fussing on what Brand of HD-DVD Media to work well.
- Pardon?
Are you really saying that having to bother working out which brands of discs to use is a 'negative point' against the new technology?!

That doesn't sound very serious and really doesn't hold any weight with me, sorry.

Do I really want to Rip a 20gig File, then spend another 2 hrs burning it in 4x mode?
- You'll find X2 speed at HD-DVD is the equivalent of X8 on our SD DVD burners (the data transfer rates are not the same).

The Toshiba SD-H903A (which is only the first burner to appear, others will follow and get faster as always happens) has a X2.4 speed btw.

Do You really want to spend $800 on an HD-DVD Internal Burner
- Er, what $800 HD-DVD burner?

The price for the Toshiba SD-H903A has not been announced.

while I couldn't extract an exact price for the newly introduced SD-H903A HD DVD burner (PDF) from the Toshiba representatives I had breakfast with Sunday morning, they assured me that it would significantly undercut Blu-ray alternatives.

My only suggestion that would be worth it, would be to Rip the HD-DVD from an Internal HD-DVD Recorder/Reader. Then do a "Burn Movie" Only to DVD, that would still preserve a 720/1080pi Format.
- I won't deny that DVD5 and HDD is a cheaper way to go, for now.

But if you have a HD-DVD player being able to rip and burn entire HD-DVD movies to a single disc or using the HD-DVD discs to burn downloaded HD TV or movie content to is going to be very useful indeed.
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1819.1.2007 10:25

Downloading HD DVD rips is illegal? ;-)

1919.1.2007 12:33

Wow GrayArea, do you know you're right? I suggest Sony and the rest sue themselves for making burners and blank media thereby facilitating the pirating of their music and movie business. Maybe they could get the MPAA & RIAA to do it on their behalf? Same logic as going after the ISO's, Piratebays etc etc of this world. 'Course there's not a snowflake in hells chance of that, right?

2019.1.2007 19:21

the best copy protection they frigin have is the size of the hddvd. who wants to dl a 30 gig dvd even after regular dvds go out of style. I mean i use newgroups but still that would take a few hours. and not to mention the cost of burners and media for the next at least 3years.

2119.1.2007 19:55

Interesting. It did not take them that long to break the code. Well done. But it will be awhile till i get HD players or burners for that matter.

2219.1.2007 23:15

borhan9 you'd be able to archive it or recode it for DVD,it would be neat to try and get max quality for a DVD9 on a 20+ GB HD movie.

2319.1.2007 23:37

@Zippy Thats true although i have not see the difference between HD and normal DVD quality yet.

2419.1.2007 23:51

borhan9 have you down converted many dvds from DVD9 to DVD5? most you can see the blockyness of it but msot of the time dont it dosent effect motion much still frames ya its grainy, when you do high def to dvd you can see the difference in stills but frankly its not enough to waste 500 to get super clear movies when you already get clear movies 0_o *L* I had a thought on better net distro of HD content the compresor takes raw HD and converts it to a loss less codec but currently that would only shave 5GB off it I bet mmmmmm I wish I knew everythign it would make my lil thoughts mo better :P or at least coherent *L*

2520.1.2007 6:18

I say chrismas has come early this year.....he,he,he. Let them all burn!....burn in hell that

2620.1.2007 8:37

From what i have read the difference between a hd dvd and a sd dvd will not nearly be as noticiable as the difference between sdtv and HDTV. I'm thinking this might be because most people have a upscaler sd dvd player and the source is right there in your home. i do not see too much of a difference between HDTV HBO and a sd dvd played on a quality 480p component level source. where i actually see a huge edifference is sports like football compared between sdtv and HDTV it is incredibly noticable also with shows on discovery hd and ntlgeo hd are very noticable however HBO, Starz and shotime hd seem to be a bit better than sddvd, far better than HBOsd.

2720.1.2007 9:22

cappyx the reason you see such a difference with HD TV is because of the 'bit-rate' they broadcast. This can be extremely variable between programs and sports and movies. But retail HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies are far superior to TV as the bit-rates are either far higher in the first place or the codecs used to compress the signal are far superior to that used in TV broadcasting. It's a change for me to be non-partisan in this 'battle' but I can be even-handed in this one, both retail movie formats are far superior to anything you have seen on HD TV and they are also way way better than any upscaled SD DVD you will have seen. ......even if HD-DVD usually has the better sound and image quality of the 2. :P :D ;)

2820.1.2007 9:31

hughjars in acouple years when they get the nuances of the hardware and codec down movies should be looking at sounding better across the board for now tis all spotty 0-o

2920.1.2007 10:59

hughjars: i have heard many times that hddvd is far prefered over Blu-ray. i would love to join the hd dvd camp because netflix rents these movies however being a survivor of the betamax vs vhs wars i will have to wait till there is one clear winner and i am hoping it is hddvd.

3021.1.2007 5:32

I wouldn't worry about it too much cappyx, both formats in one form or another will be around for at least 5yrs or so and each already has a large catalogue. HD-DVD is a much smaller investment/risk. (and as for rips? well the thread title is out of date, it's no long 'one-sided'; your PC will 'cover' any gaps in the movie catalogue you feel you might need ;) )

3122.1.2007 11:40

okay so has anyone found any Bluray flicks for download? And second of all where did you find the HD DVD rips available for illegal download, you just to know...

3222.1.2007 12:05

Solarf Not yet BR is more tricky to handle. on the sea of the net thats we teh treasurer be :P

3318.3.2007 10:00

Ur right Cappx,
I am just learning from you guys but I do have DVD PC burner and, OFF the air burner, XBOS 360 w/HD HDTV Player. The HD HDTV player is great but a well made DVD in Standard is good and the HS HDTV is better but only to a degree of maybe 10% to my eye. It is almost more important as to the quality of the original video. The stuff SHOT with a 1080p camera is the best but a movie formatted to a 1080p disc is only slightly better than a std DVD.

3418.3.2007 11:50


Im thinking that a image created in 480p played back on a up-scaler DVD player is simply working as a line doubler as compared to true Hd in 1080p has distinct individual pixels thus the image is cleaner, sharper and since it carries more individual pixels the details are just untouchable by any up-scaler. right now i have a great picture with a 100% quality 480p dvd joined by component video cables to a Mitsubishi 55" that has a line doubler built in. i have no way of testing a HD DVD as the TV does not have HDMI capability. eventually I will replace the TV when i can acquire a Sony lcd 1080p at least 55-65" at reasonable costs. also new laser TVs are due to hit the market this year with promises of a a fraction of the cost of plasma and lcd, using half the power consumption, they will be at 4" depth like plasma and lcd however they are making promises that while plasma and lcd are utilizing 34% of the true color saturation that the eye perceives the new lasers will crank that spec up to 99% color saturation. We will just have to wait and see.


I have been using a up-scaler DVD player in my office as the tv in there does have HDMI compatibility and provides me with a good enough comparison at 30

Also the Mitsubishi is comparing a 1080i hd picture from dish network in relationship to a 480p image DVD. What I can tell you is that sporting events like football have a lot more definition than the HBO-like channels. I have been told this directly relates to the bit rate being transmitted on each program. I guess like school where all the money goes to sports the same rule applies to TV. Who can argue sports is one of the largest generators of money second in line,I guess, is porn.

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3518.3.2007 12:01

Sounds right to me Cappyx,

I upgraded to a Mitsubishi 57 DLP which gives a great picture. My Samsung DVD player has a doubler and is HDMI to the Mitsubishi.
The XBox 360 has their HD HDTV drive on it and plays thru good quality Conponent cables. The HD DVD disks are from NetFlix and display about 10% better that a SDVD running through the Samsung.
I have 2 HD DVD disks that do display in 1080p ... Kong and the Space Shuttle video that came with the XBox 360 drive. They are very good.

3618.3.2007 12:25

Im going to eventually jump into the HD DVD market however i am in no rush. seems the longer i wait the cheaper and better it gets. also now with both HD-DVD and Blu-ray cracked there is nothing left for either to stand on except for price and HD-DVD has Blu-ray beat in that department. also SONY has stated that they really want no association with the porn market which is the exact statement they said about Betamax in the 80's and which ultimately killed them as vhs was loaded with it. As much as no one wants to admit it sports and porn are the leading drivers in this new Hd market. in short i do not know what the point is of Hollywood to spend more money on a format that was cracked in less than a month after HD-DVD? Actually i don't get the whole encryption thing just market the DVDs in brown shrink wrapped envelopes for 5-7 bucks for a new release and many will no longer rip them.. Its just that simple.

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