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UK company sues Apple over click wheel

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Jan 2007 18:22 User comments (3)

UK company sues Apple over click wheel A UK company has filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer Inc. over the click-wheel technology used in the infamous iPod models. Quantum Research Group accuses Apple of infringing on its patents. "Some are based on Cypress' PSoC chip and used in a way we believe infringes our patent," Quantum Research Group CEO Hal Philipp told Electronics Weekly. The lawsuit was actually filed in December 2005 but has only reached the media recently.
Of course, Apple has responded to the lawsuit claiming the company did not infringe on any patents and also filed a countersuit against Quantum for noninfringement. Philipp told Electronics Weekly that there has been some talk about a settlement but that he believes the case will go to trial sometimes in 2007.

Ars Technica

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3 user comments

128.1.2007 8:25

The ipod came out in 2002, are people that stupid to Sue people for dumdass reasons. So if the ipod came out in 2003, why didn't they sue then?

229.1.2007 21:52

It is kind of like accrued interest. If they initially sued in 2003, they might have gotten a small settlement. Now that four years time has passed, they can sue for “perceived” revenues lost over that span of time.

330.1.2007 12:43

its not even about stealing someones itellectual property its all about the money.. its a sad sad world.

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