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Blu-ray Disc titles cracked

Written by James Delahunty @ 24 Jan 2007 6:14 User comments (19)

Blu-ray Disc titles cracked

Following the previous release of the BackupHDDVD tool that can be used to extract unencrypted files from HD DVD discs if you have the appropriate keys for the AACS protection, hacker muslix64 has managed to do the same for Blu-ray. He has revealed the Alpha version of BackupBluray, basically the same thing for Blu-ray as BackupHDDVD is for HD DVD.
This release is not for everyone! This is only for those who wants to experiment with early version of Blu-ray decryption.

Known limitations:

Don't support BD+
Don't support Volume unique key
Only support one CPS unit key per disc
I don't clear the HDMV_copy_control_descriptor in the stream
Don't have any FAQ or document so far...

You have to provide your own CPS unit key.

The playback seems to work with VideoLan

Because I don't have any Blu-ray equipment, I will need the help of the community to go further with Blu-ray decryption.

I have only test this with one video file...

Stay tuned!
As was mentioned, this does not support BD+, which is an extra layer of protection unique to Blu-ray. Nevertheless, this is yet another excellent accomplishment for muslix64.


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19 user comments

124.1.2007 18:38

muslix64 is on a roll, I would be very excited to see what he/she can accomplish with the right equipment and some time to dedicated soley to further developing these two amazine programs he/she has written.

225.1.2007 00:44

great start because sony said it couldn't be cracked yea right

325.1.2007 02:07

Sounds good so far....

425.1.2007 05:05

you think he's going to make sort of Blu-rayu disc decrypter, I don't want to buy a thousand dollar Blu-ray disc drive

525.1.2007 06:33

Blu-ray doesn't even have movie exclusivity to prop it up anymore. Great. That's a fairly decent catalogue out there already (from both formats) cracked and in HD. Nice.

625.1.2007 09:11

This is good news, except the fact that it doesn't support BD+. Which, if I remember correctly, means that Blu-ray isn't fully cracked yet. Even though its not the best source for information the following is under "BD+" on Wikipedia:

BD+ allows for a dynamic encryption scheme, meaning that if the protection were to be cracked, manufacturers could simply change the encryption scheme on new discs, so one single crack could not open up all BD-ROM discs. This is, of course a major advantage over the Content Scrambling System (CSS) protection used on DVD discs which was cracked years ago. All old and new DVDs containing CSS can be ripped from the disc to a HDD, or software is available to simply remove CSS on-the-fly.
If I am thinking correctly wouldn't a protection that is dynamic have to have some sort of base? From there the encryption can be changed if needed. Also, if I am thinking correctly, couldn't a programmer, in theory, find this base and crack all BD+ crippled titles? I know the quote says it can be changed so new titles have a different encryption but isn't that like a different CSS key? The base (CSS) is still there but the "dynamic" part would be the actual Key which varies from movie to movie.

726.1.2007 04:21

pop smith it would be a year before they can even implement a single BD+ change. The claims on blu ray added protections are essentially hot air.

826.1.2007 19:00

Yeah! Score another one for the little guy!

927.1.2007 12:34

What do we have to do to arrange some sort of fund that ONLY the real muslix64 has access to, but still provides him/her ABSOLUTE anonymity for accessing the money we donate to the fund? I guess he/she would need to set it up, and then somehow authenticate that we're putting money in THAT one. :-D I'd think that with no more than a dollar per person, he/she would quickly have enough to buy some new equipment.

1027.1.2007 13:44

So Sony just goes to prove: 'Any Code Devised by Man can Be Broken By Man' All I'm goin to say Whzkid

1127.1.2007 21:50

Hehe. Of course it doesn't "support" BD+. How could it deal with something that doesn't exist yet?! The BD+ specification hasn't been finalized yet, and the current state of affairs is that there are some significant issues with it, and that it doesn't look to be finalized anytime soon. And Pop_smith, your skepticism is well founded. When BD+ is in action on a title, phoning home and doing whatever it will end up doing, it first decrypt AACS, and so all the information that muslix was able to figure out how to get in the PC memory to do the current crack, will be available in the BD+ platform. So once BD+ gets cracked, it will hand you the necessary keys on a silver platter. That's why people in the industry familiar with BD+ say that it shuts one down and opens many windows.

1228.1.2007 02:01

awesome work! i personally wish muslix64 a very good year & hope he is doing all his file uploading & comments from an Internet cafe somewhere in the jungles of South America. because the M.A.F.I.A.A. will be sending their jack-booted thugs to find him for his astonishing work. ~subliminalmesssage-TheMPAAsucks-endmessage~ OK now that's hes made this progress I wonder how long before a common app (ala DVDd*crypter) that will do everything with a few clicks of the mouse? :) :)

1328.1.2007 06:13

HA HA. Another one for us. I wonder if they MPAA and RIAA guys have to go to anger management classes to deal with the frustration of dealing with having their "copy protection" cracked so quickly. Instead of calling it copy protection, they should call it "molasses", because all it does is slow down the process.

1428.1.2007 08:02

Somehow, though the industry will prevail over time. There is too much money involved and we all know money ultimately buys bills and votes in Washington. Sadly, there will be iron-clad laws banning this sort of thing. TV has had many more years to work the system but they have a lock on cable/sat/pay tv hacks/cracks/etc. AFAIK they bust your ass big time like Fed prision even if you try to sell information on how to bust the cable box much less offer firmware, chip mods, or any other disabling technique.

1528.1.2007 08:46

andy409 complained about it being $1,000 for a Blue Ray disk reader. It can be much cheaper. First, you get a reader when you buy either version of a Sony Playstation 3. Assuming the console plays movies to an external monitor (which I believe it does) then you can buy one for your children/yourself and have both a newest-generation game player and a Blue Ray Player. Second, I just bought a Sony Vaio laptop (VGN-AR200), a high-end laptop. It includes not just a Blue Ray reader but a BR burner as well, which handles both burn-once and rerecordable disks.The price is $2,700 on sale and believe me that the blue ray recorder can't possibly be more than $500 of the cost.

1628.1.2007 13:30

Hey its a great start. This is how it all begins. Maybe he can keep it open source and then another person can add to it and improve it so we can extend what it can do.

1729.1.2007 22:12

again useless encryption when the answer is to simply lower the cost of the crappy dvd to make it unnatractive to copy.

1830.1.2007 12:49

Muslix64 is on a roll I hope him/her the best of luck with his projects!!

191.2.2007 00:18

put together a nice clean interface like DVD D*crypt0r, have a one touch burn button, and maybe a little disclaimer that reads "Thanks for the AACS encryption guys. I'm going to back up my legally owned movie whether you want me to or not. k-thx-bai" When the M.A.F.I.A.A. devises an unbreakable encryption, Hell will have frozen over. Twice. Until that time, leave the cracking to the professionals ;)

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