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IIPA criticizes Canada over piracy

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Feb 2007 10:22 User comments (29)

IIPA criticizes Canada over piracy The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has criticized Canada for its failure to prevent piracy. The IIPA has seven members including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The groups, which represent the games, music and movie industries, said Canada failed to deliver on promises to change copyright law.
The coalition has asked the U.S. to put Canada on a list of the world's worst countries in terms of enforcing intellectual property rights and fighting piracy. "Canada remains far behind virtually all of its peers in the industrialized world with respect to its efforts to bring its copyright laws up to date with the realities of the global digital networked environment," the IIPA said.

The group continued: "Indeed, even the major developing countries have progressed further and faster than Canada in meeting the challenge." It accuses Canada of being a leading exporter of bootleg copies of movies and of modchips for gaming consoles.


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29 user comments

114.2.2007 11:18

Bloody Canadians!! How come they get it right and the rest of the world is at the mercy of the system? To hell with this I'm moving to Canada I got family in Toronto, they got me into the band U2, and hey that cant be all that bad eh! On yersel Canada, way to go, give em hell!!!!!!!!!

Edit: What I should have said in the first line was Bloody Canadians!!!LOL. Cause that was what I meant, folks. A bit of satire on my behalf. Not taking the piss or anything.

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214.2.2007 11:32

WOW hold up i am Canadian and u are crazy don't hate canada

314.2.2007 13:50

Canada has the exact same laws as Australia... How can they critize Canada as one of the worst. Its the same as the rest. The only country doing anything is the United States.

414.2.2007 14:54

Canadains show them the way :)

514.2.2007 16:55

Criticized?!? probably more like yell, cry, and stomp their feet I bet.

614.2.2007 17:31

They are just pissed that Canadians aren't following everybody else like sheep and bend over for the system. I think they should be proud of being different and not let the IIPA push them around just because they are watching copies. I think they should tell the IIPA to bite their hairy beaver loving asses and stop telling Canadians how to run their own God Damn Country.

715.2.2007 4:16

Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

815.2.2007 7:04

Here's a big fat FYI for all of you who don't know:

In Canada, we get charged a nice big media tax on top of everything we buy that is recordable. So CDs, DVDs, Tapes, cassettes, VCRs, DVD recorders, burners, MP3 players (taxes run about $40 for a 20GB iPod). All the taxes go to artists and producers.

Why? Because our government assumes we are all crooks and charges us for the copyright infringement ahead of time. Why bother with lawsuits when you can just collect all the money up-front?

I'm not crazy about it, but I don't buy much media anymore. The Canadian Copyright Board (CCB) has stated for several years that downloading is perfectly legal, regardless of what it is. It's not ethical, but it's legal. Uploading / sharing is still illegal. So we are in about the same spot as the US in terms of regulations, but the government doesn't care because the taxes supposedly pay for the infringements.

Also, several of the major Canadian ISPs have implemented traffic shaping protocols on their systems to provide the bandwidth required for their new VOIP services. This has slowed the P2P traffic quite a lot.

None of this MAFIAA lawsuit crap...

915.2.2007 7:09

(Sorry for the double post)

In terms of bootlegs and modchips, we get those from other places, and resell them here to people in North America. 9 times out of 10, a Canadian source is only acting as a middle-man. We don't develop the stuff, we just use our lax import laws / inspections to get it through the border and sell it to the US, where if they ordered it direct, it wouldn't get past international customs.

1015.2.2007 9:24

What false allegations!

Like Thonor stated we are taxed on blank media and mp3 players.
But what are Canadians pirating? Sure a lot of movies are filmed in theaters with camcorders, but who really buys those? Stating that lost box office ratings are caused by these alleged bootlegs, but really I think its the lousy effort put into making the crappy films that are coming out of Hollywood. Are they complaining about Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which did very well in box office and was also very widely available to download? No it's all the crappy movies that they are complaining about. PoC2 was kinda crappy too but thats another story.

I don't think any of the Movie, Game or Music burning programs were made in Canada and they are available in every country. As for game cracks, I'm sure most are not made in Canada.

And these Bootlegged movies, how much would a pirate make after buying the DVDs, Cases, making Covers and shipping them down to the States actually get? Given the fact that a Theater ripped movie might go for $5.

Also correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think muslix64 is from Canada, let alone even needing a Modchip for the 360, as for other systems I think most Modchip buying places are not in Canada.

Don't Blame Canada, Blame Corporations for trying to control society!

And yes come to Canada we have BEAVER!!!!

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1115.2.2007 15:10 HERE'S more comments on this issue.

Well if the US lobbyists want to play hardball, The we can do the same thing.

1) The US ignored all the rulings from the softwood lumber dispute so we'll just do the same thing here with this issue.

2) If these lobbyists continue to press the matter then we we'll just turn off the oil and natural gas taps in the Alberta tar sands to the states! I'm sure all the lobbying will stop pretty quickly. :D

which leads to 3) To the lobbyists: We are our own country thank you very much. Don't tell us what to do we don't tell you what to do.

1215.2.2007 16:08


1315.2.2007 17:37

Originally posted by XENON:

2) If these lobbyists continue to press the matter then we we'll just turn off the oil and natural gas taps in the Alberta tar sands to the states! I'm sure all the lobbying will stop pretty quickly. :D

Unfortunately we can not do that. First American Corporations control Alberta's Oil and all the gas station's oil comes from American companies, second isn't all the oil shipped to the states for us to buy back anyways?

1415.2.2007 18:00

Originally posted by chubbyInc:
What false allegations!

And yes come to Canada we have BEAVER!!!!
Yes we have beaver lets not forget Bob & Doug Mackenzie, Pam anderson oh sorry about celine dion though! you guys can keep her!! lol :D

1515.2.2007 18:04

Don't hate us because we're beautiful. Canada #1

ps; IIPA...Go fuck your hat.

1615.2.2007 19:32

I like Canada because they air the TV show "Lost" before the US does. This means that I can DL and watch it before it has finished airing here in the states.

"Lost" is like cocaine... I've got to know what happens next...

As far as the piracy goes, they have the right idea with adding taxes onto blank media. Hell, they are probably making more money off of this than the RIAA is off of their lawsuits.

1716.2.2007 2:21

I would not expect anything smarter from the IIPA. I think they hit an all time low for a collective intelligence of any world wide organization. I would classify their intelligence somewhere between the pigs and the gofers.

1816.2.2007 14:51

I don't know... pigs are pretty smart...

1917.2.2007 13:40

Yea, even gofers was being too generous.

2018.2.2007 17:23

good thing i live in Canada! =D

2118.2.2007 19:40

what was that about oil in Canada, and cutting
off us good Yanks from that black gold. I think
I heard something about a weapon of mass destruction
up there. A nuclear beaver?

2219.2.2007 13:08

We've already unleashed 1 WMD on you poor yanks already and we apologize for it! the WMD you may ask? Its....CELINE DION!!!

(So sorry about that she's terrible but we never knew HOW terrible she really was!)


Hmm a nuclear beaver. would that be the rodent or something more sinister! rofl ;)

2319.2.2007 13:30

Is it an Eager Beaver?

2419.2.2007 16:35

Allllll right! Enough's enough!

Why don't we just forget about all this stuff and just take them out beer drinking for the night - they'll never be able to keep up...

2520.2.2007 6:36

Don't let Bush know about nuclear beaver

Shouts out to Southern Neighbors "do you guys still have 4% beer or are ya up 5%?

Bushcrazy - are you Bush Crazy or Beaver crazy?

2620.2.2007 7:08

Originally posted by chubbyInc:
Don't let Bush know about nuclear beaver

Shouts out to Southern Neighbors "do you guys still have 4% beer or are ya up 5%?

Bushcrazy - are you Bush Crazy or Beaver crazy?
Bush won't understand about it anyway, he still says nuc-u-lar. (2 terms in office, you'd think one of his handlers might have taught him that one by now!)

2720.2.2007 17:29

Thousands die everyday from hunger, disease, and tainted resources but we want to spend all of our money on piracy police so that puff daddy can have six hundred pairs of shoes and a homless child can starve in the street out side his house. Piracy police can eat my Canadian shorts. Get a real job go do something usefull like um... oh I don't know eat shit and die.

Food has replaced sex in my life. Now I can't even get into my own pants.

2820.2.2007 18:18

AHHHHH-HAH-HHAAHH-HAHH!!!!! Thanks for the huge belly laugh! You are exactly right!

2920.2.2007 20:44

Uh umm, I'm kinda crazy for beaver. Now Bush, on the
other hand, well you've seen him on tv. Next time you
see him, look closely at his eyes. They look like,
you got it, BEAVER EYES!

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