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Slingbox creator not worried about video on-demand

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Feb 2007 10:52 User comments (4)

Slingbox creator not worried about video on-demand Sling Media Inc., creator of the Slingbox gadget, has said it is not worried about traditional broadcasters turning to video on demand services. The company has said its Slingbox product offers consumers a much more personalised experience. Slingbox enables users to watch their video content from anywhere with a broadband connection.
"I think video on demand is complimentary to our business. Channel 4 and the BBC are offering their programmes through their portals using their players. But anything that helps educate consumers is good." Stuart Collingwood, Sling Media's vice president of Europe, said.

He also said that the Slingbox is not only used to view TV content remotely, but can be used for anything including content from a DVD player or a camcorder. The device is attracting interest from several Internet Service Providers who are looking for ways to encourage customers to upgrade their services, and Pay-TV companies looking to expand their offerings.

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4 user comments

114.2.2007 15:31

I feel news videos should be avaliable for ree downloads after a week i would suggest.

215.2.2007 10:49

I would invest in something like this. Having on-the-fly TV watching capabilities would be cool to have. All you would need to do is pay a monthly fee of like $10 a month, and be able to watch any station that doesn't require an additional fee.

I would like to do that with the Discovery Channel or the news. Just an easier way to access them and what-not.

What would be really cool is if you get the choice to watch that show at a later time from when it aired, with no commercials.

315.2.2007 21:21

If the 'channels' (i.e discovery, abc, sci-fi et al) offered their content online for the price that they charge the cable companies to carry them (or even a few bucks more for extra profit) to the general public then I could ditch cable all together. Spend 5 bucks per channel to get the content commercial free online direct from and choose a season and an episode...

thats REALLY where we need to be headed. PLace the cable providers into a new game where they are merely conduits to services instead of the services themself!

423.2.2007 22:31

KT Technology
Such a service could also enable users to at heavy traffic areas to download paid content via a kiosk terminal hub. That for example could mean while waiting for your next flight or train that you could interact with a kiosk terminal which could be paid by advertising sponsorship and keep those travellers occupied while there flight is delayed.

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