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FBI training Swedish anti-piracy team

Written by James Delahunty @ 19 Feb 2007 2:42 User comments (16)

FBI training Swedish anti-piracy team Sweden is host to the notorious Pirate Bay and even has its own political party that is hellbent on bringing about the end of copyright and IP laws, so it is no surprise the country was recently dubbed a "piracy safe haven" by the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA). Also, we will never forget the embarrassing moment for the movie industry when a raid against the Pirate Bay only disrupted the site very briefly.
Now, it seems like the MPA is getting fed up and has teamed up with the FBI to train an "elite anti-piracy force" in the country. Six police officers have begun training provided by the MPA and overseen by FBI special agent Andrew Myers. The effort aims to visibly improve the response from Swedish police to piracy, although in reality, the entire effort is probably aimed at sinking the Pirate Bay (or trying to.... again).

"I have full confidence in the organizer of the course. We have contacts with organizations outside the police. If we have made the judgment that if a group has competence that we can use, then we invite them in." Marianne Hilton, head of studies at the Swedish National Police Academy, told Computer Sweden.


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16 user comments

119.2.2007 15:46

So what this could or probably means is, we will go for the individual, cause we cant bring TPB down. AHaar Me Harties, no retreat no surrender, I being in holland, I would like to see them try. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MEEEUUUUWWWWWWW

Edit: By the way!! Linux software from TPB rocks... he he he he

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219.2.2007 18:50

What are they gonna teach? How to accept bribes (from you know who) or how to write scare-tactics-style propaganda?

joe777, agreed regarding Linux software, however I stay away from commercial software as much as possible when it comes to Linux (running openSUSE 10.2 on an HP Pavilion dv5000 laptop (AMD version); my hate for ATI only grows sharper as I can't get their proprietary driver working AT ALL).

319.2.2007 20:01

six, count'em kiddies, a whole *six* police officers will be dedicated to the crack team.

wow...un-frickin-believable. what a waste of tax dollars. and living in my country, i know my inefficient, ineffective wastes of tax dollars.

420.2.2007 01:19

TPB is one of the few sites that gives me hope. I'm all for IP and copyright to a small extent but the way things are these days is ridiculous. We need an extreme like THP to be the polar opposite of the MPAA and then we'll end up with laws somewhere in the middle, where they should be. I hope TPB fights THE MAN tooth and nail till the end.

520.2.2007 02:08

piratebay sucks anyway.....most comments are made in swedish or german.and the torrents are mostly PAL.mehh this post doesnt matter to north americans

620.2.2007 07:29

It's just more of our tax money being used to support the already super wealthy individuals and companies and reinforcing priorities the general public just don't hold as important.
Wonderful. Not.

720.2.2007 08:04

@BIGnewb, Yes most comments are in Swedish or German but who cares? Also, PAL -> NTSC is not hard to do, if you can't find what you want in NTSC (aka you can only find it in PAL) just google PAL -> NTSC and loads of guides will be at your disposal.

820.2.2007 09:56

so, what happened to the whole "sealand" thing?

920.2.2007 11:11

arghghghg! me harties cast gaze westword, i sees a government convoy comming our way to pilfer our well stollen booty! arghg! i thinks all we have to do is sail our ship into another ultra socialist countries shores and theyll be fended off for a good 5 years, argh!

in all seriousnes though, if could survive on AMERICAN soil untill last month im pretty sure no pirate site in the world has anything to worry about.

1020.2.2007 13:11

This is a joke,6 corrupt officers against a world of pirates. I say makem walk the plank! When will they get the message we wont stop sharing with each other untill they stop riping us off. If they would lower the prices of dvd's and cd's to a fair price and not rip off the consumer then the war would be over now!

1120.2.2007 20:57

It's called slide of hand people. Their is a big green acid rain cloud over your house killing the planet because the world is tuned into them and backed by big oil companies and clean emission standards are at an all time low. Bush is blowing the shit out of anybody that might harm his backers cash flow and global economics are crashing like crazy, but what is important is that Entertainers around the world can buy a new lambo every day of the week. Shitting on the littleman. Your opinion doesn't count to these a-hole's your just another sheep in the flock to them cuz they know that they have to control you and keep you scared because if you were to stand up for yourself's they could have a problem on their hands. I say bring your best game faces. They can't fool everyone.

1220.2.2007 21:22

Tisk tisk tisk, MPAA, you are losing your touch!

I mean, six officers. Couldn't they have afforded at least 7?
I personally just think they should give up. They aren't getting anywhere with this Piracy thing. What, are they going to shut down the Pirate Bay for another 3 days?
If The Pirate Bay ever gains it's own Sealand/Ladonia/Island, the whole gang won't have a chance against them.

It kind of disappoints me that they can't do any better *MPAA, RIAA, etc*.

1320.2.2007 22:27

I want to see what this political parties policies will be.

1421.2.2007 02:38

you know what's going to happen now don't you. More illegal extraordinary rendition i bet! FBI training on how to drug ppl and torture them to confess to that shitty Britney Spears download!

Extraordinary rendition definition:

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1521.2.2007 09:17

Originally posted by thecraigc:
so, what happened to the whole "sealand" thing?
I think the MPAA bought it over and posted some penguins there to flank the rear guard

1621.2.2007 10:50

really the KGB and chinas secret police are jealous of the FBI none world wide are better to handle the tracking and prosecution of the civillain populace.........

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