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Ricoh offers 16x double layer DVD media

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Mar 2007 17:27 User comments (4)

Ricoh offers 16x double layer DVD media Ricoh has launched the world's first 16x DVD+R Double Layer blank disc, that is officially certified by the DVD+R/+RW Verification Laboratories Group. Delivery of the first samples for hardware manufacturers started on 7th March 2007. The market for DVD+R double layer blank discs more than doubled last year and the boom in demand has continued unabated.
Compared with single layer discs, however, double layer media have hitherto required considerable time to write their large volume of storage space. With the development of the first 16x DVD+R DL Ricoh has now radically increased writing speed while at the same time significantly reducing the writing time for the medium.

The "Inverted Stack Method" invented by Ricoh is already regarded by some to be the best possible technique for the attainment of high recording speeds in high-precision DVD+R DL media production. This Ricoh production method differs considerably from the "2P method" in which all layers are stacked on a single substrate. Separate production of both recording layers as practiced by Ricoh, initially takes place separately on both substrates. The two components are then pressed together. Thus in practice Ricoh’s Inverted Stack Method provides increased precision for both recording layers.

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4 user comments

18.3.2007 21:46

yes, soon DL dvd disc will be cheap. DVD still have 5-8 yrs life left.

29.3.2007 9:14

Originally posted by rihgt682:
DVD still have 5-8 yrs life left.
- At least.

IIRC I've read that the USA has only 10% of homes with HD TV, Europe and the UK much less than that.

Both high def formats combined will takes years to get anywhere near SD DVD's sales numbers.

39.3.2007 9:35


Please post that statistic wherever the PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboys keep whining about who's "HD" is better and why it really doesn't matter at this time...

49.3.2007 13:42

LOL; I agree.

I do hope this reflects in lower media prices soon... $1-$4/disc is just too much.

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