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Intel anti-trust emails missing

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 11 Mar 2007 15:25 User comments (7)

Intel anti-trust emails missing According to recently released court documents, Intel Chairman Craig Barrett and CEO Paul Otellini, as well as other Intel employees are thought to have deleted emails related to rival chip manufacturer AMD's anti-trust suit. Intel's document retention policy regarding documents relevant to the lawsuit involved individual employees archiving them on a hard drive. Intel has already admitted that some employees didn't follow this procedure. According to Intel, CEO Otellini was under the impression that IT was automatically backing up his email.
Intel is currently working on an automatic backup system to help avoid problems like this. They're also looking through email files hoping to find duplicates of the messages and planning to review a backup made last year. Intel also failed to send notices about document retention to employees identified in 2006.

Intel set up a special email server after the suit was filed in 2005, but not all of the employees whose email was supposed to be kept were moved to the new server, and some of the weekly backup tapes from that server have apparently been re-used since then.

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7 user comments

111.3.2007 17:37

lol yeah sure "we "accidentally" deleted the emails

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212.3.2007 3:56

I swear man, I totally thought they were doing it FOR me!!!

312.3.2007 4:19

hehe... looks like they caught me out there.. i SOOOO was meant to back those emails up for him... oh well.. teach him not to expect people to do everything for him :p

412.3.2007 14:33

are they really telling the world that they dont back up their servers... next they'll say that some hacker was hired to delete them in the first place... or better there dog ate it... that works right....
maybe if they fallow the dog at least he can give them something to take to court......

519.3.2007 5:07

i go with mystic: the dog ate them or the cat. =))

622.3.2007 4:49

lol they'll prob come bak n say mice were nestin in the hd

722.3.2007 12:45

how convenient to put it on the back of others...

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