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Fengtao Software releases free HD DVD ripper

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Mar 2007 19:23 User comments (8)

Fengtao Software releases free HD DVD ripper Fengtao Software Inc. has become the latest to offer a solution to the average computer user to bypass Advanced Access Content System (AACS) on HD DVD discs to copy the content. DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta has been released, adding support for HD DVD and there is support promised for Blu-ray titles soon. Here is a changelog...
  • New: Added support for HD-DVD.
  • New: Copy HD-DVD to hard disk in "Full Disc" mode, in less than one hour.
  • Change: Significantly reduced the time to open DVD.
  • Fix: Several minor problems.
So now that there is another freeware ripper in the wild, it will be interesting to see how AACS LA handles this problem. Of course, the software is not available to download from our servers.

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8 user comments

116.3.2007 19:31

Can someone post a link to download? I cant find anything about this being released anywere on the web.

216.3.2007 19:40

here you go

I have tested this and it works!

This statement is False. depends on your hardware really.

New: Copy HD-DVD to hard disk in "Full Disc" mode, in less than one hour.
It should say "CAN" take less than one hour.

316.3.2007 19:44

Take a look at DVDIdle forum

416.3.2007 23:46

Boy! For a format they said would not be cracked,
it did not take them long to crack it,
nor did it take long for companies to make products to crack it with....LOL!

517.3.2007 4:53

This is sounds like fun. I love to have a player so i can start doing this :)

617.3.2007 8:09

All this BEFORE the formats even were anywhere CLOSE to mainstream! Who else BESIDES the Media Mafia didn't see this coming?

But will the smart intelligent Harvard grads who run these multi-billion dollar businesses who support DRM see the futility and error of their actions...I wouldn't hold my breath.

718.3.2007 2:00

Could this be an embarrassment for AACS and the media labels who invested in this broken protection?
Is it causing large amounts of annoyance for them?
I certainly hope it is causing much pain, because this is what all this DRM garbage is doing to consumers.

Anything developed by Microsoft is bound to be flawed, when will people learn!

Let's take a look at 2 options here.

option 1) Buy proprietary DRM infected hardware, risk compatibility issues, stability issues and vendor lock-in. Also there is the possibility of encryption keys being revoked, forcing you to buy new hardware again and again from certified vendors, reducing your freedom of choice and making pay pay pay.
Buy DRM infected HD content (e.g. blueray, hddvd), hold your breath and pray that it will work with your current hardware. Might not be a good idea to hold breath.
Oh, and don't forget the media mafia will still think you're doing something criminal, so will force you to watch anti-piracy propaganda.
Frustration, high expenses, NO trust, NO respect, little freedoms, and not allowed to use your legal rights to make a personal backup (may not be legal in your country)!


2) buy DRM free hardware, and download DRM free content. Greatly increase your chances of successfully playing HD content first go without a hitch tenfold. Never be forced to watch commercials or anti-piracy garbage before watching your movie. Freedom Freedom Freedom, success, backups and happiness.

Just the way i see it!

85.3.2010 4:14

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