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20X DVD burners will be mainstream by Q4 2007?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Mar 2007 18:20 User comments (7)

20X DVD burners will be mainstream by Q4 2007? According to DigiTimes, DVD burners capable of writing speeds up to 20X stand a good chance of becoming the mainstream writing speed of DVD burners by the fourth quarter of this year. Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell are evaluating the adoption of half-height 20x DVD burners, and other PC brands already having decided to adopt such burners.
Lite-On IT started volume production of 20x DVD burners in late 2006. Both Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) and Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) began 18X DVD Burner production at the same time, uninterested in producing 20X models then. However, sources claimed that in the emergence of OEM and ODM orders for 20x DVD burners, HLDS, TSST and Pioneer are preparing to begin volume productions of 20X burners in the second quarter.


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7 user comments

119.3.2007 18:44

Why do you need a dvd burner that can burn that fast, just think about the chances of burn errors.

219.3.2007 19:33

that same question was asked by many when cdr's were gaining in their burn speed. my first was a 2x cd burner. i burn consistently at 48x now with no issues. same will evolve for dvd's. I know a lot of people that have 16x dvd burners that still burn movies at 4x. as top end speeds increase the "perceived" safe speed will increase as well.

319.3.2007 19:38

thats so true, but i also believe that a lot of people like to see big numbers. Also being able to go faster is always better than just being able to go at a slow speed, and if you don't like it going at 20x you can always limit it to 4x or w/e you want.

420.3.2007 1:36

Why do you need a dvd burner that can burn that fast, just think about the chances of burn errors.

I am very agree with that!.
But if that time technology is that good that provide you to burn at 20x speed WITHOUT error, i may use it!

520.3.2007 3:35

I would love to see the 20x burner cause at the moment they have a max of 8x and i really would like to burn data a bit faster than that. Movies are another thing all together.

623.3.2007 8:54

I burn consistently at 16x with never a problem. I wouldn't buy a 20x only because it's not a big enough increase for me over 16x. I see a big difference between my 16x and my old 4x. lightning fast.


725.3.2007 1:52

The whole 20x thing is probably just marketing. If it burns a DVD all that much quicker than a 16x burner I'd be surprised. And there'll probably be a flood of 20x burners hitting the market that would love to burn at 20x if only you could find media that would allow them to burn at full speed.

This topic got me thinking, and someone may be able to point out where my logic is wrong, but why shouldn't there be some sort of standard introduced where drives are tested using several set types of readily available media and the resulting average burn speed or burn time published? To my way of thinking advertising a burner as 12x, 16x, or 20x etc is actually misleading as they don't burn at full speed for the vast majority of the time they spend burning.
In fact even after owning burners for a long time, it still aggravates me to watch my 16x burner hit full speed a full 2.64 seconds before it finishes a burn, and even then only if I'm burning a full disk. For the majority of the burn, even though I know they can't burn at full speed, I still feel like I've been lied to.

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