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CyberLink at CeBIT

Written by Kaarlo Rih @ 19 Mar 2007 2:02

CyberLink at CeBIT AfterDawn was invited to CybeLinks product presentation where CyberLink representative talked about the current state of the company and also about the future.
Most people associate CyberLink with PowerDVD but CyberLink also makes other video and media related softwares like PowerDirector and PowerProducer. Most of their software goes to OEM manufacturers which get over 80 percent of CyberLink sales. This also is their strategy on global markets because it is easier to reach consumers through OEM manufacturers.

One of the main targets of CyberLink in media sector is Windows Media Center which CyberLink enchants with additional plugins. Media Deluxe Pro package comes with MagicDirector, PowerDV, Media Server, SoftDMA, MakeDisc and MagicSports plugins for Windows Media Center.

With MagicDirector you can easily edit your own videos directly from Windows Media Center.

With PowerDV you can capture DV and HDV material to harddrive or to DVD.

With Media Server you can share media files in your computer to local network and watch them from another computer with SoftDMA software.

With MakeDisc you can create CD-Audio and DVD-Video discs from you own media files.

With MagicSports you can easily find the highlights of sport event. MagicSport analyses soundtrack of the video and looks for changes like people reacting to the event. It doesn't work on every possible but at least in soccer it worked quite well.

CyberLink also showed their new CyberLink Live service altought it will be launched officially later. With CyberLink Live you can share your own media files to yourself or to your friends through the internet. You can also stream material from your TV/DVB card which is connected to your PC. To look these shared media files computer must have internet connection and browser with Flash-plugin. Portable and mobile devices will be supported later.

CyberLink plans to support payTV on computer so you can watch premium material on your computer. The main point is to replace clumsy CI/CAM/SmartCard modules with some sort of USB dongle + SIM card combination. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to show this new product.

And what comes to AACS, well they couldn't really tell because of the NDA but something is coming. Also they told that the AACS title keys will be changed every 18 months. So there will be PowerDD Ultra updates which will be completely free for customers.

CyberLink believes they can keep their current position in the markets and they don't believe that new players like Nero can really shake the markets.

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