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Microsoft continues abusing market, accuses EU Commision

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Mar 2007 7:27 User comments (6)

Microsoft continues abusing market, accuses EU Commision Over the past few years, the EU has sanctioned Microsoft for antitrust violations, forced them to make unspecified changes to Windows Vista, and more recently, demandedthat they alter their server protocol pricing.
Yesterday, during a speech to the European Parliament, a top EU antitrust official, Neelie Kroes, accused Microsoft of abusing its position as market leader and gaining market share because of these abuses.

"Microsoft is constantly gaining market share and that is what is worrying me in the workgroup server operating market," Kroes told Reuters "As a consequence of your abusive behavior you are getting positive results for the company—that's not acceptable in my opinion."

Statistics released by the European Commission show that Microsoft's share of the workgroup server market has grown 100% since 1999 when the EU began its investigation from about 35% then to 70% today. Kroes' comments also seem to imply that Microsoft has continued to grow through their abusive behavior in spite of massive fines, penalties and the demands of the EU.

The EC has always maintained that Microsoft has an unfair advantage over competition because they refuse to share information and code with competitors. However, the EC seems to be on the verge of accusing that Microsoft has only gained market share as a result of illegal, abusive behavior. That statement in itself would be very bold considering the size and complexity of a company such as Microsoft. "There's a fine line between preventing abuse of monopolistic power and implying that Microsoft has only been "dealt with" appropriately when the company ceases to grow its market share, or even loses share to a competitor's products."


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6 user comments

123.3.2007 20:47

Whats that? oh yeah LINUX!!! If u have M$ so much switch to LINUX!!! There will be a learning curve ( i still run win XP cause i dotn want to learn sumin new) but it will be MUCH MUCH CHEAPER!!!& you Will have more security & stability!

223.3.2007 21:36

mac os fTW

or like rip said switch to linux u will be safer ^^


324.3.2007 04:45

Microsoft would not be in it if they were not abusing it.
MS is the old rich wife beater with friends in the police and acouple judges...oy vay its scary......

424.3.2007 08:42

uhhh, why should Microsoft be forced to "share code" with their competitors? That's just silly... other businesses in other industries are not forced to do that.

This is a case of an EU government power grab.

525.3.2007 04:02

I have always thought it was ridiculous the way the EU goes after microsoft. I think it's completely absurd that a company should be penalized because too many consumers choose their product over someone else's. I use both Linux and Windows and sure, Linux has some advantages in security, but for being user friendly, Windows is lightyears ahead. I have run XP since it came out and have had a total of 1 virus ever on my PC and that was my own fault for opening something I should have known not to open.

625.3.2007 10:15

That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. I'm not particularly a fan of MS, but come on, this is business. I don't see Toyota and Honda sharing secrets with Ford, and God knows they need all the help. If they don't like MS maybe the EU should come out with their own source code and stop the whining.

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