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Texas Instruments shows off mobile phone DLP projector

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Mar 2007 8:27 User comments (2)

Texas Instruments shows off mobile phone DLP projector Texas Instruments is showing off a prototype digital light processing (DLP) movie projector that is designed for use in mobile phones. The projector was shown off at the CTIA Wireless 2007 Show. The Dallas-based company is showing off its "Pico" prototype. It is equipped with a DLP processor, three lasers and a power supply. It is approximately 1.5" in length.
The company claims that the projector can beam images onto a wall in DVD quality. The company has not revealed the technology is expected to be used in any phones. Texas Instruments is dedicated to a possible rejuvenation of DLP projection technology.

This is not the first time that a company has shown plans to put video projectors into mobile phones. A projector definitely seems like a more viable option for viewing content from a mobile phone than a tiny LCD screen.

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2 user comments

127.3.2007 17:55

This is cool. When I stepped up to the Cingular 8125, I couldn't get over how big this screen was compared to my Nokia 6820. It is already easy enough to copy full length DVD's on the phone at 320x240. They look pretty good on the screen.

The ability to show them off without having to pass the phone around would be nice.

231.3.2007 7:07

This is so f__ing cool. :)
I looked on their site and posted a suggestion for their dlp instant theater,

I would love to get a very small, portable DLP project but without dvd player. I already have a dvd player. I would like it to fit in my pocket.

What I suggest is a wifi projector that is like the AppleTV. I would love a portable dlp project that connects to a wireless G network, finds my computer and content and then plays it. No cords, no mess.

Please post your feature requests.

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