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Xbox 360 HDMI will need no code changes to be supported

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Mar 2007 10:20 User comments (6)

Xbox 360 HDMI will need no code changes to be supported In another update to the rumored Xbox 360 Elite, Shawn Hargreaves, and XNA Framework Developer for Microsoft has commented that there will be no code changes necessary to support the HDMI output in the new, revised 360.
Hargreave's comment seems to insinuate that the new HDMI output options will "be completely transparent to developers" which should leave all the video duties up to the advanced scaling hardware inside the revised 360.

His comment could also mean that games that dont natively support the 1080p resolution will be upscaled to do so. Movie fans should be happy as well because the current 360 line can only send a 1080i signal using component cables.

For the current line of 360s, you have to use a VGA cable to hit 1080p but that should not be the case soon when the Elite hits store shelves.


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6 user comments

127.3.2007 14:02

Mmm hows the advanced scaling hardware will scaling reduce performance for games?

227.3.2007 17:47

naw it shouldn't since its hardware the only thing it should draw from the 360 is electricity :D if it was software that would be a different story

327.3.2007 18:35

ah just wondering,MS can be cheap correction MS IS CHEAP,thus I wondered if they might be stressing the bandwidth of the chipset and such.

428.3.2007 5:02

just pissed off there is no HDMI from the get go
im not buying another 360 just for the HDMI that stupid
HORRIBLE decision upon MS

528.3.2007 7:39

LOL..Its funny how they Bash Sony for all the thing they do but they come behind them and add stuff they bashed Sony for.Just read my sign it say it all about M$.

Microsoft: Ps3 cant do 60fps on 1080p. Guess what they were WRONG!!!!!
(11/19/05 - 9/19/06) Microsoft: Sony's 1080p support on PS3 is all Hype and Not Needed.
(9/20/06) Microsoft: Xbox 360 to add 1080p support.

Now i get to add HDMI to that list.

628.3.2007 7:47

well lets see why they did not srat with HDMI if they did they would be cought in the HDMI version 1-3 deal thats going on,that was a issue,plus they rushed madly to get the console out you can see that in the high fail rate of the 360,the only real saving grace of the 360 is a coherent online setup and a matured game line up.

the PS3 is basically horse crap smelly gooey and costly,hopefully in a year or 2 a garden will grow from it but for now its just costly sht.

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