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Crime review suggests fingerprint activation for MP3 players

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 28 Mar 2007 15:43 User comments (12)

Crime review suggests fingerprint activation for MP3 players In a suggestion that would tackle street crime, a British government crime review talks about adding fingerprint activation technology to music playing devices like iPods. MP3 players are fairly expensive CE equipment and since they are designed to be used on the move, they have become a major target for thieves.
The report proposes, "working in partnership with businesses to crime-proof their products, services and processes to the highest standards. One example could be introducing fingerprint activation of MP3 players." Such technology is already used in laptops for example, but its goal is really to protect the data than to protect the actual device.

Many people have been seriously injured, or killed in cases, while being mugged for an MP3 player or a similar device.

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12 user comments

128.3.2007 16:19

It's a good idea! Then again why not use it on mobile phones as well..

228.3.2007 17:26

They think about this stuff like way to late. It's already millions of Ipod owners out there. This should have been the last idea before making the Ipod available to the public.

328.3.2007 18:01

Originally posted by spydah:
They think about this stuff like way to late. It's already millions of Ipod owners out there. This should have been the last idea before making the Ipod available to the public.
That's retarded. When did they put fingerprint scanners on laptops? Oh yeah, they thought about that way before they sold the first few million...not. You don't really put that kind of functionality into a music player until you see a problem like this come up. And don't tell me you saw this coming. iPods aren't exactly the first thing someone thinks about when they try to predict future crimes. Who knew people would be jacking up Acuras so they could pop the engine into their Civics?

428.3.2007 18:22

TOO Much.

528.3.2007 20:53

The RIAA should love this idea. They could tie purchased music to a fimgerprint as well. Then only YOUR music could play on YOUR player. You could follow itunes lead and say have 5 devices tied to one fingerprint. If you need a second device, say a flash based player, for running or working out you would activate that device. If you already had 5 devices activated you could use a second fingerprint to start a second batch of 5 devices... of course you would have to re-buy all that music for the second set of 5 since the license only allows it to be used on 5 devices.

Scary, and sad, thing is I am sure some bonehead at the RIAA has already thought up this and thinks its a perfect solution to their problems!

629.3.2007 11:42

And when I want to ebay my ipod, how will the new owner be able to use it?

729.3.2007 20:13

simple. There will be a 'rset' process that will involve using your fingerprint to activate. That way only you can reset the imprint code. The music would either get deleted or stay on ready for use by the new owner depending on the DRM allowances and whether or not you have the files active elsewhere...

just playing devil's advocate here... not really thinking this is a good idea... unbless I patent a very vague concept and then wait until every device has it on it to sue....

829.3.2007 22:17

Too funny duck but guess what I'm filling out the papers as we speak. I keep hearing the song "I'm in the money" playing in my head.

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929.3.2007 23:21

The RIAA will be calling you soon to collect $3750 for infringment for your unlicensed use of playing that in your head....

1031.3.2007 1:01

Well if you cut or accidently touch something hot and alter your finger print you will just have to go out and buy a new mp3 player. Talk about adding insult to injury.

1131.3.2007 6:20

I've a much better idea which only involves apple doing a small bit of coding, ITunes picks up the serial number of your ipod so why not verify it against a stolen register (everyones got an internet connection if they use itunes) bit like mobile phones where you can blacklist your ipod and maybe they can set itunes to crash the ipod completely rendering it useless? or for those without an internet connection set up a telephone authorisation line where the itunes prompts for serial number and then generates a code which apple can translate back to the serial number thus telling whethers its stolen and refusing to give activation code for itunes.. come on Apple - this is simple stuff or are you more interested in selling someone a replacement ipod generating more revenue every time someone gets bashed over the head for their ipod ...

1231.3.2007 7:51

Great, so not only will I be robbed for my ipod, the bastards will also cut my finger off in the process ;-(

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