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Apple adds "Complete My Album" function to iTunes Store

Written by Ben Reid @ 29 Mar 2007 11:01 User comments (7)

Apple adds "Complete My Album" function to iTunes Store Consumer electronics giant Apple Inc. has announced a new feature to be added to its iTunes Store which will allow music fans to buy a complete album at a cheaper price if they've already purchased one or more of the tracks.
The first feature of its kind from any music download service, 'Complete My Album' will allow consumers a full album with discount of 99 cents per each previously downloaded Track from that album.

Albums eligible for the promotion will be listed on a special page within the iTunes Store. Users who decide they would like to purchase the rest of an album will have a deadline of 180 days from the day they purchase the track.

iTunes' vice president, Eddy Cue, noted, "Music fans can now round out their music collections by upgrading their singles into complete albums with just one click, and get full credit for those songs they have previously purchased from iTunes."


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7 user comments

129.3.2007 15:32

Good idea, wish they would have thought of it sooner!

230.3.2007 17:17

Saturday 01st April 2007

Oh!? I was going to say-no longer content with plagarising,pilfering and plain copying poets and writers and passing-it-off-as:AMOW(All-My-Own-Work)Mercenary-Popstars and Rockstars "Little tin gods"(as in seriously fxxxing greedy not as in an honourable legionnaire)are really pushing out the boat for taking-the-fxxxing piss now!?
They not only want you to pay an excessive-amount for a few crappy "co-written" (ie a group of talentleess lardass flabby old flatulent overpaid coke-head record executives sitting in a souless corporate glass skyscraper downtown LA wrote it for them)boring trite songs ;now they actually want you to write their album for them?
I do apologise-i misinterpreted the Leader or whatever the opening line of a Story is!?
I thought Steve Jobs meant -we have to finish -off these morons' (plural of 1 moron?)album for them!Not-if you download 1 or 2 half-decent trax you can get the rest of the sub-standard album cheap-at-half-the-price sort-of-thing!?
I do apologise!Silly me!
Not that we couldn't write-better ourselves-but that is not what Steve Jobs was saying-what i believe he is saying is:if you listen to a couple of trax( i spell- it that -way 'cos it is like muso-kewl) off an album but you didn't bother to buy the complete album 'cos you thought some trax were really-rubbish-if you do buy the rest of the album you can get it cheaper-which i guess would make a lot of good common business sense.Or good business common -sense?Hm?
I guess it would be like if you went to the farmers' market and saw a tray of a dozen eggs but 8 were cracked and so you only bought 2 and then the farmer said -oh but you can have these manky cracked eggs cheaper than a fresh tray of uncracked eggs because you already bought two eggs from this tray of eggs,sort-of-thing!?Hm?
I can see your point-but wouldn't you rather have bought a tray of uncracked organic eggs with a little bit of authentic farmyard -mud on them to begin with!?Hm?

P.S. you can now buy exotic "Osteolaemus tetraspis osborni" eggs down the Farmers' Market nowadays!
That is African dwarf crocodile subspecies Congo Croc or Of Osborn Croc(presumably named-after the Naturalist(is that the right word!?) who discovered him without getting eaten first)

P.P.S.That was an Poisson D'Avril! April Fool!Haw!Haw!Haw!

330.3.2007 17:23

as in:the talentless little tin goddess.I do apologise!I have just half-pilfered that phrase from an American Metal Rock Band called "METALLICA";if only to demonstrate the adverb?I don't think it really is an adverb but it sort-of-sounds-very Oxbridge to call it one.

430.3.2007 23:46

Shelley, you are an idiot. Apple is simply making an option available to you for your convenience, why are you bitching? If you think that you could write better music, then why haven't you? Personally I think that if you honestly make the argument that the music out there now-a-days sucks then you are completely lame. Sure popular music is simple shallow and catchy. It always has been and always will be. BUT, for anyone that has an appreciation for good music (that people like you claim doesn't exist anymore), they know that there is good music out there... they just know to look further than the local pop radio station or the local club. There's some damn good music out there and programs like itunes has done nothing but make that good, usually "underground" music, easily accessible to the public. Save your bitching for some other lame pop-listening wannabe rebel. Grow up.

531.3.2007 05:51

piss-off tmart you talentless moronic cretin.

61.4.2007 09:11

Domingo primero d'abril

!?Que!? ?De donde este es que soy hablo soy no me gusta totalmente los musica en los 40 principales? Me gusta poca veces una cancion en los 40 principales!?Verdad!?No me suicidarse debido a los musica malo!
Pues...Asi que !Me gusto "Suicidal Tendancies"!El grupo de ciudad Los Angeles,si,si.Pero no me gusto mucho los musica comercial y con no alma -los musica mercenario.!Soy desprecia el!

717.4.2007 07:37

Shelley23 has been sent off to find a brain, might be a trek of epic proportions

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