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Apple TV finally available

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Mar 2007 15:46 User comments (10)

Apple TV finally available Its been a long time coming and finally the Apple TV has shipped, allowing consumers and critics to review and see if the Apple TV can be a hit like iTunes and the iPod.
Apple TV is basically a wireless network adapter that allows users to stream movies, music and photos straight from their computer through their home entertainment system. The Apple TV has an advantage over the competition because it is the only device to support music or movies that were bought at the iTunes store.

The Apple TV has however, been knocked by some critics for its small 40 GB HDD, limited file support, and overly priced movies. Other cons include the fact that you cannot buy directly from the iTunes store from the device.

The AppleTV is available at all Apple retail locations for about $300.


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10 user comments

11.4.2007 0:39

That's over the top!!!

21.4.2007 0:49

I think they forgot to mention it *requires* a High Definition Widescreen (16:9) TV, according to Apple's website.

That's immediately puts me at a 'no', since I'm still usin' the Tube. ;)

31.4.2007 6:05

Typical. Charge a high price for low storage, then later on charge even higher as the storage increases. What a scam. This isnt 1999. Its 2007. People want 120gb minimum. At least I do.

41.4.2007 7:26

yeah space is so cheap. and these smaller drives are so cheap to produces its almost worthless. i'm tired of money making schemes apple, release something fairpriced and un-drm'ed.

51.4.2007 10:30

like i said before, apple tv is to video what itunes is to music, only people who are technology illiterate need apply and youll pay out the ass for your ignorance.

all you need is a wireless usb tv adaptor and a p2p client, 20 beans one time fee for the usb connector and infinitely more choices than gay ol' apple tv.

And no one come on here and tell me my way is illegal. Simply downloading from p2p IS PERFECTLY LEGAL as long as you aren’t sharing. If it was illegal then it would be illegal to even look at illegally posted copy written work, like youtube. Downloading a video from p2p is no different than downloading that .flv file when you click on a youtube video. How many people have been arrested for simply watching youtube? None. And not one person has even been sued from just downloading ether; they always get them for SHARING.

62.4.2007 23:31

Only thing apple is good at is ipod. Rest=sucks.

73.4.2007 9:21

i beg to differ. i like their computers. safe and reliable, easy to use. ipod on the other hand are crap. they are poorly and cheaply made in china with sweatshop labor from foxconn or w/e. there are numorous better devices that are not so overpriced and/or crippled.

85.4.2007 6:02

See this DVD and Videos to Apple TV site(Mac/Windows) for help if you want to put DVDs to Apple TV...the windows converter works great for me...they also have a very detailed step by step guide.

95.4.2007 21:24

Believe it or not, I have a LaCie Silverscreen that came with a cable which is HDMI in and RCA out.

I tried it with another device and it does in fact make it possible to connect the Apple TV to an old TV that doesn't have an HDMI in.

I kid you not.

106.4.2007 10:16

I think I'll stick with dumping shows on a DVD-R and chucking them in my $40 phillips player.

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