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Cinézime begins selling DRM-free movies

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Mar 2007 16:02 User comments (3)

Cinézime begins selling DRM-free movies Cinézime, a French "video on demand" company for independent movies, will now offer some of its movies without DRM.
Next to many DRM-protected movies, the company will sell 100 DRM-free movies, a good portion of which are free.

The company was able to convince some producers to sell their movies without DRM in a move that mirrors developments in the online music market in France.

Orna Ghenassia, the founder and manager of Cinézime, had this to say about the decision: “ I am convinced that ultimately a majority of movies will become DRM-free. DRMs do not stop piracy. However, they hinder the development of VOD. By unlocking the movies we open our catalogues [notably] to Mac users”.

Users who purchase the DRM-free music must first accept a license agreement that states that the movie can only be viewed within a circle of friends and family members and not distributable to other persons. This is “in order to protect the rights of authors who trust you” the license states.

We can hope that moves like these will be successful and the model will move from independent producers to a full DRM-free market.


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3 user comments

131.3.2007 23:24

Until the MPAA and RIAA die, pigs fly, dogs talk, and theres world piece, we're gonna be stuck with at least some DRM infected media :(

21.4.2007 6:03

This will be shut down in a month.

32.4.2007 19:09

the french have always lead the way in pro-p2p law making. when i search for videos all the english ones give max speeds of like 40-100 kbs and the french ones clock in at over a meg.

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