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USA will file piracy case against China

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Apr 2007 21:01 User comments (20)

USA will file piracy case against China Next week, the US will file formal trade complaints against China after months of demanding a crackdown on pirated American movies, music and software.
The complaints will be filed with the World Trade Organization and will most likely escalate trade tensions between the two superpowers.

The complaints come after years of building a case of intellectual-property abuses against China.

The complaints claim that China has only prosecuted a small fraction of the street bootleggers and other pirates of American media.

In interesting fact to the whole case is that Microsoft, Apple and Pfizer have refused to support the case.


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20 user comments

18.4.2007 22:04

ahahahahahahahaha omfg i almost pissed myself when i read the title

is bush still president? i honestly havn't been paying attention lately.

this thing is gonna fly like an ostrich. ^_^

28.4.2007 23:25

This is not going to stop china.

39.4.2007 2:13

I'm fairly sure the Chinese policemen have loads of other crimes to stop, crimes that might hurt their fellow citizens instead of giving them an advantage.

49.4.2007 4:48

why would they do someting like this when the relationship between usa and china is already iffy. this is just going to piss them off and screw up more tading with them

59.4.2007 5:37

China's the type of country that won't shut down bootleggers, pirates or "third shift" operators, because they feel that is all of them are making money, they are providing jobs and services to citizens. Here is an article stating troubles that shoe manufacturer New Balance has had in China:

69.4.2007 5:45

thanks for the info prodigy

79.4.2007 6:46

Wow, one of the stupidest moves I've seen in a while. IIRC we(USA) didn't even want them to join the WTO, now we're crying about it? All of China's goods make a positive impact on the global economy as a whole, just because some companies don't benefit from it, now wah wah. Crying like babies. The reason why Microsoft doesn't support this is because Microsoft wants people to pirate. In the hopes they'll purchase licensed software in the future. Apple, because they have countless factories there. And I don't know what Pfizer's motives are, but I just hope we don't poke at the dragon some more, they breathe fire.

89.4.2007 8:40

china laughs in our face when the west makes these complaints. china loves bootlegging, they love having cheap garments and cheap movies and more jobs.

asking them to stop bootlegging is like askign them to kindly pay more for name brand clothing, more for movies, and have less jobs to provide money to buy these things.

bootlegging doesnt hurt them because most of the shit they bootleg was designed in america and other places, they have nothing but gains to make from bootlegging and no consequences aside from the beak noses nagging them about it all the time.

99.4.2007 8:50

we are the world police! we can tell everyone what to do! bwahahaha!

>.< i want to vomit in disgust on the morons pushing this issue. my vote is to kill all the lawyers. i bet things would get better.

109.4.2007 14:31


You're absolutely correct. I'm sure the Chinese are very worried that we will.....? What? We have soo much leverage there. We have become laughable. LMAO as are the Chinese.

119.4.2007 14:34

they're definitely not afraid to fight us. their threats are what's kept us out of north korea for years. hell, they want to start WWIII over anyone claiming that taiwan is a free and independent nation from them, as well as the real ROC.

yeah, we're boned.

129.4.2007 14:42

not that this matter since the war is not NUKE war. but their's so many chinness.

139.4.2007 14:43

if one nuke is thrown, everybody will set off their bombs. it's the responsibility of everyone to not let the first one get dropped. and in a footwar with china, i do believe the US would lose.

149.4.2007 17:29

Very true auslander, Mutually Assured Destruction would ruin the earth. And as for a footwar, china can send out millions of troops simply on a whim. If anything goes down, I'm fleeing to the mainland with my gf. Lol. But yeah, this ain't goin' through.

159.4.2007 19:29

"Team America: Fahrk Yeah!" no no no no! more like "Team America: Get the Fark Away!"

169.4.2007 19:45

So the world will be over when world war 3 happeneds.

179.4.2007 19:46

no, we'll just be fighting world war IV with sticks and stones.

1810.4.2007 0:25

this still go's back to this.

countrys like china charge way over the retailers price for electronics and even software and dvd's just because you stop people from buying it on the street doesn't mean they will just give up they will just go to bittorrent or even p2p sites and tell the u.s.a to go and %$%$% them selfs so really it doesn't do eaither side any good

1910.4.2007 7:50

no, they don't charge that much. i believe chinese goods are even cheaper in china than they are here, in the US. it's just that people there have lesser income, and coming from a communist society, sharing the wealth is not seen as a problem there like it is in a capitalist society.

2017.4.2007 21:02

Why they refused? The only answer to this is that it benefits everyone though maybe it's not very much. So why not?

Have ever gone to China? Maybe you should try sometimes.

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