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iPod Nano to get MP4 player as rival

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Apr 2007 7:27 User comments (9)

iPod Nano to get MP4 player as rival For the measily price of 49 Euros, you can get the iPod Nano's latest rival, a new group of MP4 players created by Computer Supermarket.
The new player, which is was created to look almost identical to the Nano has a 1.8-inch LCD, 4 GB of flash memmory, built-in FM radio, and more importantly, the ability to play all different sorts of audio and video codecs.

For those who want the same functionality of a Nano should look into these new MP4 players which were before only sold from places in Asia.


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9 user comments

110.4.2007 7:32

look likes apple goot to step up and iSlam the competition

210.4.2007 15:41

Cool, but I still think the screens a bit small to watch video on...

310.4.2007 16:39

Is it a true 4 gig flash? I have seen these before and if you have to reformat them good luck getting back the 4 gig.

If you try to fill it up with 4 gig of storage good luck getting it that full. You will error out at like 2 gigs.

410.4.2007 17:30

I owned one and thought it was great. It was only 1GB (not to be confused with 1gb). Anyways, it kicks the Ipod's ass up and down the street for features- voice recorder, radio tuner, videos, data, music. This little thing is truely awesome. Because it has many more feature than the Ipod, it kicks the ipods ass. Also the recorder will record the radio while you listen to the radio. It just a great little music player. Much better for the price than anything Apple or Microsoft can offer.

Now for the bad part, the amount of storage is questionable, it might be advertised as 4GB but really is only 1 or 2. Also, many times even if it is 4GB, it will only hold 1GB of playable music. Get these things better flash and actual playable storage, then you see something actually compete with the Apple ipod. **People buy Ipod for the status symbol, thats why this MP4 player will give the Apple Ipod a run for its money.**

510.4.2007 17:48

nanu-nanu Based on what you said in your "Bad Part" who would want to buy one of these?

610.4.2007 19:12

Lmao lets all atch scarface on a 1.8 inch screen!

711.4.2007 5:39

This has been around for a long time now. Go to Uxcell for some quality (true disk size advertising) MP4 players.

Here is a link to some reviews of their players.

917.7.2007 14:50

Found one excellent quality with 1.8" screen, they also have a samsung clone looks good.

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