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RIAA sends out new round of pre-lawsuit letters

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Apr 2007 19:32 User comments (5)

RIAA sends out new round of pre-lawsuit letters The RIAA has sent out a new round of pre-lawsuit letters to over 21 colleges and universities marking the third time this year that the group has sent out mass letters to colleges in hopes to stop the alleged p2p piracy that occurs daily on campus networks.
The letters the RIAA sends to colleges simply include an IP address and a date stamp. The college then needs to match that address to one of their students.

The RIAA does however, offer a discounted settlement price to the college students, a price somewhere lower than the $3000 USD that other alleged offenders are forced to pay to settle.

431 pre-lawsuit letters were dispatched to the following schools:

"Bates College (7 pre-litigation settlement letters), Brown University (12), Central Michigan University (24), Colby College (5), College of William & Mary (12), Cornell University (19), Fairfield University (15), Florida International University (16), Indiana University (28), Keene State University (19), Kent State University (19), Morehead State University (10), Ohio University (50), Oklahoma State University (16), University of Massachusetts Amherst (32), University of Maryland System (25), University of Michigan Ann Arbor (23), University of New Hampshire (17), University of New Mexico (16), University of Pennsylvania (17), University of Rochester (22), and Williams College (9)."


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5 user comments

111.4.2007 19:44

its impossible to download stuff or trade stuff at our university, im suprised its not at these ones either

211.4.2007 20:02

maybe round three of the proposed settlement letters this year, but i havent read one article about them actually sending out the formal lawsuit letters.

so far they are empty threats.

311.4.2007 22:51

and if you read they are tracing ip address again

hello RIAA ip address changers have fun trying to find the people


what a bunch of %%%%$%$

411.4.2007 23:38

Law enforcement could most likely subpoena a server operator for your true information if you have an IP address changer. so its not fool proof

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56.5.2007 18:28

*sigh* blah f*** blah... Can you sue the RIAA for invasion of privacy?? RIAA- Retarded Ignorant Arrogant AZZHOLES

Whats sad is our is the RIAA and all the rest of the acronyms these lower life use... seem to really not have anything better to do with their lives than invade our privacy, invade our computers, watch our every move... I say get the hell over it... You will always have piracy... I laugh everytime some company comes out with a so called way to stop piracy... Havent they realized that they are fighting a lost cause....

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