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iPhone is on track for June release

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 18 Apr 2007 19:00 User comments (7)

iPhone is on track for June release According to AT&T, Apple Inc.'s iPhone is on track for release to the U.S. market by the end of June. A senior executive with AT&T Inc., which has an exclusive deal with Apple to offer the infamous iPhone in the region, made the comments on Wednesday. "Our expectations are good. Our testing has been good," said AT&T Chief Operating Officer Randall Stephenson. "The iPhone is on target to launch in June."
The iPhone is by far one of the most anticipated consumer electronics products of this year. It is Apple's first mobile phone, which the company hopes will mimic the success of the iPod, which was sold an incredibly 100 million units. Lately therre has been speculation spread mostly by blogs indicating that technical problems would delay the iPhone.

AT&T claims to have received requests for iPhone information from 1 million consumers through a website setup for the purpose. Stephenson did not reveal how many iPhones will be available at launch however. "We're sorting through that right now," he said. "We got a million people waiting to buy it so we're hoping we get a million." He made the comments while in Boston to speak at a Boston College Chief Executives' Club luncheon.


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7 user comments

118.4.2007 22:28

I actually just read that the iPhone will be delayed due to the complexity of the software.

219.4.2007 10:00

the article doesn't actually say anything about delay, just a possibility. besides, short battery life is expected on pretty much most smartphones and pdas. with what the iphone is capable of...

i wish i could afford one. it's so badass. :\

319.4.2007 16:42

Has anyone found out any more information about iChat or some sort of AIM being on the phone?

420.4.2007 6:11

My Verizon contract on my Q is up very shortly, so I'll be jumping ship to Cingular and will definitely pick one of these up.

521.4.2007 19:06

If the phone is as easy as the ipod i see great things for this phone.

622.4.2007 10:16

The battery life issues are something to consider. I have the extended battery on my Q and when I'm logged into IM and checking email every 10 to 30 minutes it lasts for about one full day. You can overload the EVDO channels to cook through power like nobody's business if you are not careful. The phone will not give you any kind of warning.

Right now I have the data turned off and using normal voice this sucker lasts for an entire week.

EDGE is slower than EVDO; let's hope the power requirements are lower too. An extended battery will most likely a requirement.

I've heard the CPU/GUI is faster than the current crop of smartphones - I really hope so. The Q is sluggish.

724.4.2007 10:26

yea, the q is utter crap. i have so many complaints about my phone i don't even know where to begin. mine doesn't even last a week used normally, my max is like 3 days. and before when i had broadband service (totally not worth it) it lasted less than a day. and i hate using the backup battery cause it stretches my skin and makes it not fit properly.

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