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Negative news encourages violent video game uptake

Written by James Delahunty @ 18 Apr 2007 6:53 User comments (11)

Negative news encourages violent video game uptake According to an interesting study carried out by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), the negative reporting that surrounds violent video games leads many gamers to try them out. The study suggested that violent games that frequently made the headlines were the most attractive. The report also dismissed the idea that videogames have an absorbing or addictive effect on the player.
"We were particularly interested to see that this research suggests that, far from having a potentially negative impact on the reaction of the player, the very fact that they have to interact with the game seems to keep them more firmly rooted in reality," commented David Cooke, director of the BBFC.

He added: "People who do not play games raise concerns about their engrossing nature, assuming that players are also emotionally engrossed. This research suggest the opposite a range of factors seem to make them less emotionally involving than film or television."

The research was conducted with the help of games players, journalists, parents and industry figures. All types of games were included in the study, ranging from Rockstar's famous Grand Theft Auto series and Manhunt to Championship Manager and Sims. The linking of Manhunt to the 2004 murder of teenager Stefan Pakeerah, tempted most of the respondents to try out the title.

"I looked at Manhunt because there was all the stuff in the news. There was a murder and they blamed that game. So straight away I thought I would have a look at it," said one interviewee.


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11 user comments

118.4.2007 18:58

lol how's that for reverse psychology.

218.4.2007 19:49


319.4.2007 05:10

They just finally realized this now??

419.4.2007 10:03

some other people should try to read this, maebe they'll stop bothering us about how bad is for us to play video games, heck! they might even try some themselves!

519.4.2007 12:02

hail violence

619.4.2007 13:23

Sad thing is people will be surprised by this.

719.4.2007 13:24

Violent games do not make me feel violent; they have more of a calming effect on me. Violent is how I feel towards all the people, groups and organizations that continually try and tell me how I should and shouldn't live my life. Those people irritate the living crud out of me.

819.4.2007 13:33

@ skeil909:

you really shouldn't be living your life allowing irritating people to upset you when they are telling you how to live your life....

oops probably made you


920.4.2007 06:13

if i say that you shouldn't listen to them, would that be telling you how to live your life? cause i don't want to upset you! lol. any ways, i try not to listen to those dumb people who think that it's as easy as 1,2,3, they always tell you what you need to do, but... do they ever tell you how you may accomplish that???? noooo!!!!! so i try to just ignore them, and when i can, i play with their heads *histeric laughter*

1020.4.2007 06:21

Damn theres always something to say about videogames, but to the majority its our form of entertainment, its not their fault there are sum f'd up people in this world, coz it will always be that way. Just dont pay no mind to this bullshyt, well not too much of it to have it run your life, and live yours.

*Big up 2 myself, and no im not concited, well at i dont think so. Damn im nyce *pat pat :-D

1121.4.2007 19:03

People playing video games are a good thing. People that play games and take them for reality need to get help.

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