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RIAA releases year end shipment figures for 2006

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Apr 2007 18:47 User comments (14)

RIAA releases year end shipment figures for 2006 Today, the RIAA released its year-end shipment stats for 2006 and the results were not surprising. Physical media shipments declined again while downloads continued to skyrocket.
Overall revenue declined again as sales of digital media failed to recoup the losses of falling CD sales.

For the year 2006, the RIAA reports that manufacturers shipped 553.2 million units which included all physical media like CDs, singles and vinyl albums as well as music videos. That number is a 13% decline from last year and almost a 50% decline since 2000.

Digital sales however, continue to be a huge success for the music industry. The RIAA reported a 27.6% increase in sales from 2005, and if you were to remove mobile downloads such as ringtones, the increase is a hefty 63%.

Although those numbers are nowhere near the growth of 166% from 2004 to 2005, the industry is still very pleased with the numbers.

"Today's music marketplace has challenges but it also offers reason for hope and optimism," said RIAA chairman and CEO Mitch Bainwol. "The appetite for music is as strong as ever and a digital marketplace now worth nearly $2 billion has emerged virtually overnight."


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14 user comments

118.4.2007 22:06


well if artist would stop putting out crap music, then things would be better lol there hasnt been much new music ive liked so far lol but then again thats my sole opinion on the situation. the music industry is no longer a get rich quick scheme like it was, u have to actually have to put out good music.

like ive said just my sole opinion on that

oh and also if a music cd didnt cost 15+ plus bucks a pop lol wats the cost of buying music online music u like and then burning them on to ur own cd ?
and also, i dont think they understand thanks to mp3 players people would rather have the 1 single song they like then the entire music album on there mp3 player. so again my opinion as long as mp3 players play a big hit then yes CD albums will suffer from digital D/L music


p.s. i hope that makes sense i am feeling a bit sick today

219.4.2007 4:44

Whats funny is the fact that RIAA nor the record labels nor the artists nor the, well you get there idea, liked the idea of being able to download music. Now it has become a 2 Billion dollar industry.(internet only) Now if we were to look back........... Who were the original people that brought the industry to the internet?? People like napster and other P2P sites. Flieshares. Without the idea of being to share files online I don't think Walmart, itunes all those guys would have ever dreamed it. So lets take a look at this.
Napster comes out, gets big, has some great ideas then the RIAA comes in takes them out.
Now "legit"(i use the term lightly)companies come out selling titles online and paying royalties back to RIAA.
HMMMMMM that sounds familier....... anyway
OK the RIAA and MPAA go after these people that are downloading, uploading and selling burned copies of cds and dvds.
Shut them down
While when legit movies and DVDs are sold the RIAA and MPAA get royalties from those.
Again sounds familier
Royalties is like a tax, or a price you pay to take care of the "other guy"
I GOT it the Mafia.

Oh i found this just wanted to wait till the right time to post it
I hope the link works, maybe a mod can help me out a little with it??
The point is towards the bottom of the article, but it's still a good read. I thought it was good that it was acyually in the NY Times.
Anyway gotta go

319.4.2007 11:16

Well i guess Australiasia bucks that trend,according to an article on my home page in NZ there was a substantial increase in cd sales something like 13-15%,me thinks there's a bit of creative couting going on by the RIAA.

419.4.2007 11:34

Agreed. Why pay $15 for a CD with one, maybe two hit songs, especially from what always seems to be an unproven artist? Go buy the singles online, and transfer to your MP3 player or burn to CD. That way you get your $15 worth.

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519.4.2007 13:25

The only CD worth buying recently is the new Tim McGraw CD, other than that, just download the hit song off your favorite website cuz the rest of the CD will just be crap.

619.4.2007 14:47

The RIAA is stupid. If you own a small business, and sales start declining, you don't start suing your customers, you do something about it, ie reduce prices, be innovative, ie if the RIAA was quick enough it could have had a massive online store, as it is related to all the music companies in america. The RIAA has just stuffed up the whole time

If online piracy hadn't become so big, then they would have kept the same business model for years, and they would have had control of the consumer, instead of how it is now where we are getting control of what we want.

They really have themselves to blame for continuing on with the making a quick buck scheme which started back really with britney spears and christina aguilira, which has transformed into pushing albums out that only have 1 or two good songs on them. It's been a long time since i have seen an album ill listen to the whole way through.

Cd technology is 15 years old, it's time for something new, so im not suprised that cd sales are declining, i'm sure the same thing hapened with records - tapes and tapes - cd's

719.4.2007 14:53

good article too by the way

819.4.2007 16:42

Just think of the profits they would make if they didn't cripple the tunes, sold the music with a great bit rate instead of the crap they sell and last but not least sell the tunes for a fair price.

919.4.2007 23:48

They are fighting a loosing battle. Shame they don't realize :)

1020.4.2007 2:14

The only losing battle they are fighting is their own stupidity. If they took off the copy protection, slashed the price to maybe $.1 a tune, double or triple the bit rate and made it easy to find what you are looking for, they would make more money than they would know what to do. Their huge problem is you can get much higher quality on p2P than what they are selling for an out ragious price. They still made 2 billion in sales selling crap for $1 a tune.

1120.4.2007 4:59

ALSO the music is crap these days. Nothing but remakes. AND musicians in my thoughts make way to much money. Sell 1 cd and their a millionaire?? I agree that you have to pay for a good artist, but at the cost of 15 bucks a CD??
A Good Artist is somebody that can put out multiple cds that are good. I know that most of you probley hate country ar the artist, but Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, George Straight, Reba, all multiple hits Most of the songs on 1 CD are good, thats what I consider a deserving Artist.
Not these one hit wonders, one hit as in 1 song not even a cd.
Pa MFen thetic

1221.4.2007 7:52

lawndog, thank God for the remakes! I actually think there are far less remakes now than 30-40 year ago. I think we are plagued by artists in the old days we had entertainers that wrote music. The music was written to entertain instead of an artist expressing themselves. My daughter let me know her music teacher criticized the Beatles for not being creative, they only used limited tempos. Those tempos are easy to dance to. They were careful to write music to be enjoyed in many different ways.

My son it an artist. He can not get it though his head that pleasing his audience is the only thing he needs to worry about. He is more interested in being cool. He also thinks it is bogus to try to imitate a band perfectly when he plays their tune. They are old farts so who cares. My contention is he might learn something important.

I personally, feel the Beatles are over played and would not go to a tribute to the Beatles except that the artists doing it were heavy hitters. What stuck me the most was how perfectly they could imitate them. They were better than the real thing. It was obvious they all went through a period where they made a living doing the Beetles. Probably sneaking in their own songs in at the end. By the way, that was the best concert I have been to in 20 years.

I agree about your country artists. I am a heavy rock and roller. Now I listen to genres I used to hate just because they are putting out something new that is not crap! That is pathetic but is the truth.

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1321.4.2007 9:19

I agree with Smee342 the music sucks asss
I have very few MP3's
I buy all my music on Cd if it is available
I cannot even think of the last NEW good song I heard?

1421.4.2007 10:00

If you are building an MP3 library. CDs are the very best source. You can pull from vinyl as well. You can swap with friends. There are other ways to augemnt your library which I will not mention because they can get you into trouble.

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