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Rumored Google phone might ship by Christmas

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Apr 2007 7:44 User comments (11)

Rumored Google phone might ship by Christmas According to handset component makers, the manufacturing of Google handsets have begun and shipments of the phone are expected to officially commence by Christmas 2007. The makers also said they expect the shipment volume to reach as high as one million units.
The makers pointed out a few features of the phone. The phone will "support Texas Instruments' (TI) 3G platform and EDGE, pointed out the makers. The handset, however, will not feature GPS functionality. The device will also feature built-in G-mail and Google search."

Industry watchers also expect Google to partner with European provider Orange for the launch of the handset. Google has been in communication with other service providers as well, but nothing is set in stone yet, according to sources.


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11 user comments

118.4.2007 10:43

How funny. I heard a rumor about Google making a phone, but they said it's gonna be pretty basic.

218.4.2007 11:29

I know something about the mobile phone industry, and if Google is about to ship a phone for Christmas, they definitely have not started the manufacturing in April! The manufacturing is started when they are ready to start shipping the product for the market, and not earlier.

Google is most likely working on a mobile phone software, but they must have a partner to take care of the manufacturing of the hardware, as Google doesn't have any hardware manufacturing facilities.

318.4.2007 17:18

if google were to release a mobile phone, who long would it take Microsoft to pretty much copy it, and release there own version?

418.4.2007 18:50

Whats next for Google? A car? A gaming system? An OS? :p

With millions in liquid (aka cash) assets I am sure they can have/create anything they desire

518.4.2007 20:01

im pretty sure they are creating an OS which will be free... i heard about it somewhere...

618.4.2007 23:02

I would have thought Google would go with Apple and come up with something with them.

719.4.2007 9:30

Originally posted by squijello:
im pretty sure they are creating an OS which will be free... i heard about it somewhere...
GoogLinux? Unbuntoogle? lol

819.4.2007 14:50

I think google will be better off with the software side of things. I would LOVE a Google OS BTW.

923.4.2007 6:37

wasnt the google phone suposed to be free and run off of advertising or love or something?

1023.4.2007 18:49

I heard a roumour that it's powered by the heart of a kitten lol :P

1128.4.2007 11:48

I'm so buying it.

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