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HP hits Acer with four new alledged patent infringements

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Apr 2007 13:09 User comments (8)

HP hits Acer with four new alledged patent infringements In an update to our article here, HP has hit Acer with four new counts of patent infringement adding to the 5 counts from the previous suit which was filed last month.
In an effort to protect its 20 percent share of the global PC market, HP added the new counts which include alledged infringements "covering power and heat management, regulation of the data bus, and video scaling".

According to IDC, Acer is on track to replace Dell for #2 in market share and has been experiencing large industry growth in the past year, growth larger than its competitors.

It is obvious that HP is doing anything they can to protect their market share lead from Acer and the new suit asks that all sales of Acer machines with alledged patent infringements be stopped completely. HP is also asking for a large cash damages sum and with such giants fighting it seems this dispute will drag on for a long time.


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8 user comments

124.4.2007 16:42

What a joke! Its disgusting when corporations use these kinds of tactics to stifle competition. It only hurts the consumer in the end. I will be crossing HP off my list when I go to buy my next laptop.

224.4.2007 21:29

I Dont like HP/Compaq anyways...
there just worried because Acer is making a huge comeback into the Computer game...

325.4.2007 12:13

Acers are nice laptops. So are some Dells, but Hp... not so much in my experience. And Acers are cheaper, that's why they're doing well. I agree this is a pathetic move by Hp.

425.4.2007 15:06

Really PC is a cross platform issue i dont see why they are bickering if its comatible why not be able to use it. This is nonsense.

526.4.2007 8:44

i think it's a dirty way to play against the competition, they just want to turn down companies like acer to one day have their monopoly, but... still, acer is not a company runned by children, they should know better, if you are gonna make something and compete against big companies, don't play the game like a fool, think ahead about what you're gonna do... in my opinion both companies are acting like big babies!

626.4.2007 11:37

Yeah but what if HP is right?

727.4.2007 17:19

Originally posted by oofRome:
Yeah but what if HP is right?
I wonder what kind of patentable heat management & video scaling they have come up with which is not based on something already used in some form in some other industry!

828.4.2007 12:35

Yeah, it's totally bogus, Hp just assembles parts made by someone else.

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