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Sony Europe creates new website to promote Blu-ray

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Apr 2007 7:55 User comments (5)

Sony Europe creates new website to promote Blu-ray In a seemingly ridiculous promotional effort for Blu-ray, Sony Europe has created a new website entitled "The Museum of Low Resolution".
The interactive site shows us Sony's vision of the future, a future where Blu-ray is the only high def format, and a world where low resolution TV is a long forgotten memory worthy of its own museum.

If you visit the site you can tour three virtual "museum exhibits", the "Time Tunnel," "The Science Room," and "The Art of HD."

"The Art of HD" gives a visual explanation of what Blu-ray is through a few interactive flash based exhibits that explain the disc's resolution power and storage capacity.

It is an interesting website if you are curious to check it out although be prepared for Blu-ray propaganda.

Visit the Museum Here


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5 user comments

125.4.2007 8:31

This makes me want to buy a HD-DVD palyer even more:)

225.4.2007 8:43

Originally posted by nptwenty:
This makes me want to buy a HD-DVD palyer even more:)
lol agree but i gotta say it was a fun site to go threw there muesum...dam 9 tvs was the first attempt at 1080 lol..prety intresting site..

325.4.2007 9:30

i like the way that sony and buddies block use of hd content from my pc monitor that is more than capable of 1920 by 1200 resolutions, but they need to sell me another screen that has hdcp now that is anti consumer.

i think, that i will just stick to my standard wide-screen tv seems the hd content is very limited in the uk and terrestrial channels have no future plans in ever broadcasting in hd, because of the government sell off of the airwaves, the spectrum open to tv is so limited that it hasn't got the required bandwidth to support hd so why bother if your broadcasts are standard quality?

425.4.2007 11:41

this is low even for sony

This is a sad day for all of technology around the world

526.4.2007 14:45

I like my museum piece thank you. I'll stick to it until the prices of the non museum pieces come to museum prices :P

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