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Spider-man 3 DVDs hit streets of Beijing?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Apr 2007 8:37 User comments (26)

Spider-man 3 DVDs hit streets of Beijing? In China, a bootleg DVD of Spider-man 3 has hit the streets with a $1 price tag, premiering 2 weeks before the movie even debuts in the US.
This latest report is sure to anger the MPAA and American movie distributors especially because the movie reportedly cost $500 million dollars to make.

Earlier this month, the US filed complaints against China with the WTO claiming the China was not doing enough to punish movie pirates and that their restrictions on media imports were violating trade rules. China criticized the move and the Vice Premier, Wu Yi, threatened that the complaints would "badly damage" cooperation, and emphasized that China was doing alot to enforce copyright protections.

"The United States Trade Representative, the USTR, has totally ignored the massive strides China has made,"
Wu told an intellectual property forum in Beijing.

China did however say that they would formulate an anti-piracy action plan and that they had arrested 998 people last year for copyright infringement.

"Over the last few years, the amount of manpower and work that China has put into protecting intellectual property rights and the results that have been achieved, have been unprecedented,"
Wu said.

"Every year we have nationwide events to protect intellectual property and we have always kept up the pressure on the pirates. The effects of this clean-up get better every year."

Sony however, has so far claimed that the DVDs are a hoax and are really just copies of Spider-man 2. In a statement Sony reported that "Contrary to news reports about stolen copies of 'Spider-Man 3' being sold illegally on the streets in China, our investigation in China has revealed no case of the film being pirated to date...After an initial investigation of online sites worldwide, we have so far found no pirated copies of 'Spider-Man 3' on the Internet."

Sony also added that so far investigators in China have failed to find anything other than Spider-man 2 DVDs in Spider-man 3 boxes.



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26 user comments

124.4.2007 21:11

China 1 MPAA 0

224.4.2007 22:40

torrent or it didn't happen ^_^

324.4.2007 22:46

China does that all the time. I remember my little brother getting a harry potter DVD that my dad got from china and on the case it was HP4, but the movie was HP3. This is nothing new.

424.4.2007 23:07

Originally posted by hikaricor:
torrent or it didn't happen ^_^

I am thinking it should be out on torrents and newsgroups soon. This is nothing new....just another new movie.

525.4.2007 02:53

M.P.A.A. = Movie Pirate Accusers of America

625.4.2007 03:13

Tricky chinese people

725.4.2007 06:03

Hahaha Go China!

825.4.2007 06:58

high quality tc's will be available the week it comes out i predict, they are releasing it in china one day before everyone else to stem the loss of box office revenue in the worlds biggest country.

will it translate into huge box office receipts in china? or will it result in high quality tc copies circulating the net super early and actually cost sony money? stay tuned...

925.4.2007 08:17

just who exactly does an american organization think they are to make demands of china? well, then again, they're doing it to the whole world.

people wouldn't resort to piracy if the legal alternative was worth it. make it worth our while, MPAA. any other business that can't quickly goes under.

fat-cat lazy bastards.

1025.4.2007 08:53

How the heck did they get it?

1125.4.2007 09:12

wow wow wow don't call chinese "tricky chinese"....tat sound bad man...
we haven see the real "spiderman 3" so u can't judge chinese like tat,ok?

1225.4.2007 11:04

this only speaks volumes about the fact that this movie had to be leaked out from the studio... its the same old story but its out this time it wasn't a copy from canada or some hack with a cam in the cinama its a direct leak from either the company who are releasing it or one of the technisions who worked on it well its like this pay your help more or this will happen.. see they gotta have a list of who could have done this or had axcess to it so it shows up in another country but no one knows how it happened maybe the MPAA should look at it as a inside job.... but hey unless they did a premier in china its a no brainer....

1325.4.2007 11:12

what are you talking about ? they have already said it's a hoax and doesn't before you give your opinion !!
a copy wouldn't be impossible anyway as it has already premiered in Tokyo, two days ago.

1425.4.2007 11:46

Soo there are some spiderman 3 stuff on the P2P websites, but Im guessing they are also just hoaxes, I'll repost once I get a snippet

1525.4.2007 12:00

hey Auslander,
They "think" they are the ones paying the bills. Of course, the american companies could stop sending their material there to be copied in the first place. Then they would have to charge even more for DVDs though without all that cheap labor.
Edit: To relate that to the article, though, I'm sure China is doing what they can to prevent piracy. Probably a hell of a lot more than we do here actually. If someone was found to have leaked SM3, they'd probably be killed over there.

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1625.4.2007 12:33

phwe. good, not spiderman 3 for $1, it's just Spiderman 2 for $1. oh thank god.

1725.4.2007 12:44

How bout we smoke a bowl, go see it opening day, and then every one wins :P

1825.4.2007 13:12

lol that was funny

1925.4.2007 15:13

i said tricky since they put the spiderman 2 movie in a spiderman 3 case which is like tricking the buyer geez since the buyer might think its spiderman3 buts its not

2025.4.2007 15:53

don't apologize spartan28....

Originally posted by wiegreen:
wow wow wow don't call chinese "tricky chinese"....tat sound bad man...
we haven see the real "spiderman 3" so u can't judge chinese like tat,ok?
no, but we've seen the real "spiderman 2". So we're sure thats not "spiderman 3"... fix your h key :P

2126.4.2007 10:33

i downloaded a copy of spiderman 3 .... got ready to watch it and hey presto a porno lol

2227.4.2007 01:48

I live in China, I'm used to seeing things like this all the time here lol

2327.4.2007 07:44

Its available to download right now as a torrent.... but who wants cam quality

2427.4.2007 10:32

I live in China, I'm used to seeing things like this all the time here lol
I do remember about that time when the first spiderman was not yet out on dvd(only in theater), a friend just came from China and he was so excited he's been able to get a dvd of spiderman(picture of the real spiderman on the cover)which he said he bought in a shop,before anyone else.But to our big surprise,when we visualized it to see if it was nice,instead of the real spiderman movie(even if it was cam quality that would be better),it was a ridiculous low grade movie,with a completely different story where the actor got bitten by a spider by accident(that was the only similarity though)but after he turned into some kind of half human half spider freak and starting killing people just like that.That was a pretty big laugh i do remember we gave him on his face and since then he swore he would never buy a single dvd movie from China again,lol.

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2527.4.2007 13:42

had arrested 998 people last year for copyright infringement.

wats that, like 0.00000000098 percent of their population? yeah great work :P

2611.6.2007 21:17

I wouldn't say its impossible. When 300 was released in theatre's, in less than a week, most popular torrent sites had a leaked dvdrip. I admit that I downloaded this movie, and I know it was wrong, but hey, who can refuse? 300 DVD RIP already in theatres. Rather watch at home on my widescreen tv, then pay $11 to see it once in the theatres.

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