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UW-Madison students forced to give IDs to RIAA

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Apr 2007 20:26 User comments (7)

UW-Madison students forced to give IDs to RIAA After the RIAA sent out its latest round of pre-litigation letters to universities around the country, the University of Wisconsin-Madison declined to pass on the letters to its students until a judge ruled in favor of the RIAA.
Today, according to the Capital Times, a federal judge has ordered the university to pass on the letters and hand over the names of the 53 students.

"U.S. District Judge John Shabaz ordered the university Wednesday to release the names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and Media Access Control addresses associated with each of the Internet connections,"
says the story. "The RIAA is likely to use the names and addresses to send settlement letters to students before it tries to proceed with a lawsuit."

Ken Frasier, the interim CTO at UW-Madison, has spoken up against the ruling however stating what many know; that IP adresses do not necessarily lead directly to people, especially if unprotected wireless is involved.

"Students share Internet ports and computers, and some IP addresses may lead to common areas such as labs,"
said Frazier in the story.


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7 user comments

130.4.2007 9:32

*Plays imperial march*

230.4.2007 17:20

lol, "I'm afraid the Reactor Shield will be quite operational when your friends arive."

330.4.2007 17:57

Originally posted by cart0181:
lol, "I'm afraid the Reactor Shield will be quite operational when your friends arive."
more like they have token over the campus with no warning :X

430.4.2007 18:19

No surprise here. Shabaz replaced Chief Judge Barbara B. Crabb. Both were Clinton appointees and both were MPAA/RIAA lapdogs.

530.4.2007 23:16

lol, zippy do think perhaps we could destroy the deathstar they are on? I'm game, where'd you park the xwing fighters?!

61.5.2007 4:34

Wat never does this judge have. This suxs either way you look at it. I have to say bravo to the uni for not folding at the first sign.

75.5.2007 15:07

Not very fair is it..lets hope they were on wireless..

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