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The Matrix HD DVD trailer online

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 May 2007 19:18 User comments (10)

The Matrix HD DVD trailer online In an effort to promote their upcoming Matrix box trilogy, Warner Home Video has made a 40 second trailer available online for consumers who want to see the trilogy in full HD DVD glory before the set becomes available on May 22nd.
The clip can be found here, the official HD DVD Forum consumer website. Warner lists the site as one of thier promotional partners.

The set will tout "over 35 hours of supplements" found on both 'The Ultimate Matrix Collection' and 'The Complete Matrix Trilogy' box sets. The clip also unsurprisingly promotes Toshiba HD DVD players, and the Xbox 360 add-on drive.

When the Matrix sets hit shelves at the end of the month, most in the industry expect it to be the best selling HD DVD release to date. Warner also said they would be releasing the movie in Blu ray but had no set date to do so.

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10 user comments

19.5.2007 21:22


210.5.2007 2:10

does anyone ever wonder why you can watch it on existing equipment yet we get told that we need to upgrade?

or that we can even see it at all.


310.5.2007 2:25

If we do not have the tech to support the cideo how are we supposed to tell the difference.

410.5.2007 7:56

That trailer is not in HD. It's not even at DVD resolutions.

510.5.2007 8:13

well most moniters support HD because they have been years more advanced than TV's in quality this is becuase they are smaller than TV's. But yeh frankly i want new movies not old movies which i;ve already seen before! And if this will make the top best selling HD DVD sure that means HD DVD will hold second and first palce then with PLANET EARTH being second place! lol

610.5.2007 10:49

Yeah, so, I wish the trailer was actually in High Def... It would have more of a purpose to it then...

712.5.2007 18:51

I've already gotten tired of purchasing a movie on DVD, and then a couple months down the road buying the "Ultra" edition followed by the "Super Mega Platinum" Edition. Give the movie a couple of years, and then you get the "Super Elite Director Cut With Bonus Features Edition."

Now, the cycle will be repeated with the HD / Blu Ray camps. At least now, we have the capacity to put every second of footage shot during the making of a movie on a single disc.

812.5.2007 19:26

I'm pretty big videophile and own hundreds of DVDs, a 60" TV with 5.1 surround system, etc. The Matrix was my very first DVD ever. Even though I'm an avid movie freak, I'm not going to be upgrading to HD DVD or BluRay anytime soon. When is enough really enough? VHS was good, laser disc better, then DVD, and now I'm supposed to want to buy all my movies all over again for HD DVD? I don't think so. I'll wait a few years until they have the 3DStage DVD come out where the movies are actually acted out with 3D images right in my living room. And even then, I'll wait for the Director's Cut 3DStage version, because otherwise I'd miss out on those 1.5 extra minutes of footage that landed on the cutting room floor for the theatre release.

The biggest offender of this multiple release thing? Lord of the Rings. I waited 25 years for this movie to come out, and I seriously doubt there were any fence-sitters for this movie ("I don't know...I'm just not into the Lord of the Rings...I don't think I'll see it..."). Please. You either were dying to see it or you didn't want to see it at all. Given that, do they really think people would've said, "Oh, the movie release is the director's cut so it's 1 hour longer? FORGET IT! I'm not going to see it then!" I would've paid double the ticket price to see the extended version in theatres.

The blatant way the movie studios do this is what gets me though. I was watching the director's commentary on the Hellboy DVD (I was never a fan of the comic, so I was trying to find out a little more about the background through the bonus features), and the director actually said, "That was a part of the original story that we didn't cover much in this movie, but we're planning on including it in the Director's Cut DVD that will be released in about a year from the original DVD release." What the...? If they're already plugging the Director's Cut release, why not just include that crap in the first DVD release? That's blatantly tell me that I was stupid for picking up the original DVD release when they're just going to come out with the director's cut in a year. I feel so stupid that I just might have to pass on that version of the movie.

Call me crazy, but I don't see people flocking to this new technology like everyone did the DVD. I mean, overnight it seemed like Blockbuster no longer carried VHS. My local BlockBuster doesn't have anything HD DVD or BluRay (although my NetFlix account does). I'm not even seeing my fellow videophiles flocking to it. I personally think it's a waste. It's like owning an 8 megapixel digital camera, and then camera companies offering a 16 megapixel camera that really doesn't provide any other benefit than more megapixels (which most people don't even fully use 8mp), bigger file sizes, and therefore more cost all around.

912.5.2007 20:15

Very misleading Title. I thought I could download a trailer that was actually in HD.

1013.5.2007 4:34

@GernBlan - great comments.

The "industry" is getting up themselves hyping this stuff that no one cares about (The Matrix fad has been over for years, get over it).

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