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Warner will offer movies online in Hong Kong

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 May 2007 15:09 User comments (4)

Warner will offer movies online in Hong Kong In an effort to control piracy in Asia one country at a time, Warner Bros. has announced that they will be launching a new movie download service in Hong Kong dubbed 08Media.
08Media will be offered by ViDeOnline Communications and will include many blockbusters such as the Harry Potter franchise and Superman Returns immediately when it starts. Warner hopes that by offering 100 titles initially via the new service, it will deter consumers from buying pirated copies. Warner also noted that additional titles will be released simultaneously in theaters and on the service.

"This deal fits perfectly with our philosophy of providing consumers around the world with access to our world-class entertainment," said president of Warner Bros. Jeffrey Schlesinger.

There is no set start date, or the prices of the movies, but this seems to be a smart move on Warner's part in their efforts to curb piracy.


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4 user comments

110.5.2007 18:04

Is it cheap? Why will this combat piracy...?

210.5.2007 18:42

This is not going to solve the problem. Maybe they should bring different versions of a movie out. For example people that download movies are only concerned to watch the movie. Why don't they bring out legit discs with just the film on it and make it cheap as chips. $10 or something like that. If the want more than the movie well they have to fork out more. Just an idea.

311.5.2007 4:18

so let me get this straight, warner stops advance screening in canada, and wants to start releasing a movie in the theater and onilne in hong kong at the same time? hmmm idk sounds like they would be shooting themselves in the foot, which i'm all for. Long live Pirates!

412.5.2007 7:54

Yes is they are going to offer the movies but at what price?

Here is an interesting article about pirated movies in Hong Kong, right where they intend to offer this produce. yes the article is old but remeber what DVD and CD's used to cost.

High stakes hide-and-seek
The article quota a selling price of $0.60 USD for a cd $2.00- $4.00 for a DVD.

Here is another example from a blog
malaysian pirated movies

The cost of a pirated DVD movie (of decent-good quality, lower quality movies cost lower) in Malaysia is only about US$1.97 (converted at RM3.55 = US$1).
So do you think they are going to offer them that cheap??

Netflix =
3 DVDs twice a month at Hollywood Video = $26/month.
3 DVDs at-a-time plan at NetFlix = $18/month.
Some how I real do not see any major being able to compete with these prices.
If they do who would you feel having to pay a lot more for the same rental??
Or would more people be pushed to run up the pirate flag on the mast?

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